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It had been a 1 month since Emma had come back to Sanctuary and everyone was welcoming Emma back with open arms.

All but 1 person was anyway.

Lexa hated it, that she was back taking everything away from her or it felt like it did for her anyway.

Lexa had just started a Relationship and had been going out with Jesse for nearly a year. And everything was going great for them till they got an all-important phone call from some anonymous new mutant that was in trouble.

The last thing Lexa expected after that phone call was finding out that, that new mutant was the one and only Emma DeLauro, she was back.

Emma like Adam had disappeared to protect the team, but Emma had left part of her behind, in Jesse.

As soon as Emma was back she told Jesse how she felt for him and that she always loved him and that she never told him because she wanted to protect him from everything that was going on, and from herself.

When Emma arrived back at sanctuary everyone was pleased including Jesse. But also they had a million questions.

Where has she been? Why did she go? Why didn't she tell anyone?

After Emma explain everything that they wanted to know Shalimar, Brennan and Jesse all add her back into there lives like nothing happened.

But for Lexa it was that simple, she had more questions than Emma gave her answers for.

Jesse had been Seeing Lexa less and less and every time Lexa asked Jesse out it would always is the same answer "I'm busy" or "I can't tonight, I'm to tired".

But Lexa new the truth, now Emma was back, Jesse didn't want to know her any more.

But it isn't that simple for Lexa she had let Jesse into her heart and it was tearing her apart, She new she couldn't and shouldn't let Jesse go without a fight but it wasn't as easy as that. She hadn't had the chance to tell him yet but she would find time to talk to him sooner or later she would.