A/N: I was working on the next chapter of We're Just Two Friends and this popped into my head. It's not long, not much of a plot, and it's not the best grammar either just a little piece of Gelphie/Elero.


"I love you Fae." His hot breath almost burned her skin. She smiled and closed her eyes just letting herself feel. She almost giggled when his fingers, light as a feathers touch, tickled her stomach. Then his hand drifted lower…lower.

"Fiyero, no," She sat up pushing him away.

His brow wrinkled. "Why? You give yourself in every other way to me, why not this?"

"I…" She squeezed her eyes shut part to keep the tears at bay and part to erase the images floating to the surface. "I just can't." She whispered.

"You can trust me you know that, please Fae." He said gently stroking her cheek.

She leaned into his touch her glassy eyes meeting his. "I don't deserve you."

"Oh stop." His mouth found hers and she relented letting him push her back on to the sheets. Her mind flashed back to a time and place which she had tired so hard to forget.


It was a bitter cold night and the wind was easily making its way into the dumpy hotel room on the outskirts of the Emerald City. Elphaba stepped out of the water closet and looked at the small lumpy bed. Under the thin blanket lay Glinda curled on her side her shivering was visible to the dark haired girl clear across the room. Elphaba scratched her neck, the wool night gown was bothersome to wear but it was the warmest thing she had.

She slipped into the small bed blowing out the candle before she pulled the blanket up to her chin. "Glinda?"

The blonde shifted turning towards her bedmate.

Though the darkness Elphaba could just make out her profile she turned so she was facing the blonde. Her hand wove itself into those thick curls. "I'm sorry." She whispered.

The blonde frowned and began to protest but before she could form a sentence Elphaba's lips were on hers. The kiss started tentative and soft but when Elphaba's tongue found its way into Glinda's mouth the passion was mind-boggling. They lost track of time after that. The coldness was forgotten and it was just them in the world.

After, when neither had yet regained their breath Elphaba softly whispered her love to Glinda, it was the first time she had ever spoken those words aloud. The blonde smiled up at her with a look of utter devotion that took Elphaba's breath out of her chest.

She made a promise to the blonde that night; no one would ever touch her body like she did that night, ever. And she had kept that promise for almost twelve years.


Elphaba moaned as Fieyro moved in her. He muttered her name over and over before finally coming down from his peak. "I love you," He whispered.

She opened her mouth but closed it again, she knew she loved him but she just couldn't vocalize it. It was reserved for Glinda only. She felt a tear side down her cheek when she thought about all she shared with the blonde. "Damn memories." She muttered when Fieyro lay beside her.

"What?" He asked turning her to face him.

"Nothing," She whispered turning away from him.

The end

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