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Who Was Your First Kiss, Troy?

Chapter 1: Summoning a Memory


Troy strode through the packed hallways, a spiral notebook in one hand, and a pencil in the other. He had to move around to dodge the people in his way, which he was doing pretty well with – if you don't count being stepped on, and stepping on, people's feet a few times.

"Troy!" Gabriella's voice called to him, as he spun around, watching her close her locker.

"Hey!" he replied, noticing Gabriella's eyes travel to the notebook in his hand. "Oh, homework," he instantly replied, "I fell asleep doing it last night after the game."

"Well, I won't disturb you," she said with a flirtatious smile.

He smiled back, giving her a quick peck on the cheek.

Troy spun back around, walking towards his locker, which, with his luck, had been all the way on the other end of the school.



Sharpay's eyes were glued to her cell phone, her fingers moving to text message her cousin from Paris at an alarming rate.

Bumping into others wasn't an issue, since they all backed away from her in mock shivers, and whispers of, "Look – it's the ice queen!"

She was on her way to the music room to meet Ryan for their daily rehearsal, which was two turns of a hallway away.

She turned a corner, and continued to zip right through the crowd with ease, not looking up once.



'Uh… no, that's not right… Na3Cl8 plus K2H7O3 equals… GAH I hate the Periodic Table and it's stupid elements!' he thought, glaring at his unfinished homework.

Troy processed the homework through his mind. He was now scratching his head, in confusion and frustration.

He scribbled down a few possible answers, then erased, and tried once again.

"Maybe that answer was right…" he mumbled to himself, walking faster.

He now mentally cursed himself for not making time to do his homework the previous night.

Normally he wouldn't care, but, this time, the incompletion of homework meant after school detention, which meant not making practice, which meant pissing his dad off, which meant being grounded, which meant– well, you get the point: detention was a bad thing.

Finally, a light bulb in his head flashed on, and he discovered the answer to the problem he'd just been working on.

Jotting down the answer with a smile, he was about to scribble the last element of the answer in, when –


A cell phone went flying into the air, along with a notebook, a pencil, and a hat in tow.

"Can't you watch where you're going, you little – Oh, get off of me!" a whiny and not unfamiliar voice whined. The sound of it was so smooth, yet cold enough to make those with the sunniest of moods shiver.

Troy looked beneath him, where a frustrated blonde lay, glaring daggers at him.

The school basketball star looked down, finding that he was straddling her, and his face was in her… bosom.

Many of the passerby's eyes were on them now, throwing comments like, "Get a room!", at them, so he began to panic internally, while Sharpay remained calm, and ready to use her legs to get him off of her.

So, Troy staggered up, and dusted himself off, holding out a hand.

"Uh – sorry, Sharpay," he said, scratching his head, blinking a few times, not noticing the small blush that'd rose in his cheeks.

Still not giving out her icy glare, Sharpay stood on her own, while picking up her cell phone, a light tone of pink inhabiting her face as well – though it was unnoticeable due to her attitude which clearly showed it off as anger or frustration – or both.

"You should be. Watch where you're going next time," she said, placing her hat back on her head, throwing another glare his way, continuing to walk along.

Troy watched Sharpay create an enactment of 'the red sea', people spreading out, leaving a large walking space for her, throwing insults and laughing.

'Nice caboose…' he thought with a smile, watching the way she walked.

Troy shook his head, shaking the thought away, knowing he shouldn't think of Sharpay with a nice anything – especially a nice backside. Dazed, picking up his notebook, and pencil, he completed his homework at last. But that encounter had led to another question that boggled his mind– 'Why did that feel so – familiar – and so... never mind...'

'Must be déjà vu… from when...?' he asked himself, now jogging to his locker.



After basketball practice, the boys were gathered around at Burger King, eagerly stuffing their faces.

"Yeah, so it was this girl named Rebecca in eighth grade – in a game of spin the bottle. She wasn't bad – it was actually her first, and my first," Chad said, nodding with a smile.

"Isn't this a little girly? I mean – you know, talking about first kisses?" Jason brought the question up.

"We're getting in touch with our feminine sides. Girls dig that – right Zeke?" Chad asked, elbowing the 'cooking sensitive guy' of the team.

"Yeah, yeah they really do. After that whole confession thing about my baking, I've had girls flocking around me!" he said with a smile.

Jason nodded with a smile, in an 'Ah, I see,' way.

"Yeah, so Jason, who was your first kiss?" asked John Matthews, another player on the team.

"Mine? Oh, I couldn't say," he said with a grin, shaking his head.

"Oh, come on," the team groaned.

"ItwaswithKelsi," he said in one quick breath. "It was a dare back in eighth grade! And if I remember clearly, Troy dared me to!" he said with a smile, all eyes now directed at the team star.

"Hey, only 'cause you liked her," he said with a shrug.

The boys resumed eating once again, Zeke burping at the last bite.

"So, Troy, who was your first kiss?" he asked, taking a drink.

The team's eyes were all directed at him, curiously.

"Ah, I don't remember," he lied, nodding, looking down at his burger.

'If I tell them… they'd laugh!' he thought.

"Yeah right. Let me guess, just recently, Gabriella was your first kiss," Chad offered.

The guys laughed, jeers of, "Late bloomer" going around.

"Hey, hey, no! I haven't even kissed Gabriella yet!

"You haven't been kissed!" Chad exclaimed, all seriousness written all over his face.

Gossip had made its way around the table, and Troy gladly stopped it.

"Yes, I have been kissed!" he said in a fiery, 'take that' voice, "my first kiss was in seventh grade."

They all looked at him expectantly, and he bit his tongue back realizing the mistake he'd just made.

Nobody interrupted him, because it looked as if he'd started walking down memory lane, mulling over the long ago stored recollection.

"Well – it – it all started when…"


"She's mean," said Greg, an old classmate of Troy's that was now on the basketball team, scratching his head in confusion, holding up a ripped up heart shaped card.

"Well, of course she is. She's the 'Ice Princess', remember? The next time you ask someone to be a Valentine, it shouldn't be Sharpay Evans," John said, another seventh grader that was also on the current team.

The students were all huddled around their usual spots in the hallway by the locker. And, as usual, Troy was just on his way to them now.

"Whose really ever liked her, and stuck to it?" asked Jason, who had gone to school with Troy back then.

All eyes zoomed over to the brown haired boy, the star of the East Middle School Varsity team.

"Whoa… really?" Jason whispered, the other guys nodding.

"To this day," John said, shaking his head.

"Why?" Greg asked in disgust.

Nobody answered because Troy had finally arrived, all the boys just staring at him.

"Hey…" Troy said blinking in confusion. "What's… up?" he asked, now curious as to why all the attention was on him.

"Uh, nothing. Nothing at all!" Greg had replied, far too jittery.

The basketball champ nodded, still looking skeptical, his eyes narrowed as an attempt to see past his friends and why they'd been acting so strange.

An eerie silence followed, that you might even say crickets could be heard. The boys looked accusatively at Troy.

But, all silence was broken when cheerleader, Natasha Brown, came up to the boys with a stack of square envelopes – supposed invitations – in her hand.

"Hey boys! I'm having a party at my house on Valentines Day! Hope you can come!" she added, shoving the invitations into the boys' arms. "But, only come if you're ready to play some games – if you know what I mean," she continued, nudging Jason, her eyebrows rising up and down.

She laughed her ditzy laugh, Jason following along. Finally, she left with a wink at Troy, and Jason stopped fake laughing and rolled his eyes.

"Are you going, Troy?" the boys immediately asked.

Troy opened the invitation, and it had said just what Natasha had.

He read it aloud.

"Come to Natasha Brown's party, on February 14, for a Valentines Day celebration. But, only come if you're ready to play games – if you know what I mean," he finished. "I guess. It's Friday, and I've got nothing planned, so I guess I'll go."

"If you're in, I'm in," Jason said, nodding.

"Same," the other two said.

The bell finally rang, the boys' heads turning to the way to Biology, Sharpay's locker five lockers away from the door.

Even from their position in the filled and crowded hallways, they could here her saying, "Count me in!" in her perky voice.

"We have to play "If you know what I mean" games with her!" Jason exclaimed towards the boys.

Troy's face went blank, not knowing whether he should be happy, or nervous – he still assumed nobody knew he had a thing for Sharpay.

The other boys' faces fell, hoping not to end up with Sharpay during a game of spin the bottle, for fear of getting their lips frozen by the Ice Princess.




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