Pre-notes: Well, I saw a kind of bad fanfic about Megaman.exe being recompiled as a female navi. Okay, it was really bad... sorry Freezedrive, if you're reading this, but it's true. But also put one of those ideas into my head :D The kind I have to act on. Again, sorry if you are reading this FD, but I didn't really steal your idea or anything, I got inspired and ran with it. Also note, this isn't really based on the games or anime specifically, or japanese/english versions (well... definately not NT Warrior). In other words, if you expect any sort of consistancy other than to myself, just walk away now :P (for example, names are just whichever I prefer).

Prologue: Twins

The end of the millenium was approaching. The net was still in its infant stages, and so was the family of Yuuichirou Hikari. He sat beside his wife, both of them beaming proudly, each holding a small child. They were identical twins... but something was terribly wrong with one. The best doctors in the country would eventually determine it would not survive to even go to school. At the moment, however, neither parent knew of this tragedy, nor the amazing way Yuiichiro would respond to it. They simply smiled at their newborn children, eyes filled with tears. Haruka looked to her husband, trying to be serious for a moment. "I know it's... odd. But I know what I want to name them. These kinds of names are getting common with newborns, with what everyone's calling the Net Age. And considering their grandfather has-"

Yuuichirou nodded, "Yes, of course, but what names?"

"Saachi and Saaba. Sachiko and Saba. To bring together and connect people from all over the world."

He nodded once more, the tears renewed, "Our baby daughters."

Chapter One: A new face

Sachiko sighed... another match for Dex. "HAH! You'll never be able to defeat my Guts-punch!"

"Not with this generic navi!"

Sachiko's PET beeped indigantly, "I wasn't programmed for battle! I was told I'd be replacing a GIRL's navi! You're supposed to be having me schedule spa appointments, and send love notes back and forth! Not fight some brute with fists the size of RockCubes!"

Mairu and Yaito were laughing on the sidelines, partly feeling sorry for Sachiko, and partly sorry for the poor replacement navi that obviously didn't know what it was getting into when it was assigned to her PET. Glyde, however, empathetized - glad that Yaito didn't entertain thoughts of putting her in battle.

Just then, however, Dex made a tactical error, "That's right, there some things that boys are just are just better at than girls." (Gutsman and Rollman sighed and shook their heads "Gutsu..." "Oh boy...") The laughing stopped, and now the glower of three angry females focused on him. Sometimes... Dex really wished he knew more guys. "Um... I mean..."

"And just what is that supposed to mean?"

"Uh, Meiru, I didn't-! I-!" Before he could find the words to backpedal properly, all his friends had stormed out indignantly. "Aw man, I don't see what the big deal is, I didn't mean it like that. You could have at least defended me, Gutsman!"

"Sorry, gutsu."

Outside, the three girls resumed their laughter. Even Sachiko was feeling better, "Well, at least we can still keep him on his toes. So, what should we do while he stews?"

"Oh! I found this great little place that serves the best Pearl Milk Tea, I've been meaning to take you guys but I knew Dex wouldn't really want to go. It's really a short flight, too, a hop to-"

"Yaito-sama! I must protest yet again the misuse of company funds and equipment."

"Glide... first of all, I know how much of my allowance for personal use..." "...the amount you set..." "...I have left, and secondly I happen to have an Ayano-Corp errand to run in the area." She gave Sachiko and Meiru an apologetic look - obviously, she had no such errand. It was one thing to be the daughter of the owner of one of the largest software empires in the world, but as the 'official' head of the video game division, she often had to justify her actions.

"Alright, Yaito-sama. If you say so." Glyde gave a soft sigh before relenting - she knew perfectly well Yaito was going to just make something up, but she was a stubborn girl. All three girls headed to metroline, to take it toward the airport, where Yaito's personal jet would be waiting.


Once they had arrived in Ajiina, Yaito showed them to a small, corner cafe (via limousine, of course). She payed for the other two girls' drinks (and after much pleading from Sachiko, a piece of extravagant-looking cake) and bowed, "I'm sorry about inviting you here and then leaving, but I must attend to matters of business first. Of course, I will be back as soon as I can."

Sachiko was all smiles after Yaito left. "Wow, I love having a rich friend like Yaito. We got to go to Ajiina just for a snack, and ride around in a limo."

Meiru chuckled and shook her head, "You don't even feel the least bit guilty, do you?"

"What do you mean? She invited us. Although it is always odd seeing Yaito in business mode. She's nothing like her usual rude, bratty self."

Rollman's voice drifted from inside his PET, "Don't bother, Meiru, she's as oblivious as always."

Sachiko pursed her lips and frowned, then smiled slyly. "I'm oblivious, am I? Well, then, how are things going with Dex?"

"Wh- what? What do you mean?" Blushing and stuttering, Meiru almost choked on her tea.

"Oh please, he's been making eyes at you forever. I've been meaning to ask you, has he made his move? Has he at least said anything?'

"Well... no. I dunno, sometimes he acts wierd, but then he won't say why. He's really kind of cute when he gets nervous like that."

Dex... cute. Interesting choice of words, thought Sachiko, not one I would have used. "Mmhm, and you never noticed how he goes out of his way to impress you? Making sure you're watching every time he challenges some strong-looking guy at the arcade?"

"U-um, about that. Have you heard anything about Barrel?"

Of course, the mention of something netbattle-related immediately stole Sachiko's interest, successfully changing the topic. "No, not yet. I feel bad for almost getting him deleted, but... he wasn't really that powerful anyway. As far as battling, I customized him and my folder, but he was still a standard-model navi. I still dunno why it's been taking dad so long to repair him, but you'd think a pioneering net researcher could give me something better than a standard navi with a few power-ups. I really need a custom navi like Gutsman or Rollman."

"If it bothered you that much, why don't you save your money and get a custom one yourself? I mean, it really is great having Rollman."

"I guess I never told you... dad wouldn't let me. He always said there was something he's been working on for a while... but never what. He won't even let me get a real replacement until he's done with Barrel."

Meanwhile, Rollman was talking with Sachiko's temporary navi. She was still upset about having to battle, but had calmed down a bit, especially in the peaceful setting of the cafe and with Rollman's efforts to "comfort" her. He smiled at her through the vidwindow, nodding patronizingly "Oh it's alright, I know it's completely unfair of her to ask you to battle."


After Yaito returned, they had a good talk, and eventually left for home again. Dex was of course easily forgiven for his comment, especially when he found out they had gone on another international afternoon trip while he was back in the arcade. Later that evening, when Sachiko returned to her house for dinner, her mother confronted her.

"Sachiko-chan! Where have you been? Didn't you get my message?"

"What? I didn't get any... wait..." She angrily held up her PET.

"Oh! I... uh.. forgot. I was really upset, you know!"

"Ah, whatever. What's the matter, mom?"

"Well, your father is going to be at the lab all night, so he came home early. You missed dinner, but I saved some for you in the refrigerator. He did say he left something on the computer, though." Sachiko was already at the door of the fridge, heading straight for the tupperware (it was, after all, Italian night), but she just heard about the only thing more important to her than food. There was a moment of hesitation, then a decision was made. She closed the door, ran past her mother, and up the stairs to her room, quickly thanking her mother for passing on the message and adding that she'd be back down for dinner in a bit.

"Oh man, after a week with a subpet and even a few days with this useless navi, this better be worth the wait!"

The navi in her PET wasn't the least bit offended, and was actually just as excited, "Finally, I can go back to scilab and help them with their testing again, or even get assigned to a normal little girl!"

Once the PET was in the terminal to Sachiko's custom-built PC, the replacement navi pulled up the memo Yuiichirou had left, and left to the internet happily.

"Dear Sachiko-chan, I'm sorry I wasn't able to give you this in person, but I thought you'd still want to have it as soon as possible. Of course, you're still daddy's little girl," she rolled her eyes as she read this part, "But I know that you like netbattle, and of course viruses and even the occasional netcrime are on the rise. The fact that you sent Barrel to me, as injured as he was, is evidence enough for both these facts, and I know that a standard net navi like the one I gave you years ago just won't suffice anymore. That's why, rather than sending him back to you, I've been spending the past week working on the special project I've told you about. Please, be kind to her, and treat as your own sister."

Sachiko's eyes lit up as she read the letter, and she immediately ran the configuration file that had been placed on her desktop. Blue words over black covered the screen of her PET, "Compiling... 00.0 complete" After several anxious seconds, the screen flickered slightly and changed. "Compiling... 00.4 complete" With groan, Sachiko wandered back downstairs. While she ate, she told her mother about her day at school, and how the afternoon unfolded (leaving out the part about flying internationally just for a snack). Having forgotten about the program she left running, she wandered back upstairs to her room some time later... she was greeted by a smiling, blue-clad girl on her PC. "Hello, Sachiko! I'm Megami.exe, your new navi! It's a pleasure to meet you. Please be nice to me!"

End Chapter 1

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Chapter Notes: Sorry there aren't really any descriptions of the new characters, but I wanted to save those for the second chapter. I've never written anything sequential other than RPing before (mostly I write those and original short stories), and I don't read much fanfiction myself, so forgive me if the pacing is bad (or I eventually lose interest ;). Also, "please be nice to me" isn't necessarily an indication of Megami's personality, but a mostly literal translation of douzo yoroshiku, part of the standard japanese introduction. I know some japanese, and they should all be in Japan, but I translated it because I feel tacky when I use japanese mixed in with english... uh... ignore the honorifics ;P