Toaster Gets Zapped

This is based on a story my mother wrote for me in 1997. I thought it would make a good story to add to the fan-fiction site. In the movie, the blanket and the toaster seem to have a bond, and Kirby acts gruff toward the blanket. In this story, it is the opposite. Kirby sides with the blanket, and the toaster is mean to the blanket. Anyway, I hope you like it. Enjoy!

Chapter 1: The Argument

One day, the appliances were in the cottage watching TV and having fun being together. It was a wonderful evening, until all of a sudden, the toaster started teasing the blanket and made the blanket start crying.

Toaster said, "You are a just a baby, you bad blanket, and you can't do anything. I am a lot smarter than you are, Blanket!" That made Blanket get very upset, and he started crying.

Blanket said, "Waah, waah, waah…don't say bad things to me."

But all Toaster said was, "Shut up, you bad blanket, and stop making all that noise!"

Kirby was listening to the argument that was brewing between the toaster and the blanket, and he got mad at what was happening because Toaster always did mean things to Blanket. Kirby said, "You leave that blanket alone, Toaster. He hasn't done anything to you; and besides, he is a lot smarter than you think he is, and he is my friend."

But Toaster did not pay any attention to Kirby and kept on teasing Blanket. Finally, the radio heard what was going on and said, "Knock it off, Toaster." The toaster really did not want to stop all the teasing but decided he would do it because he liked the radio a lot better than Kirby. The toaster said, "Oh, all right, but I still think the blanket is a baby, and he is not very smart." The blanket stopped crying and started having fun with the other appliances again.