Love Is A Book

Chp16: School Already?

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Love Is A Book

"I thought you weren't ready..." he whispered in her ear.

She removed the strands of hair on his face and traced his jaw line.

"I don't know...something just came over me...Do you think it was stupid of me?" she asked in guilt.

He didn't know what to say. Maybe he mistakenably pressured her. Or maybe she just did it because she wanted too. He didn't want to say anything to make her feel hurt and victimized. He didn't want to feel bad about doing it either.

"Do you think that we did something right? Because I really don't think it was stupid of you...just rather...pressured."

She felt something cold hit against her body, and pulled the sheets higher. She held it to her chest.

"It was something else that I've never seen before..." he laughed at her comment.

"And about being pressured. I think I was..."

She came closer and felt her nose gently brushing his, "But I don't regret any single moment of it."

"So you really are an angel..." he whispered, "Can humans fraternize with angels?"

She blushed, "No...I'm afraid not...But angels can certainly get involved with other angels" she said metiphorically.

Zala Mansion 9:00AM

It was still pretty muddy after that day. The streets were filled with puddles, and well...It was a pretty damn gloomy day. Well maybe not for two individuals, who still were sleeping. Surprising though, because school started an hour ago.

This time they were naked. Both hung other each other for dear life under those sheets. Emerging from there was their heads, one blue coloured and neatly fixed, while the other was blonde, scraggly as hell. They didn't remember that they needed an alarm clock, but it was sure smart of them to remember it was school today. Boy, sex does a lot of things to you...One of them is put you in a long unconscious rest.

"Athrun..." the blonde one stirred.

She opened one eye slightly. She looked directly in front of her. It was dear Romeo himself, the man of her inhuman desires. Athrun...Oh yeah... she was at Athrun's place, for the whole night...and today was...the first day of school...

"Am I a whore?" she asked to her conscience.

"No. and good morning to you. Can I tell you that school started about...oh...ONE HOUR AGO!"

"Athrun?!?!?!" Wake up...We're late for school!!" she yelled at him.

"Huh???" he grunted to himself, "Ohhhh..."

"Athrun!!" she rushed as she grabbed her undergarments, and some clean clothes from Athrun's drawers. "You have to wake up we're already late for school!!"

"Ohhh..." he moaned, "OH! We are late for school!!"

He quickly got up from the bed and walked around it. She saw him hanging and looked at him with a face that matched the phrase "WTF"

"What?" he said in innocence.

"Just hurry and get in the shower, we have no time!!" she said as she ran and turned the shower on.

"Ooooh, my dear princess, may I shower with you?" Athrun said coolly.

She just waved her hands in anger. "Will you just get in already?!?!?!"

School, Orb 10:00AM

"What if they're at the clinic?!??!?!?!?" Kira exlaimed.

"Cagalli-san has a boyfriend??" Miriallia exclaimed.

"Oh My LORD SHE"S PREGNANT!!!" both exclaimed as they fainted.

Lacus quickly grabbed her fan and began to fan both of their hot heads. It was very humid as well, and it was hard to breathe. Even worse, there was no air-conditioning, at this school. It made it hard to think, and to even walk. All three were clad in their uniform, and had been waiting at homeroom for Athrun and Cagalli. They weren't here yet, and their absence was starting to make them worry.

Kira thought about last night, and how she didn't come home. He went into a state of panic and revenge.

Dearka was with them too, watching alongside the panic going underway. He just smirked and shook his head.

"It was about time she got a boyfriend..."

Silence came upon the group.


"You heard me," he was cool and calm, "It's all part of the mating process."


"Yeah, what so wrong about that? We've all had sex, even Lacus. And if Lacus does that means that the two of them and the rest of the world who haven't done it...except for children, are really, really behind."

"DEARKA!!! HOW COULD YOU SAY THAT?!?!" Kira and Miriallia hugged each in nervousness, and mostly because they were on the same side.

"Mir. You love sex. Kira, you're like a sex-o-holic. What is your problem with Cagalli doing it for the first time?"

"DEARKA." Kira grabbed his shoulders and shook him nearly violently, "We are talking about the baby in our group. Our baby, Cagalli. SHE CAN"T GROW UP THAT FAST!"

Miriallia agreed, "Plus! We don't even know this guy, so how could she have sex with a guy who is like a week familiar to her?!?"

Lacus took Dearka's side, "I agree with Dearka though, because Athrun...He's really not a bad guy. Sometimes a bit hurried when it comes to love, but he knows what he's doing."

"HOW DO YOU KNOW?!?!" The three suddenly turned against her...well Dearka did.

"We dated."

Kira fainted another time, while the other couple stared at her interestingly. They had something in their mind that just couldn't be brought up to surface. Suddenly the door banged open and two people came in through the door.


"Athrun!!! So nice to finally meet you!" Dearka shook his hand. He whispered to him, "If ever you have time, teach me how you get women into bed that fast."

Athrun turned red. Both students were clad in their uniform, as the rest of the students. The rest of the three turned in shock when they saw he two come in together. Especially Kira, his face and expressions were priceless.

"What took you two so long?!?!?!" Kira ready to strangle Athrun to death.

"Kira...We just woke up late...That's all..." Cagalli swirved around telling Kira that she and Athrun had in fact done it. But it just wasn't enough, he grabbed Athrun by the collar.

"Athrun, you fucking asshole!!" Kira pinned him up against the wall, "Do you have any idea what you two put me through this morning?!?!"

"Kira!!" Cagalli shrilled, "Let go of him!!"

"Hold on, Cagalli," Athrun said calmly, "I got this. Kira, it was only an hour."

Kira's face had an angry expression written all over it, "Athrun! Who knows what you two did in that hour!!"

Cagalli instantly blushed and looked the other way as Kira looked at his little sister. Kira's eyes widened and had blown a punch on Athrun's stomach. Athrun panted. He thought it was well deserved...

"Athrun!!" Cagalli ran to his side. Kira took a final look at all of them before leaving the room. His little sister wasn't so "little" anymore. Cagalli chased after him into the halls. They were white and empty, and from far away already, you could hear Kira's footsteps. She silently chased after him. After a few minutes of chasing, she finally caught him by his sleeve.

"Kira!! What is up with you? You did not have to go and do what you just did!" She faced him anger with anger.

"You wanna know what's 'up', Cagalli?" He jerked his sleeve out of her hand, "You're new boyfriend over there just thinks he can come into town and after a week date and seduce and HAVE SEX WITH MY LITTLE SISTER!"

"Hold it, Kira." Cagalli faced her brother head on, "It's all been me and Athrun's decision to do this. Not yours."

Kira was about to blow up in her face, but he dared not to. She continued to talk,

"Kira, he is my first boyfriend. You know I have never done things like this before, and I want to try them out. I completely trust Athrun right now. Although I won't do something that I don't want to do. You know that."

Kira rolled his eyes.

"So don't worry, okay?" he went to hug him. He felt tears on his shirt.

"Don't ever worry about me. 'Kay bro?" "...I'll always be ok." She cried. He hugged her back. He decided not to blow up, she said sorry after all. When she was sorry, she meant sorry.

"Oh, Cagalli..." he smoothed her hair, "What would I ever do without you?"

The second warning bell had rung.

During their first period, Athrun had recovered. He and Kira had said their apologies and now all became focused on just one thing: The town fair. It was being hosted at their school in the next two weeks. Every had a part in it. Visitors from all over usually came to visit, sometimes even from the south part of Orb or even from the PLANTs. It was something really to talk about, and for the students , it was a way to interact with the community and the universe.

"Okay everyone," their teacher had said holding a picture of him and his family, "We have to assign our jobs, now that we have them listed."

He stood up, "To those who are new and do not know the rules. Yes, I am talking to you Mr. Zala, and Mr. Westenfluss. I will explain them to you. To the rest, this will be a reminder.

He walked around the classroom, "We work in shifts, and like a job, during this week long festival you will take breaks."

Athrun was trying to wake himself up by popping some mint in his mouth.

"Next is that, everyone will be responsible for providing some form of entertainment. Whether it be a play, or a comedic slot, or even music. Something to entertain the people."

The teacher looked at Heine, who was daydreming about Amelia. The teacher rolled his eyes, and slapped his desk.

"Mr. Westenfluss. Would you care to listen?"

He snapped back to reality, "Yes sir. Sorry sir." he blushed.

"Next. Is that we have to make some kind of profit from this, no? We will all be in charge of some spectacular booths you students are definitely capable of doing. This is a lot of work, and we all have to pitch in. You are allowed to get help from other townfolk."

"Now," he walked towards the chalkboard. He picked up some chalk. "We need to post the due dates. These will be kept on the posted on the chalk board and mostly everywhere for our convenience."

He gave a slow look around to each of the students, "Now, if any one of you dares to change or erase these due dates. You will receive consequences."

Cagalli wrote down her ideas on paper. She sketched the idea of her booth, but memories of last night still flowed in her mind. His body. His touch. The way he made love to her. She couldn't help but blush. It made her feel hot, loved. He made her feel totally defenceless and so reliant on him. She had never felt about anyone that way in her life. Sure she relied on her friends, but with Athrun it was so different. She didn't know what it was. Maybe it would take her the next few weeks to figure it out.

"First. The due date for your booth is in two days. Also due on that day is the type of entertainment that you or a group are performing. Due on this Thursday, are your partners, and everyone you will be working with. I will give you a chart at the end of class. Make sure to make it neat and ledgible. First AND last name, if you please."

Kira reached for Lacus' hair in front of him and began to twirl it with his fingers.

"Due on the next Friday is you act. You will perfect it, and perform it as rehersal."

"Mr. La Fllaga!!" a girl raised her hand, "What if it's not ready?"

"Then. Simply, your mark will go down ten percent. Remember students that you ARE being marked on this." The blonde man flipped his hair and flashed a smile to all the students.

"Ten percent. Seems small, but it can do a lot to you."

Athrun looked back and smiled at Cagalli, but she was busy sketching. He felt embarassed.

"Okey. For now, you may all talk to each other about the projects. Don't forget about the due dates."

"Class partially---dismissed." he smiled at his own lame catch phrase.

The group of friends gathered together. Except for Cagalli, she was still busy drawing. Athrun slowly approached her with his hands in his pockets. He messed her hair and kissed her forehead.

"Hello m'love." he said with a smile. She smiled at him too, but then went quickly back to work.

"Do you know who you're gonna work with yet?" he smiled.

"Nope, not yet." She smiled while writing, "Do you?"

"Mmhmm." he smiled.


"You." he said smug.

"---Eh??" She looked at him strangely.

"You heard me, Cagalli," he said her name in a way that made her almost shiver, "Let's be partners."

She looked at him with a look of disbelief. "No."


"No, Athrun." she patted his head while he tried to pick of the pieces of his broken heart.

"Why not?" he looked like a lost puppy.

"'Coz... We'll get distracted." she said while taking out some more paper out of the back of her binder. He suddenly got turned on. He raised an eyebrow and prepared for her a 'sexy' voice.

" What do you mean by distracted?" he went to her side. She slapped his arm when he tried to put it around her.

"You know what I mean." she said strictly, but soon turned opposite.

She whispered in his ear, "Distracted...Like. Last night." her lips teased his ear. He smiled at her.

"Fine by me...Cagalli." he kissed her neck once before the group went to them.

The group saw the two snuggling, and Kira coughed in front of them to know that they were actually in front of them. Athrun looked up almost pale.

"Hey, everyone!" He almost chocked.

They all smiled, some talked to other students who had asked them a question. Cagalli went up to Lacus and Miriallia with the piece of paper that she had been torturing for the past few minutes.

"Lacus, Mir, I have an idea for our booth!" Cagalli said excitedly.

"Oh thank God! I didn't feel like coming up with one," she smiled happily, "Or well... Thanks Cagalli!!"

Cagalli gave her one of her own very special glares. She folded the piece of paper and handed it to Lacus.

"You guys can make changes, it's still only an idea," she smiled. They regroup with the others and began to talk.

On the other side of the classroom, two girls were watching a particular pair of men. As the predator catches their prey, so did the two ladies. They walked over to Kira and Athrun. Fllay and Meer pressed themselves onto the two men, and began their flirt.

"Why hello, Kira," Fllay slowly slid his finger down his chest. Lacus stood speechless and became instantly irritated.

"And...aren't you," Meer used her finger to make him face her, "The new kid...?"

Cagalli felt something twinge inside her, as she watched Athrun being taken hostage. She felt jealous and she was ready to show it. Cagalli was known for showing her emotions.

"Well hello, Cagalli..." Meer evilly smirked, "Did you know we have a new student here? I think I should show..." she looked at him.

"Athrun..." he rolled his eyes.

"His way around..." SHe smiled, he moved away from her.

"That's okay...Whatever your name is...Cagalli already showed me around..." he went up beside her.

"Oh really?" She looked at Cagalli in disgust, "I bet you town's not the only thing she's showed you..."

"Excuse me." Cagalli stared at her plainly, "Look who's making the comment..."

Meer bent her arm and rested it on one of his hips, "And what are you implying, Miss Attha?"

"Call one of your clients from last night, I'm sure they'll know the answer!" Cagalli blew up in her face, Athrun had to come in between them. He faced Cagalli and whispered in her ear.

"Cagalli let's stop this...Let's go to another side of the room."

"What? You need a man now, Cagalli? What happened to independant woman?" Meer mocked her. The rest watched, and more began to crowd around the group. Fllay had already completely gotten off Kira because Lacus had snaked her way in between the two while they were distracted.

"Ugh!!" the blonde forced her way to rip her fake hair out, but Athrun stopped her, "Athrun!! Let me through!!"

The pink haired fake stuck her tongue out, "Seems that lover boy has taken my side...Whatcha gonna do about it now, Cag-ugly!?!?"

Then, somehow, someway, she made her way past Athrun and jumped on top of Meer. She heard her go down with a bang, but didn't give a damn; Meer was about to get what she's deserved for so long. It drove her mad that Meer always had to call her names, bully her, force her to use violence, provoke her like she did. It was completely uneccesary, but she did it.

The two fought a good battle until the teacher had finally noticed what was going on and took charge. Cagalli ended up with a bloody nose, and bruises all over her body. Meer had twice as many bruises and had fallen unconscious after Cagalli blew a final punch on her fake nose. Meer was taken to the hospital while Cagalli was taken to the school ward by Athrun. Kira had offered some help, but he had caused the arguement. He had to take some responsiblity. Plus, Mr. La Fllaga wouldn't let Kira go because Athrun was already picking her body up and starting to run. He had returned back to the classroom panting.


Mr. La Fllaga turned his head to the side to look at him, "Yes?"

"Where's the ward?" he asked in embarassement.

"Straight down the hall to your left..."





He kissed her on the lips with a solemn face. He wiped the hair off her face and began to wipe the blood near her nose, and gave her an cold pad to put on her forehead so her blood pressure would lower. He dropped a bandaid on the floor and went to pick it up. After getting up from the floor, Cagalli saw the sad expression written on his face.

"Hey..." she cupped his face, "What's wrong?"

It was another moment where he'd find himself lost in his eyes. He had found himself occasionally locked into them drowning every second as he nulled out every word being uttered to him by anyone. His thoughts seemed to blank out until she waved her hand in front of his face.

"Hello, Athrun...?"

"Uhhh...yeah..." he blushed and looked down to pretend to check her knee for any injuries.

"Is there anything wrong?" she fixed a part of his hair.

"Yes, Cagalli...There's something wrong..." Athrun kissed her hand and held it, "I don't like to see you hurt like this..."

"This?" Cagalli sounded clogged, "This is nothing..."

He laughed at the kind of voice she used to cheer him up. He didn't have any idea why she was cheering him up when it should be the other way around. Athrun smiled at the fact that she was trying to hide that she was hurt. He paused and then looked directly into her eyes. Cagalli shivered inside, his gaze was serious.

"No Cagalli. This is something, something I appreciate so much...No one has ever done this for me. But I'd rather that you'd not do it, you know? What if next time something worse happens?" he cupped her cheek.


"Cagalli..." he chuckled, "You don't have to be my trouble-maker, okay?" he kissed her forehead.

"Athrun, I didn't regret any single moment of it, of being with you..." she smiled in such a happy way, "I have never felt so liberated in my life!"

"Athrun..I-I-I..." her eyes started to tear up, and suddenly she lunged herself toward him giving him a hug. Cagalli had never felt so happy before. With Athrun, she was able to do so many things that she could never to before. She had the independance to finally beat the shreads out of Meer Campbell, Cagalli's public enemy number one. Meer was always picking on her, stealing her men, trying to turn everyone against her. Why? We don't know...I guess that was her problem. Everyone has problems you know...

"I glad you feel that way...because that's how I feel. We're stuck in this boring box of a school, of a life...It get's boring, and I've felt so contained..." he kissed her ear.

Cagalli sobbed on his shoulder while he gently patted her back. He felt butterflies starting to form in his stomach and the beats of his heart thumping louder than ever before.

" long as the big man wants us to be together...then promise me that this feeling won't ever change."

"The feeling of freedom?"

"Everything...from freedom, to love, to friendship, to the moments we've had this week, to the way you make feel in my heart...Just everything..." he squeezed her tightly before letting go.

"I promise..." she held out her pinky finger, "Pinky swear..."

He took out his pinky in hesitance. She was laughing at him while they joined pinkies. He brought their hands to his lips and kissed her pinky.

"Thank you, Cagalli..."

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