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"WHAT! You're his son." Shouted Brennan shocked.

The rest of the team were shocked and amazed.

"Sorry" Brennan said

"Hey it's ok, I was like that when I found out the truth about who my father was." Alex said being understanding.

"No you don't understand he lied to us, he lied ……… to me," Shalimar said getting angry

"Hey calm down I'll explain everything to you guys later" Alex said

"No you wont, you'll tell us NOW, he was a father to me, to all of us, and he kept it from us FROM ME" she said starting to get pissed off and eyes flashing.

"I understand what your going through, I was as shocked as you or even more shocked when I found out everything but this isn't the time to go into explanations we've got to get out of here now and get to Atlantis and get Jesse checked out to make sure there is no damage to any of his organs. And then I promise to tell you everything. So just calm down Shalimar and sit down." Alex said trying to stay calm

"Ok I agree with that cos' I don't feel to good right now." Said Jesse holding his ribs "I think I've broke a rib or something" Jesse started to groan in pain.

"You guys don't want to lose Jesse now do you cos if we don't hurry up he will die or suffer from some permintate damage, to his organs" said Alex.

"he's right you know and I don't want to lose Jess especially not now anyway" said Lexa worryingly about Jesse.

"Fine but if anything's bad happens I'm the first person that rips him to shreds" replied Shalimar "Brennan, what do you think"

Brennan Looked at his team mates and looked and Jesse who was badly injured and then turned and looked at Alex.

"okay we'll come with you, but one wrong move and you will be sorry"

"okay then, Atlantis here we come" said Alex.

Mean while the team was wondering if they had done the right thing.