Love Is A Book

Chp1: A day at the park.

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The sun shone brightly, as two birds flew accross the sky. The light and delicate fluffy clouds spread far apart making shapes of many different things. Kids played around in the park and in the sandbox enjoying their day as their parents kept a close eye on them, making sure they wouldn't get hurt. The much older kids, the teenagers were scattered among the park, talking, eating, and playing sports. Although there was one who sat on a bench with a book.

She wore a tight red shirt with a pair of gray cargo pants. Her short, blonde hair remained down and her golden eyes glued to a certain object.

A book.

Her name was Cagalli Yula Attha and she was seventeen years old. She was a tomboyish girl who usually liked spending her time alone, but had many friends. She was quite talkative when you could attract her into a conversation, but she knew how to control herself when not spoken to. Today was her day off from work and she decided to go to the park and read a book. Cagalli worked at a supermarket named "King's Supermarket" and worked as a shelf stocker. Now and then she'd switch places with one of her best friends, Miriallia who was a cashier at the front of the supermarket.

Cagalli was very interested in books, not all types of books, but a selective few. Ever since she was thirteen years old she had been very interested in romance novels. She didn't really believe in knights in shining armor, but she did believe in love. She wish that one day a man would help her carry her burden and understand her. That was what she thought love was about, understanding. Although that was only part of the concept. She liked reading many of those romance novels, because it made her dream of her own true love someday, but she didn't think about it that much.

She just sat there reading and reading. Paying no attention to the outside world of the book.

"He held her in a sweet embrace, telling her to never let go.

She had run away from him once, but he was never going to

allow it from happening again. He had missed her so much

that he almost had a breakdown from it. Although he knew that

they would get back together someday. That someday was now.

Inch by inch their faces got closer and closer. As each one felt an

amount of heat for each other. Then they kissed."

Cagalli widened her eyes. This suspenseful book was getting the best of her. Five minutes after reading a few more pages of the book, she put it down after finishing the last page.

She drew in a breath, and looked towards the sky. Everything was peaceful around her and liked it that way. She stood up from her seat and started approaching the ice cream parlour.

Inside the air-conditioned building there were about fifty different flavours just waiting to be eaten. Cagalli looked at them all with eye wide open. If there was anything else that Cagalli loved other than romance novels, it was ice cream. She asked the man to scoop her a scoop of chocolate ice cream. She payed the cashier and thanked the man, and walked out of the store.

Cagalli opened the door and heard a "WATCH OUT!" yelling to her. She saw a teenage man about the same age as her coming towards her on rollerblades. He was unbeliveably fast, and worst of all he couldn't stop.


He hit Cagalli and their ice cream fell with them. They fell on top of each other. Unfortunately with Cagalli on the bottom.

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