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"Good Morning, SAKURA-CHAN!" Naruto said with a big smile.

"Good morning Naruto."

"That is a surprise, you're late." Sasuke replied.

"mmmmmmmm you are, but at lest she is not latte like our baka sensei…. Anyway I hope this time Kaka-sensei will give a proper mission, lately he has only given us stupid D rank missions." Naruto said with a hope of getting a proper mission this time, it had been about 7 months sense Sasuke had returned from Orochimaru.

"Naruto forget about it, Kaka-sensei is always too busy reading his Come Come Paradise." Sakura stated as matter of fact.

"Yo! Sakura how do you know what I am interested in? Mmmmmmmmmmm, mind telling me?" Kakashi said 'poofing from behind Sakura which caused her to jump 3 feet up in to the air and landed on her butt next to Kakashi, Naruto immediately barked out laughing his head off and Sasuke just sniggering.

"Well actually I have a mission." Kakashi said looking down at Sakura.

"REALLY… REALLY…. WHAT IS IT?" Naruto asked jumping up and down, being as happy as ever that he finally was given a mission.

"Just go to Tsunade, she wants to speak to yous…"

As soon as Kakashi mentioned Tsunade name, Naruto and Sasuke run so fast that the only thing you could see left behind was the dust that they left behind, Sakura who was still on the ground smiling, she looked up to Kakashi only to see him look down at her.

Sakura got up from the ground and start walking toward Tsunade's office, Kakashi's eyes followed every single move of hers when a voice stopped her.

"And where do you think you're going?"

"To Tsunade- sama." confusedly Sakura answered not knowing why he asked her such a question.

"Sakura the mission is only for Naruto and Sasuke, not you."

"Huh? Why?" Sakura asked but there was no reason to it: she already knew the answer to it, she was too weak.

"Although you work very hard with Tsunade, you still need more practise but don't worry; you're not missing any action." Kakashi said with a smile on his face though you could not see it the actual smile you could see the dark shades on his face.

"And why is that? They're on a mission and missions always have action." Sakura said plainly she was disappointed but she knew the reason.

"For Naruto and Sasuke it is one of the hardest missions in their lives, I believe."

"Ok so what kind of a mission are they gating"?

Kakashi chuckled: "Well it will definitely make them think twice about the future."

Now Sakura was even more confused than ever before but she was also getting very impatient, she wanted to know what kind of a mission her team mates got that would have this big impact on their lives. Kakashi noticed this and finally dissident to let the poor girl out off her agony.

"At the Nursery being nursery teaches." Kakashi chuckled at the images of Sasuke and Naruto being surrounded by children or having Naruto and Sasuke chase after little once Sakura was not fare from the same image.

"And how will this make Naruto and Sasuke think of the future?" asked a smiling Sakura, she was still trying to accept the idea of those two working in a nursery.

"It will make them think twice about having children, but that's enough of them, time to practise Sakura." Kakashi got series once again.

"Ok Kaka-sensei." Sakura said with a fake positive attitude.

"Now Sakura I see you're very positive about this so you can run 50 laps around the training area when we go there." Kakashi said as he turned and started walking to the training area.

"50 laps! Kaka-sensei are you taking the piss, come on", Sakura said with a complete shock on her face as she run after him.

"Ok! Your right 60 would do better instead."

Sakura was about to thank him when she realised that the number of laps had gone up.

"But Kaka—" she was sandal interrupted




Sakura realised there was no point in reasoning with him, she just walked behind him and started making faces. As people walked by them and saw Sakura making faces and mimicking the great copy ninja Hatake Kakashi, they would start laughing, schoolgirls start giggling and old women start whispering prosily gossiping. Sakura carried on doing that until suddenly a hand was placed on her left shoulder. Caused her to jump up for a second time and land on Kakashi arm as he caught her.

"Hey Genma what's up?" Kakashi asked his long good friend who seemed like he just had come back from a mission.

"Well I could ask you the same question?" Genma said raising an eyebrow.

"All the same" Kakashi asked confusedly.

"oh I bet, where are you going?" Genma smiled eyeing the girl in Kakashi's arm.

"To train little miss, here" Kakashi said looking at Sakura as he put her down to her feet.

"Oh, you would not mind me coming as well eh old bade, old pal?"

"Not at all Ge—" Kakashi was interrupted as Sakura run up and tried to punch Genma but Genma dodged it and Sakura instead of punching Genma she punched the ground as the smoke cleared away they could see a huge hole in the ground like an astronaut hit earth, Genma was very surprised at this and walked behind Kakashi.

"And you still want to train her with that kind of strength?"

"You got some nerve just scaring me like that and just asking Kaka-sensei if you could come with us and you did not even say sorry for scaring me like that!" Sakura screamed as she walked up to Kakashi and Genma and was about to punch him a gene but two strong, mescal arms where wrapped around her waist and the next thing she knew was that she was placed over Kakashi's shoulders.

A confused Sakura looked at Kakashi: "What the hell?"

"Not enough time Sakura you're wasting practise time, if you want to go after Genma you can do that at your own time."

"Hey Kakashi speak for yourself, I got stuff to do later." Genma said trying to get out of it, he was tired, he had just come from a long "mission" with different women and those missions took quite a lot of energy from the young ninja.

"Mmmm, I bet you do." Kakashi mocked.

"And what is that suppose to mean Hatake?" Genma asked razing a eyebrow.

"Mmmm did you say something?"

"Your unbelievable no wonder Gai gets pissed off with you."

Both man started laughing as they started walking to team 7 training place.

"Can you please stop ignoring me and put me down?" Sakura said with a fear look in her face wile inner Sakura thought: 'Mmm I can feel Kaka-sensei's body heat and he smells nice.'

"Oh yeah I forgot about you." Kakashi said with a sheepish smile as he put her down.

"Yeah sorry Sakura." Genma also apologised, the three of them carried on walking after their little stop.

Kakashi and Genma where walking in the front talking and Sakura was at the back trailing after them and thinking about what had happened early on with Kakashi and how she had felt his body heat, his heart beating, his muscled and toned back against her. Sakura blushed immediately at the last memory but as soon as that though had come in to her mind the same quickness it had left, shaking her head trying to forget the last part which had caused Genma and Kakashi to stop and look at her, to see what was wrong, but Sakura failed to notice this and carried on shaking her head and walked at the same time causing her to bump straight into Kakashi.


"Watch where you're going Sakura, next time it won't be me that you're going to bump into."

"Stop being so tough Kakashi", Genma said laughing, "you can't blame her for having a crush on me, can't you see she's trying to forcing herself to forget about me, Come on Sakura ignore him, he is only like that because he has nothing else to do with his life." Genma said winking at her and gave her a look saying play along.

"WOW! Really the grate Hatake Kakashi has nothing to do. The world is surely coming to an end." Sakura took the opportunity and started to play along with Genma. She did not know why but she had a feeling that she will regret it but until that happens it felt nice for a change to tease the great Hatake Kakashi and this would teach him a lesson for being latte all the time.

"Well what should we do to stop that from happening?" Genma asked with an evil smirk.

"Nothing absolutely nothing." Kakashi replied giving Genma a hard look.

"Oh come on great Kakashi-sensei, don't pull that on us." Sakura said.

"Sakura?" Kakashi said while walking.

"Yes master Kakashi?" Sakura said still playing the game.

"80 laps and 50 push ups."


"A ninja that acts like a little child!" Kakashi replied with an angry voice.

"Kakashi that is enough." Genma interrupted.

Kakashi just turned and start to walk in front.

'What is wrong with him?' Sakura thought.

'Maybe he has not got enough action,' inner Sakura said.

'After all he is stake with a weak person and is trying to teach then', Sakura thought.

'Yep you're definitely right, who can't even beat Ino the pig', Inner Sakura said.

'Why thank you, you sure know how to make me feel better.'

'Well truths be told', inner Sakura carried on bettering about it.

"Hey Sakura don't take any notes of him, Ok?" Genma said trying to make Sakura feel better.

"Ok." she whispered slightly looking hurt

Genma saw the hurt in her eyes and walked up to Kakashi. As soon as he was about to say something Kakashi turned and spoke: "Ok Sakura start training."

Just with that he turned around and took out his Come Come Paradise, jumping up to a tree and start reading it, soon Genma followed Kakashi and Sakura started straight away the eighty laps around the training ground while Kakashi and Genma were reading. (Genma reading come come paradise oh no!)

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