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A/N: Taking a break from writing my TUY series, I've written up this cute and fun story, which was inspired by the wonderful art of Ivymae457 over at DeviantArt. (Hi, Ivy!) I enjoyed her 'spawn' art of Kim and Ron's twin teen sons and Drakken and Shego's teen daughter, and my mind just couldn't help but think of how life must be for the Stoppables. Yet to make life for Kim and Ron even crazier, I've decided that they would also have a younger daughter.

So read and find out more about Kim and Ron's family! It'll be crazy all right. ;-D

Oh, I want to point out that this story is definitely not part of the TUY Universe. It's in a universe of its own.

Story rating: Rated K+ (aka PG)
Written: January/February 2006

Summery: Yet another day in the life of Kim, Ron, and their children. And people thought the Possible clan was crazy?


Another Stoppable Day
By JuPMod (aka JPMod)

Slowly opening, blue eyes stared up at the ceiling before a yawn made her open her mouth and stretch her arms out. She turned her head to look at the digital clock on the nightstand. It was close to 6:45 AM now, and she knew she has to get up for school. With a grin, the girl bounded out of bed in her Fearless Ferret PJ's and grabbed her clothes already set on the chair of her desk.

She was about to leave her bedroom when some chittering made her turned her torso toward the foot of the bed, where a pink naked mole rat, already awake, was rubbing her stomach. The girl chuckled. "Ruby, you can go down to the kitchen without me. You know that." She smirked. "I want to get to the bathroom first before my brothers do." With that done, Elizabeth Jocelyn Stoppable was out the door and ran shortly down the second floor hallway to the bathroom. Finding the shared bathroom empty, she smiled in triumph as she closed the door and locked it before taking a shower and preparing for the day.

Life for 10-year-old Elizabeth was almost typical for any girl her age. 'Almost' was the key word, given her personality and above-average intelligence. Elizabeth was called 'Beth' by some people, like sometimes by her grandparents, but she was mostly known as BJ, obvious short for Beth Joss. Inherited by her father, her long blonde hair curled up around the shoulders and the ears with the rest straight down her back. Her eyes were no doubt passed down from her Grandmother Ann and her Uncles Tim and Jim, as her mother's eyes was handed down from Grandmother Nana, who was BJ's great grandmother. Her ear size was somewhat half way between her mother's small ears and her father's big ones. The shape of her face was almost like her Grandmother Ann's yet it was a bit more narrowed passed the cheeks toward the chin, like her Grandmother Hanna. BJ was a girl who was just full of surprises.


Walking out of his room in wrinkled pyjama pants and white T-shirt, with the words 'Global Justice' on the front, 16-year-old Justin Donald Stoppable, known as JD, passed his sister's room and saw the door was opened. He groaned when his green eyes saw the bedroom was empty and a smiling Ruby was chuckling at him from the bed. With a snarl, he nearly marched the rest of the way to the bathroom and pounded the door when he reached there.

"You little twerp! You know I hate it when you get the bathroom first! I have school early you know!" He fumed at the door, imagining he was staring down at his sister.

"Neaner, neaner!" the reply came as the sound of the shower was heard. "I know you just want to spend time with Vic-ky!" She laughed as JD growled at her remarks regarding the captain of the Middleton High Cheerleading Squad.

Tweaked big time, JD crossed his arms and leaned his back against the wall next to the bathroom door. There were times he just wanted to throttle her.

Hearing a door opening, JD turned his head to the left and saw his twin brother came out of his bedroom, which was across from JD's. Dustin Jonathan Stoppable, known as DJ, strolled casually down the hall in blue pyjama shirt and pants. Upon reaching his brother and seeing the closed bathroom door, he amusedly grinned. "BeeJ got to the bathroom first again, eh?" He chuckled when his twin looked at him with narrowed eyes and gave a small growl.

Being born a few minutes apart from each other, physically, the twins were a mix of both parents. They have their mother's green eyes and ears, and their father's nose, freckles, and facial shape. Their hair color was strawberry blonde, a mix of their mother and father's hair color. The only difference was the shape of their hair - Justin's hair curved down and outward across the bangs, while Dustin's curved downward totally across the bangs.

Yet despite almost being physically the same, their personalities were so different that people could tell them apart, like day and night. Justin was close to a mirror image of his mother when she was a teen – confident, outgoing, popular (especially with the girls), a physical person given that he played on the basketball team, and a straight A's honor roll student. Dustin was somewhat like his father when he was a teen – laidback, an average student, quiet, somewhat shy, a bit moody, and not so popular, thus he has some trouble getting the attention of the girls, even though like his father, it was not like he wasn't trying.

BJ heard her other brother and began teasing him in a singsong fashion. "Dustin and Deborah sitting in a tree! K.I.S.S.I.N.G! …"

"BJ!" DJ shouted feeling ticked, as the twins heard the shower stopped. This time it was JD's turn to chuckle at the expense of his brother. It was no secret to Justin and Beth that Dustin has a crush for a particular girl at school.

A few minutes later, the bathroom door opened, and BJ walked out in black cargo pants and a red T-shirt with the Little Rocket Booster's symbol (a rocket) on the back. Her hair was obviously towelled dry and still slightly damp as she brushed it. Continue brushing her hair as she carried her PJ's over the other arm, the youngest member of the Stoppable family grinned up at her brothers. "All yours, boys!" she smugly smiled before walking back to her room.

Both brothers slightly scowled at their retreating sister. "Dweebette," both said, making her giggle.

JD shook his head and entered the bathroom at the same time BJ entered her bedroom to don socks and sneakers on her bare feet. DJ was left to stand in the hall to wait for his turn to use the bathroom. It was his price to pay to mostly being the last child to awake in the morning.


By the time DJ, dressed in grey slacks and a black & white T-shirt with the word 'Milk' on the front, came downstairs with his backpack and entered the kitchen, the entire family was already seated at the large round breakfast table with the exception of his mother.

Dressed in a stylish light-blue dress business suit, Kimberly Ann Stoppable was leaning against the kitchen counter with a paper in one hand and a cup of coffee in the other. For a woman of 39, she still was quite beautiful with her red hair long and full of bounce and her long, graceful legs showing underneath the tight skirt. Her face had long ago lost the round, baby-like appearance of her teenage years and was now leaner with an adult feminine shape.

Ronald Stoppable, dressed in his grey business suit with oval glasses, was eating bacon and eggs he had quickly prepared for the family. Like his wife of nearly 17 years, he too physically had grown out of teenage-hood long ago, for the blonde 39-year-old man was taller and leaner from top to bottom than his teenage self. His brown eyes rose to watch his other son sat at the table besides his left. "Morning, DJ," he greeted with a grin.

"Morning, Dad," DJ returned as he picked up his fork to stab at a few strips of bacon on a plate in the center of the table. After putting the bacon on his plate, the teen then scooped up some scramble eggs to his plate.

As DJ poured himself a glass of orange juice, he noticed his father was displaying a small smirk. "What?"

"Who was the first to the bathroom this morning?" Mr. Stoppable amusedly asked.

DJ snorted. "Obviously," he said as he turned his head to his left to look at his gleeful sister. Wearing a white T-shirt with a black, short-sleeved, open shirt over it, JD, sitting opposite of his twin, gave a small glare at the little minx.

With piece of toast in her right hand, BJ raised her left hand up into a fist. "Score one for the underdog!" Ruby, eating cheese and crackers in front of Beth, raised her fist as well, imitating the youngest Stoppable.

"'Underdog' my Naco!" JD cried out. He pointed his fork at his sister. "You're doing this to tweak me and DJ."

The other brother shrugged his shoulders. "Actually, JayD, I don't care whether I get to use the bathroom first or not in the morning." He forked some eggs into his mouth and continued to speak around his eating. "You do," he smirked as he pointed his fork at his brother.

With another triumphant win, BJ stuck her tongue out at JD before returning to eating her breakfast with an almost ravish appetite. JD glared at her for a moment before returning to his breakfast.

Grinning widely with twinkling eyes, Ron turned to look at Kim, who gave a small grin as she shook her head. Raising her coffee cup to her lips, her green eyes gazed at her daughter. She knew Beth was her father's daughter, taking in heart Ron's motto of 'Never be normal.' In many ways, she was sort-of like a mini-Ron with the exception of her high intelligence.

After taking a sip of coffee, Kim lowered the cup and gave a sigh. She knew her husband and her couldn't prolong the news. "Justin, Dustin?" she said, and after seeing she has their attention, she kept going. "Your father and I have some news regarding your sister." This caught Beth's attention, for she stopped eating, her fork frozen in mid-flight toward her mouth. "As you know, we've attended a private meeting last night with the principal of Middleton Junior High. He said that they've taught all they could to Beth, but she has surpassed beyond what they could teach her."

Justin knew what was coming, and he didn't like it. "Mom… You're not saying that BJ…"

His dad took over the conversation. "Yes, that's what your mother is saying, JD." He nodded toward BJ while maintaining eye contact with his son. "She'll be going to Middleton High today to be tested for her level of intelligence. The test will determine what courses she'll be taking there."

BJ stared at her father. "Daddy… Are you saying I'm going to attend high school?" When he grinned at her and nodded, the girl couldn't help but dropped her fork and raise two fists into the air, her eyes closed as she looked up. "BOOYAH!" she shouted in joy, her hair swaying a bit from her movement. "I'm moving up the ranks!"

"No!" JD cried out. He looked at his mother with a pleading face. "You can't be serious!"

Green eyes looking into green eyes, she felt for him as she placed down the newspaper on top of the kitchen counter. "I'm afraid so, Justin. If it makes you feel any better, I felt the same way when your uncles attended high school at the time I was a senior. It was embarrassing to have two 12-year-old brothers, who are far more intelligent than me, attending high school during my final year."

"That's different, Mom," JD groused. "You were a senior when Uncles Tim and Jim were bumped up into high school level." He pointed to himself then his brother. "Dustin and I are sophomores, and it'll be embarrassing if BJ end up in our class or worst, be a junior or senior!"

Kim closed her eyes and rubbed her temples with her free hand. She knew JD wouldn't have taken the news well at all. Being popular as he was, he obviously was thinking the 'food chain' way, and other students would view having a baby sister surpassing him in grade level as a negative on his reputation, knowing he wasn't smarter than a 10-year-old. She thought that maybe it was time soon for her to sit down and have a long talk with her son regarding the stupidity of the entire 'food chain' junk.

Lowering her hand and opening her eyes to eye JD once more, her face was firmed, and JD knew she wasn't going to be swayed. "Justin, as I said, I sympathize with you, but your father and I will not let your sister's education sit idle for two years until you and your brother graduate. We want to give her the best education she can have, and if it means that she might end up surpassing you in grade level, so be it. You just have to deal with it."

Sighing, JD looked down at his breakfast plate, and after a few moments, he nodded. He still though didn't like the idea at all.

Giving a kind smile, Kim nodded. "Good." She gestured to her children with her coffee cup. "Now, all three of you finish your breakfast." Her eyes locked with the blues of her daughter's. "BJ, you can leave your schoolbooks home, now that you're no longer in Junior High, you don't need them anymore. You'll be coming with me for a few hours to GJ HQ before your appointment at Middleton High at 11."

"Why?" Dustin asked. "Dad can take her." Unlike JD, DJ didn't seem that much bothered that his little sis would be attending high school.

Ron shook his head. "I have to attend an in-person meeting today with the board of directors at Bueno Nacho HQ. As vice-president of the company, I have to attend, and given it is more than an hour drive away, I'm not in a good position to take your sister to meet her appointment."

"Oh," Dustin said, realizing Dad's predicament. His job allowed him to able to work most of the time at home with the help of high-speed computer technology with video conferencing. Yet occasionally, he has to journey to Bueno Nacho HQ to do business that required him in-person that a videoconference or computer tech would not do.

With that said, the Stoppables ate their breakfast, and after all was done, they placed all the dishes in the sink. In the evening, when they have the time, they would put them in the dishwasher.

"Come on, Ruby," BJ said as she held open the side pocket of her cargo pants. With a grin, the naked mole rat jumped from the kitchen table into the pocket, happy as always to be by the young girl's side.

Seeing the affection between BJ and Ruby, Ron, with a grin, wistfully remembered his own little buddy Rufus. Fourteen years ago, Kim and he, on a mission, had found by chance a female naked mole rat with intelligence like Rufus's. They and Rufus had been quite surprised. Wade, after scanning the female naked mole rat, named Puella by Kim, guessed that Rufus, Puella, and a couple of others might have been experimented with at one point by some sort of lab before they were scattered across the country to be sold as pets by Smarty Mart. After doing some search for other intelligent mole rats and finding another ten, Rufus and Puella had hooked up, and Kim and Ron had allowed the pair and the other ten to form a colony in their backyard, which was quite large and nearby the forest. Rufus, Puella, and the other ten mole rats sadly had died shortly after BJ's birth, but their children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren continued to thrive and all of them happily thought of the Stoppables as family. Ruby, Rufus's great granddaughter, was born when BJ was five, and the two had been together ever since.

Rufus's grandson, Ronaldus, was now the current mole rat member of Team Stoppable, but as much as Ronaldus was considered a good friend and valuable team member, Ron knew that it was not the same as the loving close bond he had with Rufus. He, at times, envied his daughter for the close bond she had with Ruby.

As the twins picked up their backpacks and left for high school through the front door, Kim gently pushed BJ toward the garage with Ron following. BJ was entering the front passenger side of Kim's car when Ron pulled his wife toward him. She lovingly smiled up at her husband as he wrapped his arms around her waist and hers went around his back. He bent his head and kissed her on the lips fully with love. After all these years, ever since their high school junior prom, they have yet to grow tired of kissing each other this way. Parting their lips, they smiled at each other.

"I'll see you tonight, KP," Ron said, still smiling.

"Likewise, Ronnie," Kim replied, smiling broadly, before reaching up to give a quick smooch.

Parting, Kim and Ron went to their perspective cars to start their day.


DJ and JD got off the bus and walked toward the front entrance of Middleton High School. The school hadn't changed much since the days their 'rents were teens. There had been some renovations and additions, to accommodate Middleton's growing population, but all things considered, the school looked basically the same.

After passing through the entrance, the two boys headed toward their lockers. All lockers for a class were assigned by alphabetical order by last name, so the two have their lockers next to each other.

Picking up books for their morning classes after homeroom, which again they have together because of their identical last names, JD closed his locker when girl came up to him.

"Hi, there JD," she smiled, looking up at him with grey-blue eyes.

JD smiled in return. "Good morning to you, Vicky." DJ, sorting his books by his locker, slyly grinned and rolled his eyes.

Being in one class above the twins, Vicky Summer was a silver-blonde with hair reaching nearly to her behind. Not only was she the captain of the cheerleading squad, she was also a member of the yearbook staff. There was no doubt that she was drop-dead gorgeous, and one of the most popular girls in the school.

"So," she began, "are we still going to hang out at the mall after my cheerleading practice after school?" She trailed a finger up his chest.

"You bet'cha, Vic," JD replied, still smiling. "We'll go to the food court, order some dinner, and shop around." He raised an eyebrow. "Maybe if there's time, we can go to the park. You know… To talk."

Vicky's smile went wider. "I like your plan, Stoppable." Her finger caressed his lips before speaking in a sultry voice. "I'll see you later." With that said, she walked away, swaying her hips, which JD's eyes followed.

Slamming his locker closed, DJ snorted a laugh. "'To talk'?" He faced his brother. "You really think you could get to second base fully other than snogging? So far, you haven't scored second base with any girl in this school."

"Looks who talking," JD crossed his arms and smirked. "You haven't scored first base with any girl in this school yet." DJ silently cursed, for he had momentarily forgotten that point to tease his brother.

Just then, a raven-haired girl with blue eyes came up to the twin brothers. "Hi, guys!"

Justin and Dustin turned to her and smiled. "Hi, Deborah," both replied in unison. JD looked for a second at his brother and noticed the slightly glazed look. Yep, there was no doubt that Dustin was crushing all right.

The boys had met Deborah Lipsky last September in school when her family moved to Middleton. She was a cute girl with short black hair always in a ponytail with bangs loose and free and some hair loose in front of her ears, which has many earrings around the lobe instead of one earring as most women wore. She had pale skin with black natural colored lips, and her outfits were mostly commando style, making her look more like a rebel than the average high school girl.

Like right now, Deborah was in her favourite blue/green commando pants, black/green form-fitting turtleneck shirt, and black army boots. Despite her appearance, the twins knew she was a good person, and it had taken some time for teachers and students alike, after she first enrolled in September, to have seen the same thing. Yet, with the exception of Principal Barkin, the twins knew that if everyone else found out, as they did, who Deborah's parents were, they wondered whether everyone would lynch her regardless of her own good reputation.

With her books in hands, Deborah eyed the twins. "So anything happening?"

"You mean other than JD having an after-school date with Vic Summer?" DJ smirked with a thumb pointing at his brother. JD smacked him in the arm, making Deborah giggle.

"Yeah, I have a date with Vicky," JD confirmed with a grin. "Other than that, I hope the day goes by without having to run into her." With that said, he walked away, heading toward his homeroom.

Confused, Deborah raised an eyebrow at DJ. "'Her'? Who he's talking about? Not Vicky, given he always ogles her anyway." Dustin chuckled as they casually walked away from the twins' lockers.

"It's not Vicky, Deb," DJ clarified. "It's BeeJ he's talking about. She's moving up the ranks."

Deborah raised both her eyebrows at this. She knew of the brothers' younger sister through them and had the chance to have met her a couple times at their home when both their 'rents were not there. "Junior High wasn't enough for her?" DJ nodded, and Deb finally put two and two together. "She's going to attend high school here?" Again DJ nodded with a smirk, and this caused the raven-haired girl to softly laugh. "No wonder JD made that statement."

"Yeah," DJ admitted. "He's not cool with having a smart 10-year-old sister attending high school at the same time he is."

Looking at her friend, Deborah saw he wasn't concerned. "You certainly look like BJ's advancement is not bothering you."

Dustin shrugged. "I'm not the one who thinks BJ being in high school might embarrass him. I'm okay with BeeJ being here. She's a very smart kid, and the 'rents just want to have the best for her, same as they feel toward me and JayD."

Deborah gave a crafty grin. "Well, JD's reputation might get some damage, but can the school survive BJ?"

Chuckling, Dustin mentally admitted that she has a point. "Well, it'll be a challenge to Barkin all right to keep BJ in line."

Glancing at her watch, Deborah noticed time was short. "The homeroom bell will be ringing soon, so I'll see you at math class."

"Okay, Deb," DJ grinned. "I'll see you then." Given his honor-roll status, JD has advanced in math, yet Deb and DJ attended the same math class during 3rd period.

With that said, the two teens separated and went to their perspective homerooms to start their school day.


Global Justice Headquarters. If there was one place in the world where people would fight for justice and right against evil, this was the place - the central command for all Global Justice branches throughout the world.

For Kim Stoppable, she had been part of GJ officially after she had graduated from university, helping the agency right the wrong in the world. True, she had first worked with GJ as a teen, when she first met Duff Killigan on the mission with Will Du, but she wasn't going to fight GJ policies that she wasn't officially a member until after graduation.

Now after nearly 17 years with GJ, she was currently the Assistant Director, which was quite a position to handle with all the paperwork, decision-making, and other work required as second-in-command. It was rarely she would ever be called into the field, but she enjoyed her work even if it meant assigning other people to do missions.

For many GJ employees, who had come to know Kim well over the years, it came to no surprise that she would occasionally come to work in a business dress suit rather than the typical GJ uniform that Dr. Director wore when she was Director of GJ. Yet when the Assistant Director walked into the main lobby of GJ HQ with her 10-year-old daughter in tow, heads were turned, for it was rare any of her children would be brought here.

Approaching one set of double doors, Kim stopped with Beth besides her, and a blue scanning beam momentary scanned them before a green light blinked above the doors, allowing them admittance. Installed 16 years ago, the security system would scan the ID badge on the body of a GJ employee or friendly visitor and compared it to what was on computer record. The badge not only contained picture, name, and other text identification, but also a bioelectronics DNA signature of the person. Given how often people could fake a person's identity, the DNA signature was almost foolproof in stopping any attempts for anyone, disguised as a GJ employee, to sneak through.

As mother and daughter walked through the doors and headed toward an elevator which would take them to a specific floor underground, Kim looked at Beth and smiled upon seeing Beth had her ID badge on her shirt and Ruby's hanging on a clip over the edge of her cargo pants pocket.

The redhead woman was glad she had made ID badges for all her children, even some for the mole rats; for it had saved time and headaches to pass through the security system without constant explanations and calls that her children and the mole rats were not hostiles. Despite being the Assistant Director, GJ's policies were clear and solid in preventing unwanted intruders.

After entering the elevator, Kim pressed in a desired floor through a touch keypad, and afterward, another blue scanning beam scanned the occupants before the elevator descended. The desired floor required a certain security level clearance, so the elevator would not go to the floor without proper identification that the occupants have the authorization.

The elevator stopped, and they exited into a well-lit hallway, which looked like any other typical office in the business world. Knowing how vulnerable employees were to possible attacks above ground, most of the headquarters was built below ground to provide protection.

As they walked down the hallway toward Kim's office, someone called out, making the two stop. "Morning, Kim!" Kim and BJ turned to the tall, brown-haired, blue-eyed man in a GJ scientist laboratory smock approaching them. He was surprised to see Beth though. "Whoa! What are you doing here, Squirt?"

BJ crossed her arms and mock-glared up at the grinning man. "I'm not a squirt, Uncle Tim!"

"Yeah!" Ruby agreed as she popped her head out of the pants pocket to give a glare of her own.

Timothy Possible, one of GJ's leading Research & Development engineers, held up his hands. "Of course you're not a squirt, Squirt." He placed his right hand on his niece's head and ruffed her hair a bit, causing her to giggle and making the 34-year-old man chuckle in return.

Turning his eyes to his sister, Tim nodded toward BJ. "So what is she doing here anyway?"

With a grin, Kim explained the sitch to her brother, and after she was finished, Tim smiled broadly down at BJ. "Way to go, BJ! You're moving up the ranks!" He held up a palm down at his niece's level so they could high-five each other. "Hooshah!" he said as his niece high-fived him.

Still grinning, Kim shook her head at the display. Even though Tim and Jim gotten along well with all three of her children, it was no secret her brothers loved BJ the best. No doubt given she loved tinkering with things like her uncles did when they were her age.

As Kim commenced walking toward her office, Beth and Tim followed.

"By the way, sis," Tim said, "Jim told me yesterday that he and Dad at the Space Center might be on the breakthrough of creating a Faster-Than-Light engine."

Snorting in belief, Kim waved it away. "That was what they had said two years ago. Nothing came out of it."

Tim shrugged. "Who knows? I've seen their research, and it looks promising."

Kim smirked, shaking her head. "If they ever do create a FTL drive, I will be the first to send you Tweebs to the Delta Quadrant."

"But not without a certain redhead we grew up with to lead our ship home though," Tim countered, his lips smirking as well.

"No thank you," Kim replied, grinning as they reached her office and entered it. "I'll pass."

The office was sparsely furnished, yet it was elegant. A large, dark-wooden desk with a high-back leather chair behind it was the largest piece in the room, and two comfortable chairs were in front of it. Off the left side was a smaller desk with chair. Both desks contained computers with thin flat monitors, yet the larger desk also has framed photos on it. A very large view-screen was mounted on the wall opposite of the smaller desk. United States and UN flags stood together on mounted poles on the far left corner behind the desk, while a GJ flag was on the far right corner.

BJ ran to sit on the chair of the smaller desk and immediately powered up the desktop computer, which was nothing more than a thin, one-inch rectangle notebook attached cordlessly to the exterior flat monitor, keyboard, and mouse. Gone were the days of the large bulky desktops, for present-day notebooks were fast and reliable for everyday use of the average person, whether at home or at work, and cordless technology was made more reliable due to ever charging batteries, charged by harmless microwaves admitted from the notebook, which was hooked into the electrical outlet.

Eying the little girl, Kim and Tim watched as BJ tried to log on the Middleton Space Center's mainframe, succeeded thanks to using her grandfather's access code, and quite enthusiastically tried to call up the FTL Project files. Yet every time she thought she accomplished gaining the files, she was thrown back. Her lips curled in a frown as she slowly was getting impatience.

"Aw, come on!" BJ cried out. "I managed to easily done it the other day!" Her blue eyes narrowed as she concluded the likely reason why she was being blocked. "Oh, don't tell me!"

She felt the large hand of her uncle's came on her head when he had walked up unnoticed by her. "That's right, Squirt," he amusedly explained. "Your Uncle Jim noticed you the other day accessing the files, and, as much as he would love to let you look at them, he's under orders not to share them with anyone outside the project and that includes family members. So, he and your Uncle Wade placed up even tougher firewalls and encryption codes." He smirked upon seeing her frowned the more. "Knowing your level of hacking skills, it'll take you all day to get through, and you simply don't have the time to do so today."

"Aw, man!" BJ crossed her arms, looking peeved. "I want to read the FTL files!"

Tim smirked and patted his niece's head. "Not today, Squirt." He walked away just as BJ snapped her right fingers.

Kim chuckled and shook her head as she walked around her desk to stand in front of her chair. "So Dr. Possible," she began as she turned on her computer, "what is it that you need to see me about?"

"Oh, nothing, Assistant Director Stoppable," he grinned. "I was on my way to get a cup of coffee in the break room when you and your daughter came out of the elevator. You know the rest." Kim grinned at him as she sat on her leather chair. "Want me to get you a cup?"

"Even though I already had a cup for breakfast, I can use another," the redhead nodded. "Please and thank you."

Just then both adults heard the musical introduction of a game, and they turned their heads to see BJ has loaded up one of her favourite games – Terra AeroStar Fighter 4.0. From the desk drawer, she had pulled out a cordless joystick controller, which looked like a fighter joystick with multiple buttons and toggles. Typing in her user name and password to log onto the Net and the Terra AeroStar Fighter online gaming network, she prepared to play.

Just then a small window popped up on the screen, showing a thin, lanky black boy wearing a blue T-shirt. Various monitors and computer equipment surrounded him. "BJ!" he greeted, pleased to see her, yet he frowned a moment after. "Are you suppose to be in school, and why are you in your mom's office?"

BJ smugly smiled as she waved a hand in dismissal. "No more Junior High for me!" She thumbed herself. "I'm moving up the ranks, Al! I'll be going to Middleton High for testing today!"

"Congratulations!" Al beamed before he slyly grinned. "You're still no where near my league though."

The blonde girl snorted in amusement. "No big. It's not like I can match a whole family of super geniuses."

Kim and Tim chuckled at that, for it was true. For Al was Albert Load, the 11-year-old son of Wade and Monique Load. Al and his older sister Cleo have both inherited their father's super genius intelligence, and like their father, both children easily passed high school and college at a young age.

Narrowing her blue eyes at her friend, BJ placed her right hand on the joystick. "Go one-on-one with me?" she smirked.

Al matched her challenging expression "You're on, Stoppable." He reached over to handle his own joystick controller. "You know I have beaten you before."

"And you know I have beaten you many times as well," BJ countered surely.

The boy brought his thumb and index finger close together. "I'm this much away from making the rank of Fleet Admiral."

"Same as me," she softly and smugly replied before giving a ferial grin. "Prepare to be blasted into Pluto's orbit!"

"Prepare to be put into a black hole!" he threw back, his right hand on his joystick and his left over the keyboard.

"Ruby!" BJ yelled. "Co-pilot time!"

Waking up from her nap, Ruby popped her head out of the pants pocket to see what her human friend was shouting about. Hopping from the pocket to BJ's leg to the desk, the mole rat saw the game on the monitor and immediately grinned in glee. "Oh, yeah!" she said as she narrowed her eyes and cracked her knuckles to prepare to activate certain functions on the keyboard at BJ's command.

After an intense minute as both children and one mole rat await the start of the game, Al started it off with a barked word. "Launch!"

"Launch!" BJ immediately followed, and the two gamers began the game, each putting themselves into position to clash it out to the end in the vast arena of the Solar System.

As the first sounds of virtual combat was heard, a grinning Tim turned back to eye his sister. "I'll get you that coffee. You'll definitely need it."

"Definitely," Kim agreed.

With that said Tim left the room and closed the door, making the room completely sound proof. For Kim, she thanked God that she only had to endure the arcade noise for a few hours, and given it was Friday, her daughter would likely be starting high school classes on Monday. It would be a pain to have to hear video games for another day.

She focused on her own computer screen and began to work that needs to be done.


In the gym of Middleton High School, the sounds of running feet and bouncing balls could be heard as several students exercised in PE class. For today, the PE teachers had the boys and girls, in their 'white shirt & red short' uniforms, play basketball. The head and assistant teachers had divided the girls and boys separately and then divided them into teams. The girls played on one side of the gym, while the boys played on the other side.

Justin dribbled the ball and passed to a team-mate, who quickly passed to another within the circle. The boy played and dribbled fast trying to put the ball into the hoop, but he was being blocked easily, so he quickly passed back to Justin right on the other edge of the circle. JD then quickly shot the ball and it easily went into the hoop for 3 points.

"Way to go, Justin!" JD's team-mate said as he high-fived him.

Justin smiled. He knew basketball pretty well, and he was one of the stars of the Middleton High boys' basketball team. He was proud he led Middleton to win the state championship this year.

Off the sidelines, at the midline between the two sides of the basketball court, Dustin and Deborah sat on the floor along with others, watching both the girls and the boys played. Deborah was taking a break from playing, which she was quite good; making many wondered why she didn't ever tried out for the girls' basketball team. Dustin had played once and that was all. He just wasn't into sports like his twin was.

After glancing at the wall-mounted clock on the wall behind the girls' basketball hoop, Deborah turned to her best friend. "It's 15 minutes past 11 now."

Turning to look at the clock, DJ nodded. "BeeJ and Mom should already be here by now." His eyes then focused on his best friend's face.

"So how long is the test supposed to be?" she asked.

DJ shrugged as he leaned back on his hands. "How would I know? Knowing my little sis, she would likely pass almost anything thrown at her."

Deborah chuckled. "True. It'll be interesting to have a child-prodigy in the school though."

Looking into those blue eyes of hers, the strawberry-blonde boy smirked. "The school did have, for a brief time, Albert and Cleo Load. Those two make BeeJ look like an amateur."

Lips turning up to match his expression, Deborah poke a finger into his chest, making his softly chuckle. "Okay, I stand corrected. It'll still be interesting to have your sister in high school though. Ever since I found out a few hours ago she'll be attending this school, I still have images of her blowing this place up and doing other mischievous things."

"Yeah," DJ grinned in amusement, as his mind thought what sort of mayhem could happen with his sister loose in the school. "As I said before, it'll be a challenge for Barkin. I wonder if he's ready for the next Stoppable to enter high school."


"Well, Mrs. Stoppable. To tell you the truth, I was surprised when I read your daughter would be attending Middleton High. The last time this school had young geniuses were when your brothers attended during your senior year here, and they were a handful to handle." Sitting behind his polished oak desk, Principle Steve Barkin took a sip of coffee before his eyes narrowed at the redhead woman sitting on the other side. "I hope your daughter will not be following your brothers' footsteps into mayhem."

Even after all these years, Barkin still was as intimidating as he was when Kim was in high school. She wondered if he ever gave any student slack, before she immediately dismissed the notion. Barkin would not ever give anyone a break regardless.

Taking a sip of coffee, which the principal had offered her minutes ago, Kim sighed and gave a small grin. "Well, I hope she will not try to turn the school into a rocket launching pad as my brothers did. She's smart, but my husband and I have drilled into her not to do any experiments at school, and it's worked."

With brown hair half grey now, Principal Barkin raised a bushy eyebrow up. "I hope so for your daughter's sake, Mrs. Stoppable. She maybe has a high intelligence when it comes to academics, but she still is a ten year old, and children her age have the tendency to be more mischievous in having fun than teenagers." He looked down at a student dossier on his desk. "Also according to the psychological records and the words of you and your husband, your daughter has a personality much like your husband's." Barkin raised his eyes to Kim. "'Like father, like daughter' as the saying goes. I hope your daughter will not end up doing things that might make me force to put her in detention, regardless that she is a ten year old."

Kim swallowed. In her mind's eye, she saw BJ, sitting at a desk in D-hall, surrounded by threatening teens, much like she remembered that one time she served detention. As much as she knew she had befriended the D-hall bullies then, she didn't like the notion of her young daughter sitting next to a big hulk of a teen like she knew Big Mike Jr. was.

Barkin gave a small grin upon seeing her face. "Well, as I said, I hope she doesn't do anything. Given the unique circumstance that she is ten years old, her education will not be like the typical student here. For example, she will not be playing along side the other students in gym class. It's obvious she can't handle the rough-and-tumble games the teen students are given, so we'll be working with the PE teachers on what will be appropriate gym activities for her to do."

Giving a relieved sigh, Kim returned his grin. "Thank you, Mr. Barkin. I appreciate it. I certainly don't want to see her injured." Steve Barkin nodded.

For Barkin, it was always amazing to see how students faired beyond high school. Some students would be successful, while others ended up poorly. He still recalled vividly how Kim Stoppable, then Possible, was one of the best students in the school, while her husband, Ron Stoppable, was so laidback that he barely passed. Possible, as he predicted, made a name for herself in her career, but it was Stoppable who was the surprise. To become vice-president of a major international food-chain corporation from the high school slacker was a marvel.

The door to the principal's office opened, and a ten-year-old BJ Stoppable walked in and approached the desk. "Here you go," she said as she handed Mr. Barkin a stack of papers. "I'm all done."

Both Barkin and Kim raised their eyebrows at this, and together they looked at the wall-mounted clock on the wall opposite of the windows. It said 11:40 AM. BJ had started her test at 11:10 AM in the room next door.

The principal turned to look at the entrance door, where one of the secretaries was now standing. Her face was full of amazement. "I assure you, Sir, I've watched her, and she didn't cheat. She was fast and swift in writing down her answers. Even the math questions were easy for her as she quickly wrote down calculations on paper like she knew what she was doing."

Sighing, Barkin did a quick scan of the test papers. He could see that little Miss Stoppable may have aced this test thoroughly. "Well, it remains to be seen whether she had properly answered every question correctly." He placed the test papers neatly on his desk. "We'll be checking the results this afternoon, and on Monday," his eyes moved to held Kim's green ones, "we'll have a meeting with you and your husband, along with your daughter, on what school courses will be best for her."

Turning her head from the ex-Marine to her daughter, Kim couldn't help but to grin proudly, making BJ grinned proudly in return. "Thank you, Mr. Barkin."

Just as Barkin was about to say something, a familiar four-ring tone sounded from Kim's wrist. Beep-beep-be-beep

"Mission time!" BJ cheered out with a raised fist.

"Yeah!" Ruby cried out as she poked out from BJ's cargo pant's pocket.

Giving a small headshake while smirking, Kim tapped a button on her wrist Kimmunicator. As technology advanced over the years, so did the upgrades Wade Load provided to Kim and Ron's equipment. Her Kimmunicator had become smaller and smaller as time moved on, and today, all the abilities and functions of her old green PDA was neatly packaged into a wrist Kimmunicator, which was slapped on her left wrist with the size and color of the comic book Wonder Woman's silver bracelets. Well… Almost all the functions, for her wrist Kimmunicator certainly would not sprout mechanical arms and hands, able to fly, or even become a miniature speedboat.

"Assistant Director Stoppable here," Kim said into the wrist communication device.

A small 3-D holographic face and torso of 34-year-old Wade Load sprouted up from the wrist device, and his voice was deep as he spoken. "Sorry to interrupt you, Kim. I know how much you want to be there for BJ's testing, but we have a situation here at GJ that needs your assistance. It seems Mad Eye Lewy is at it again."

Kim frowned. "Again?" She waved her right hand in the air. "What is he threatening this time?"

Wade smirked. "He's threatening to destroy Columbia's entire coffee crop unless the world gives into his demands."

With a snort, the redhead smirked in return. "Let me guess what his demands are. He wants to rule the entire United Kingdom and Ireland along with his Death Beaters."

"You got it," Wade chuckled as he rolled his eyes.

Snorting, BJ leaned a bit over her mother's side to gaze at the small holographic Wade. "It's 'Death Eaters', not 'beaters'!"

Wade again chuckled. "The guy clearly hasn't read the books again in years, BeeJ. He is a little mad as his name says he is."

Sighing, Kim moved the conversation back on track. "Why is this getting high priority, Wade? Clearly the world can live without Columbia roasted coffee."

Raising his left hand, Wade ticked off each reason with a finger. "One, the Columbia government clearly doesn't want to see their entire coffee crop destroyed. Two, all the companies and industries, that rely on the Columbia coffee trade to survive, are very concerned they will go out of business, thus thousands of workers will lose their jobs. And three, major governments throughout the world, including the United States, are making this threat top priority."

Kim couldn't believe it. "I understand #1 and #2, but #3?" she asked incredulously. "Why?"

Wade gave an apologetic shrug. "Some politicians can't live without their Columbian roasted coffee."

"Oh, please!" GJ's assistant director rolled her eyes heavenward as her daughter watched. Far as she was concerned, today's villains were far crazier than Dr. Drakken, Killigan, and her other foes she had fought when she was a teen.

Letting out a deflated sigh, Kim gazed back down at the holographic Wade. "Okay, Wade, I'll be there as soon as I find someone to look after BJ."

Face full of sympathy, Wade shook his head. "Director Du wants you to come in now."

This news made her really dubious. "Wade! Who will look after Elizabeth? My 'rents will not be home until past 3 in the afternoon! Ron's 'rents are out of town! Tim and Jim are clearly busy, right?" Wade nodded an affirmative. "So who will look after her?"

Principal Barkin frowned at the concerned mother. "Clearly, Mrs. Stoppable, you can put her in the day care provided by the school."

Kim huffed at the notion. "She's 10 years old, Mr. Barkin! Not a preschooler! She needs to have her mind occupied, and what a day care provides obviously will not have the means to do so. With her mind, she gets bored easily."

Then an idea came to her, and she closed her eyes. After a moment though, she gave a small decisive sigh, before her emerald eyes opened to focus on the face of Middleton High's principal. "I know you will not like this, Mr. Barkin, but I have to ask you if my sons can watch over their sister while attending classes for the rest of the day. It's only for today until school is out. Afterward, they can walk easily to my parent's home."

Steve Barkin frowned even more. She was right. He didn't like it, babysitting even for a few hours might distract her sons from their education. Yet her situation didn't seem to have given her much choice.

Coming to a decision, Mr. Barkin stood up from his chair. "Normally I would have said 'no', Mrs. Stoppable, but given your current situation, I think this can be accommodated just for today."

Feeling at ease, Kim smiled gratefully up at her former teacher. "Thank you."

With a nod at his former student, Mr. Barkin strolled around the desk and out of his office toward the school-wide announcement system.


In the gym, JD had joined Deborah and his brother in watching the other students play basketball. It was nearly the end of the period, and all three would be relieved to move on to lunch afterward.

Suddenly, the overhead speakers blared out with the voice of Principal Barkin. "Attention! Could Justin and Dustin Stoppable report to the principal's office! On the double!"

Sitting on either side of Deborah, JD and DJ quickly eyed each other in surprise. Deborah on the other hand was frowning at them as well as other students in the gym.

"What did you two do this time to get his wrath?" Deborah asked

JD shook his head in bafflement. "I didn't do anything!"

"Same here!" DJ cried out. "Why is he calling us in?"

The head PE teacher shouted at the twins from across the gym. "Justin! Dustin! You two can go change and leave early!" she shouted. "Don't keep Principal Barkin waiting! Move it!"

Reluctantly, DJ and JD rose from the floor and headed toward the boys' locker room. Their minds were still questioning what did they done wrong to get ex-Marine Major Barkin on their case.


Continue in Chapter 2.