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Upon entering Mr. Barkin's office, the twins were somewhat astounded to see their mother and sister there. After all, they knew their mother was taking BJ in for testing.

Mrs. Stoppable rose from her chair and faced her twin sons. "I'm sorry to do this to you both, but an emergency situation has arisen at GJ, and they need me immediately to return. All four of your grandparents are not available now, and on short notice, Mr. Barkin has agreed to allow the two of you to look after your sister." She placed a ten-dollar bill into Dustin's hand. "Here, this will pay for your sister's lunch as well as Ruby's." She looked at both boys. "After school, you are to take your sister and go to Grandpa James and Grandma Ann's house. They'll be home after 3. You'll be spending dinner with them."

Justin couldn't believe the bad turn of events. "But Mom, I have a date with Vicky after school! Surely, DJ can look after BJ along with Grandpa and Grandma!"

With a kindly grin, their mother shook her head. "I'm sorry, Justin, but I'm asking you to postpone your date for another day. Surely you can do it tomorrow, given it's a Saturday?"

Feeling trapped, JD knew he couldn't argue with his mother. It wasn't like he had any plans for tomorrow anyway.

Giving a small warm grin, Kim kissed her sons on the cheeks before turning to bend down to give one to her daughter. Firm green eyes were steady on small blue ones. "You behave yourself in the company of your brothers, hear me?"

"Okay," the blonde girl acknowledged as Ruby watched from BJ's pants pocket.

Satisfied that everything has been taken care off, she gave one final warm, loving grin to her children before quickly departing from the room to return to GJ HQ.

After she left, Justin turned to his brother. "This is just great! We have to skip classes in order to baby-sit the Dweebette!"

"You're not skipping classes, Stoppable!" Mr. Barkin barked from his chair behind his desk. "You're misinterpreting your mother. Your sister will be attending classes with you."

"WHAT?" both boys shouted out simultaneously. BJ just merely grinned up at them.

Dustin was the first to speak after the bombshell. "With all due respect, Mr. Barkin, which of us are you referring?" He thumbed back and forth between himself and his twin. "We have different classes due to JD having advanced classes."

Rubbing his chin momentarily in thought as he looked at the two teens, Barkin admitted the boy has a point. "Well," he began as he lowered his hand, "since your sister is pretty smart for a young lady her age, I think it'll be a test to see how much she knows, so she'll be going with you to your classes, Justin Stoppable."

His day just could not get any worst. "You got to be kidding me," he said glumly.

"Do I look like I'm kidding, Stoppable?" Barkin raised an eyebrow at JD.

Justin deflated in defeat. He wondered if BJ would make him look like an idiot in front of his classmates.

"Anyway," Barkin continued, "it's lunch time for you both, so take your sister and head toward the cafeteria." He eyed JD as his eyes narrowed a bit. "Justin Stoppable, you are to keep an eye on your sister after lunch. I do not want to see her running around in the halls during classes. Understood?" JD nodded. "Good. You're dismissed."

The principal watched as Dustin left the office, followed by a jolly BJ, and last by a bit grouchy Justin.

After the three have left, Barkin's lips slowly formed a smirk. It seemed that things would be interesting with the youngest Stoppable now added to the school's student roster.


Entering the cafeteria, DJ and JD has spotted Deborah eating by herself at a table, so they went to join her with BJ in tow. Upon reaching the table, Deborah gave a small grin up at them. "So what did Barkin called you two in for?" When DJ with a small grin pointed to BJ, Deborah was stunned to see their sister.

As DJ went to get his lunch and something for his sister, JD clarified the situation to Deborah, and by the time he has finished the tale, the teen girl was feeling amused and sympathetic for the two boys, especially JD.

"So, BJ will be attending your afternoon classes with you?" Deborah smirked as she looked at BJ, who sat on the other side of the table from her. "Are you to going to have fun, BJ?"

The girl shrugged for her answer, before turning her head and gazed around the cafeteria, since this place was new to her. Even Ruby, who had hopped out of BJ's pocket, gazed around the place.

A few minutes later, DJ returned with a tray full of food for him and BJ - mostly hamburgers, fries, and soft drinks for them, with a large plate of cheese nachos for Ruby. As the little mole rat happily dove into the nachos, DJ and BJ began eating while JD went to get his food, and by the time he returned, Deborah had finished her lunch.

While the boys ate, Deborah broke the silence as she caught BJ's eyes. "Are you looking forward to having classes here at Middleton High, BJ?" she asked the little girl.

After taking a sip of soda, BJ shrugged. "It'll be cool. I hope they teach me about rocket science."

Rolling his eyes, JD snorted. "There's no rocket science in high school, BJ."

"There isn't?" BJ blinked her blue eyes. "I thought this was high school. It teaches about bigger and advanced stuff."

DJ chuckled and reached over to ruffle his sister's blonde hair. "Sorry, BeeJ, but it seems you just have to wait until college to learn about advanced rocket science. From what I saw here, they pretty much teach just the basics that you already know from Uncles Tim and Jim."

"Then why am I here?" BJ asked, looking peeved. "I want to go to college! I want to know much more than the basics!" She frowned. "No wonder the science part of the test I took was too easy. It was baby stuff." Her hand picked up some fries and ate them, while Ruby was almost finished with her nachos.

Her brothers and their friend blinked at BJ. They all thought the same thing. If BJ thought high school sciences were baby stuff, just how much does she know?

Breaking out of her bewilderment, Deborah gave a small smile at the girl. "BJ, before you can go to college, you have to get a high school diploma. No college or university will accept you if you don't have a high school degree."

"Oh," BJ blinked a few times before she shrugged and grinned. "That just means I just have to quickly get that high school diploma and I'm out of here!"

"Out of here!" Ruby repeated before eating the last nacho. She plopped down onto the empty tray, gave a burp, and closed her eyes in content.

JD smirked in amusement and disbelief. "Good luck, Dweebette. To get a high school diploma you have to know lot more than sciences to pass. You also have to know how to write English pretty good."

"Uh?" BJ frowned at her brother. "English? Writing words? I don't need to write words to know rockets."

Before JD could respond, a blonde teen girl approached the table, and JD smiled up at the face of Vicky Summers. "Hi, Vic!"

"Hi, JD," Vicky said as she placed a hand on his shoulders. "I'm so looking forward to hanging out with you after cheerleading practice."

JD sighed, feeling awful that she has to find out about his unexpected change of plans. Yet before he could say anything, his sister spoke up. "Are you and my brother going to snog each other?" she teased.

There were some snickers heard from nearby tables as Vicky's eyes went wide upon seeing BJ. "Justin… Why is your baby sister here?" the junior student asked, eyeing the little girl warily.

Sighing again, JD told his girlfriend about everything, and as he predicted, Vicky was disappointed. "But Justin, we were so looking forward to this!" she complained.

"We can hang out tomorrow, Vicky," he said, trying to pacify the cheerleader. "Are you free?"

Vicky sort of gave a nod. "Yeah, I think so. I just have to find out tonight when I get home. You know my 'rents sometimes make me do chores on weekends."

Nodding in agreement, JD knew she was right. "Okay, Vic. I'll wait for you to call me."

"Thanks, Justin," Vicky smiled down at him, and he smiled in return.

Just before Vicky was about to walk away, BJ once again spoke up. "Aw, too bad you're not going to snog each other tonight."

Even more chuckles and snickers were heard from nearby tables. Vicky gave a look of scorn at the little girl before marching off.

Once the cheerleader captain was gone, JD turned a scowled face at his pesky sis. "Why are you always on her case, Dweebette?"

"I don't like her!" BJ confessed with narrow eyes, while Ruby nodded her head, face matching her human friend. "I can tell she didn't like me when I first met her." She pointed a finger at Deborah while still maintaining eye contact with JD. "I like Deborah! She spankin' rocks!"

Deborah blinked in surprised as her cheeks flushed a bit from the ringing endorsement from the youngest Stoppable member. She saw out of the corners of her eyes that DJ was smiling with approval at her, while JD was astonished as she was. Her lips formed a warm grin as she looked into BJ's blue eyes with her own blue ones. "Thank you, BJ."

Realizing she has slipped that she liked Deborah, BJ sheepishly grinned. "You're welcome." She went on to finish her lunch avoiding eye contact with the older girl.

Softly chuckling, Deborah wanted to make BJ feel at ease. "I think you're going to fit in at high school just fine, BJ. You'll like it here."

Finishing her burger and sipping her soda, the girl shrugged her shoulders. "Maybe." She frowned. "Just, why does the Principal always look mean?"

"Look mean?" Deborah was confused.

DJ nodded in agreement with his sister. "Barkin does look mean most of the time."

"Yeah," JD admitted. "He looks like he's always watching out to put someone in D-Hall."

Now understanding what BJ was thinking, Deborah answered the girl's question. "Principal Barkin looks mean, BJ, because he was an ex-Marine officer."

"Marine?" BJ inquired, face in puzzlement.

"Military officer," Deborah clarified. DJ and JD were almost finished with their lunches.

BJ's mind was thinking. "If he belongs in the military, why is he a principal in this school?"

DJ shrugged. "How would I know? He was Mom and Dad's teacher when they were students here. He perhaps had wanted a change of career."

Licking her lips, the blonde little girl spoke out loud her thoughts. "Or maybe this school is a secret military base and they need a military officer to watch over it."

Students at nearby tables burst out in laughter.

"Oh, that's rich!" one male student said.

"Middleton High a secret military base?" a female student mentioned while still giggling. "I'm so amazed!"

"Maybe there's a tank hidden somewhere in the school!" yet another student spoke.

"That's it!" BJ cried out with a raised finger. "There's a whole tank division hidden in this school and the principal was sent here to watch over it!"

Once again everyone nearby burst out in laughter, clearly enjoying the silly notion of Middleton High being a secret military base with a tank division.

JD groaned. "Thanks a lot, guys!" he called out. "You just had to give her ideas!" He slammed his forehead onto the table, gritting his teeth.

Even DJ groaned. His sister would just ramble endlessly on possibilities of theories that were totally bogus. He saw Deborah was giggling behind her hand. "You're enjoying this," he frowned.

Still giggling, Deborah nodded her head as she gazed at Dustin and removed her hand. "She's your sister," she answered the obvious before putting her hand back over her mouth, chuckling some more.

So for the remaining time of the lunch period, JD and DJ had to endure BJ's endless conspiracy theories and the humiliation from their fellow laughing students. Once lunch ended, JD and DJ dragged their sister to their lockers to retrieve books for afternoon classes before JD took her to his next class. He hoped his classes would be challenging enough to keep his smarty little sibling occupied from talking about any more stupid military presumptions.


When the final period of the day ended with the bell ringing, many students fled to what they wanted or needed to do next. Most obviously went to the buses and fled school grounds to their homes, the mall, and other places. Some just hung around and chitchat with friends. Others have after-school activities to attend, like club meetings, sports practice, etc.

But for Justin Donald Stoppable, he just couldn't wait to just leave as he dragged his sister by the arm toward his locker. He had known that his sister would embarrass him in his afternoon classes and he was not disappointed when it had happened. With the exception of history, which BJ seemed pretty much even with his knowledge, the Dweebette out smarted him in chemistry and Trig. For a thousandth time today, he wondered why his sister have to be the one who gets to inherit the high intelligence of Grandpa James, Grandma Ann, and Uncles Tim & Jim. It was so unfair.

Upon reaching his locker, he found DJ and Deborah already there as DJ sorted through his books and stuff. Both turned and grinned at JD, who wore a somewhat sore expression.

"So how were your afternoon classes?" Dustin asked with a teasing grin, anticipating the answer he knew would come.

"Miserable," JD answered as he let BJ go to open his locker. "The Dweebette outsmarted me in chemistry and Trig, and the teachers thought she should be bumped up another grade." He gave a slight grin. "Least she wasn't knowledgeable in world history. She didn't know much about World War II for example."

"I did too!" The 10-year-old girl crossed her arms as her brother opened his locker. "I knew that Germany was the first to make rockets that led to the dawn of space rocket science."

JD waved a dismissing hand as he grinned. "Yeah, but you didn't know anything about the Nazis, the famous battles of World War II, etc. Seems you're not as all knowing as we thought you were." In response, BJ stuck her tongue at her older brother, looking ticked.

Just then, JD's locker computer's screen blipped on to show a 13-year-old, pretty, African-American girl. "Hi, guys!" she grinned in greeting.

"Hi, Cleo," JD grinned in return as Deborah and DJ came closer. "What's the sitch?"

"Oh, nothing," Cleo Load said, smiling. "I've heard from my brother regarding BJ moving up the ranks, and my father knew your mother left your sister in your care while attending afternoon classes." Her lips curled up slyly. "So was the little devil bad to you in class?"

Justin rolled his eyes. "Yes," but he raised a finger and immediately grinned, "but not in history."

Before anyone could say anything more, BJ finally nudged through between her twin brothers' legs to look up into the upper locker. "Ooooohhh!" she cried in wonder. "The latest advancement in Load computer tech! Let me see!"

"Not so fast there, BeeJ!" JD held her back by the shoulder. "You're not taking apart this computer!"

Cleo chuckled. "Hi, BJ! I agree with your brother, hands off this computer. This is your brothers' mission computer, and it would do them no good if it was all in pieces."

"Oh, poo!" BJ stomped her right foot. "I want to see!"

DJ snorted a chuckle. "You have computer parts all over your room at home. What are you going to make with them anyway?"

"I want to see I can make an AI, like Doctor Freeman's," BJ replied.

Shaking her head, Cleo smirked. "Good luck, BJ. So far, after many years, no one has yet to duplicate the AI intelligences Doctor Freeman has created for his car and household appliances, and he still not yet willing to share the knowledge." She shrugged. "Not even my father was able to make an AI."

"Or maybe he doesn't want to make one," Deborah pointed out another explanation.

"True," Cleo frowned. "It's still a questionable, moral topic whether computer AI's should even be created. Many still remember the Hollywood movies where machines take over the world, like Terminator or The Matrix."

JD shook his head. "I don't know about that, Cleo. You know as well as I that many engineers and scientists over at GJ HQ would like to have an AI to help run the computer systems. They still claim that having one will increase work efficiency."

Cleo shook her head. "Yeah, but who would be really running the place? The AI or the people?"

As Wade Load's daughter conversed with DJ and JD while Deborah interestedly listened, they were unaware that BJ had slowly backed away from them. A crafty grin was on her face as she realized she could get away from them. Finally she was around the corner, out of sight, sprinting away.

"Come on, Ruby," the long-haired blonde girl said as the naked mole rat popped her head out of the girl's pant's pocket. "We're going to find out the real secrets of this undercover military base." She smirked as she set off on her solo mission.


After a few minutes past 3 PM, the hallways of Middleton High were almost empty. There were still a few students lingering around. Three of them were searching the place for any signs of a misplaced little girl.

"Oh, I'm going to kill her!" JD nearly growled. "I can't believe she would sneak off like that!"

"We're all at fault here, JayD," DJ said as he strolled along side his twin brother. "We were all so occupied with talking with Cleo, that we didn't pay attention to BJ."

Deborah, just behind the two boys, nodded. "She's quite sneaky alright. It makes me wonder if she may end up being better at mission ops than you two."

JD shook his head with a scowl. "Don't go there, Deb." He raised a finger. "BJ already is ahead of me in some academic classes, so if she suddenly can do mission ops better than me and DJ, it's the end of the world."

From Dustin's small wrist communicator, which was a smaller version of their mother's, a 3-D holographic Cleo spoke up. "I agree with JD, Deborah. BJ may be smart, but she's still a 10-year-old in many ways. She still has a long way to go until she is even worthy to go on missions." She type on her keyboard and frowned. "It would be easier to find her if she was chipped, guys."

Dustin gave a small grin as he shook his head negatively before looking at his upheld wrist containing the wrist communicator. "Dad wouldn't even dream of doing that to any of his children, Cleo, not even BJ. He had one when he was a teen, and as much as the chip helped him, he had it removed when he was 19. He'd told Mom and your father that he didn't want to feel like a tagged wild animal any more." The strawberry-blonde teen shrugged. "I can't blame him though."

Cleo frowned. "So how about a wrist band with a chip inside? Choker?" She grinned. "How about giving BJ her own wrist communicator? She'll be thrilled and it'll have its own tracking device."

Again Dustin shook his head and chuckled. "Mom had your father made a small wrist communicator for BJ. The Dweebette took it apart instead of using it. I can't think of any ways we can chip her without imbedding it under the skin and that option Dad forbids."

Justin came to a stop, which stopped his brother and their friend. He sighed. "Where could she be?"

"Stoppable! Stoppable! Lipsky!" a male military voice shouted from behind the three, and knowing the voice, the three teens swallowed before turning around to see Principal Barkin standing a few feet away with hands folded behind his back.

Eying the three teens, especially the twins, Barkin walked forward toward them. "School is out, so why are you two still on school grounds and not taking your sister to your grandparents' house?" He raised an eyebrow. "Speaking of your sister, where is she, if she's not here with you?" He stopped in front of Justin and Dustin.

The twins nervously chuckled while rubbing the back of their necks, while Deborah looked on, a bit of fear in her eyes.

"Well, Sir," JD began with an uneasy grin. "She kind of… uh… gave us…"

"She gave us the slip, Sir," Dustin finished with a swallow as he lowered his hand from his neck.

Barkin's eyes narrowed. "You lost track of a ten-year-old?" he asked incredulously.

"We were talking at my locker after the last class," Justin explained anxiously. "We were so into the conversion that we didn't see her walking away behind our backs."

Shaking his head, Barkin tsk tsk them. "Well, you two better find your sister before she winds up in trouble."

Dustin held up his free hand again, while still keeping the wrist communicator held up. "That's the problem, Sir. We've been searching the school, and we can't find her."

"Maybe she's no longer on school grounds, Stoppable," Barkin suggested.

Deborah shook her head. "No, Mr. Barkin. I think she's still on school grounds."

The principal and the twins turned their heads to her. "And what made you think that, Lipsky?" Barkin inquired.

The 16-year-old girl held up a finger. "Well, at lunch she theorized that the school is a secret military base, and –"

Barkin interrupted with a raised eyebrow. "What made her think this school is a secret military base?"

With a grin, Deborah clarified things. "You're an ex-military officer, Sir. Well, a military officer is mostly around military stuff; so in the end, she thought the school was a base being watched by a military officer. Namely you, Sir."

"Good point," Barkin nodded. "Continue, Lipsky."

"Well," Deb resumed, "if she thinks this is a base and there is a whole division of tanks here," Barkin raised an eyebrow regarding the tank division, "what part of the school will be big enough to even hold a military tank?"

After a few moments of thought, all three men snapped their fingers and shouted the answer at the same time. "The gym!"


"MAD DOGS GO!" the entire Middleton High Cheer Squad shouted as they performed the final routine in the program they were practicing in the gym. Six girls and three boys performed the acrobatics and maneuvers, while an additional boy played the Mad Dog mascot – a total of ten in the entire squad.

Although the school's colors of purple and gold had not changed, the present day squad's uniforms were different in style. Girls wore short-sleeved, gold shirts with purple trim and short gold skirts with vertical purple strips. Boys wore full-sleeved gold shirts with purple trims and letter 'M' on the front and purple pants with gold, vertical side strips.

The only thing that seemed to not have changed was the mascot's Mad Dog head, for it looked the same as the original, created by Ron Stoppable 22 years ago. The mask actually was the fourth version of the original, and it could move its eyes, ears, eyebrows, mouth, and tongue thanks to smaller and better robotics, which all was easily controlled by heads-up displays inside the mask.

With a smile and pom-poms in hand, Captain Vicky Summers jumped off the shoulders of a male cheerleader, did a summersault, landing on the wooden gym floor. She turned to face the squad as two other girls jumped off the shoulders of the two other male squad members. "Good work, team! I think we nailed this routine and the program perfectly! I think we're ready to tackle the regional championships next week!" The entire squad cheered, making Vicky even happier.

Unknown to the cheer squad, a pair of blue eyes were gazing at them from above one of the basketball backboards. The owner of the eyes decided to make her appearance. Raising her left wrist, she activated a wrist grappler, imbedded in a silver bracelet, and a thin wire shot out to the center of the ceiling above and plunged into the hard material easily. The wire was micro-thin, yet it was strong enough to hold nearly ten times her weight. She swung off her perch and headed toward the group of teenagers.

Vicky gave off a brief scream as BJ landed right beside her, while the other members of the squad were just startled out of their wits. Seeing who it was that had frightened her, the head cheerleader let out an irritated puff of air. "What are you doing here, you little mischief maker!"

BJ placed hands on her hips as she narrow eyed her brother's girlfriend. "I'm here to find the tanks! This is the largest place in the entire school, and I have a feeling you know where they are!"

As the mascot boy took off his Mad Dog mask, several other members of the squad began chuckling and giggling. Even Vicky smirked. "Really? Do you see any tanks in this entire gym, little girl? Why don't you just head back home and play with your toys."

Feeling irked, BJ raised her wrist bracelet at Vicky, causing the older girl and the other squad members to start. "Not so fast Vic-ky! You're going tell me where those tanks are!"

Her ire rising, Vicky didn't back off. "Or else what? You're going to shoot me?"

In BJ's pants pocket, Ruby was frantically waving hands and shaking her head up at her human friend. "No, BJ! No!"

"Quiet, Ruby! I know what I'm doing!" BJ said while still maintaining eye contact with Vicky.

Vicky huffed out a laugh as she crossed her arms. "Yeah, as if."

With her right index finger, BJ quickly pressed a button on her left silver bracelet, and a long, thin wire shot out with a mini-boomerang on the end. The boomerang guided the wire as it rapidly went around Vicky wrapping the wire around her body from shoulder to ankle, and before Vicky could react, she was roped up tightly and unable to move. BJ pulled on the taunted cord and Vicky, unable to maintain her balance from the pull on her ankles, fell backward onto the floor. The other members of the squad were shocked.

BJ smirked in triumph down at a growling cheerleader, while Ruby moaned. "Not so tough now are you, Vic-ky?"

Moving against her restraints, Vicky found she couldn't break the thin wire. Growling again, she gazed up angrily at her captor. "You little dweebette! No matter if your brother is my boyfriend and your parents are famous, I'm going to kill you!"

"Yeah, right," BJ responded. "As if."

"ELIZABETH STOPPABLE!" a large male shout sounded throughout the gym, jumping everyone and making all turned with wide-eyes to the other side of the room. One of the entrances to the gym was open showing a very pissed off Principal Barkin glaring at BJ. Dustin, on Barkin's right, was shaking his head with a hand covering his eyes. Justin, on Barkin's left, was incredulous and angry at the same time on the sight before him. Deborah, on Dustin's right, has a hand over her mouth, trying hard not to laugh at seeing one of Middleton High's most popular girls at the mercy of a ten-year-old kid.

Walking menacingly up to his newest student, Barkin was a tower of power that could not be stopped. Ruby, sensing her human friend was in deep, deep trouble, quickly ducked down into the pants pocket, out of sight, knowing what was coming.

BJ occasionally had seen her mother livid, but what she saw before her was something that made her mother look tame in comparison. As Barkin reached her, she stared with fright at the man before her.

"Why, may I ask," Barkin began, "have you wrapped up a fellow student up like she was cattle!" He spat out the last word as JD, DJ, and Deborah joined him.

Sheepishly grinning, BJ pointed to Vicky, her eyes not leaving Barkin's. "She knows where the tanks are?"

Leaning down toward his littlest charge, Barkin narrowed his eyes even further. "I'm going to make myself perfectly clear, young lady. This school is NOT a military base!"

The youngest Stoppable member guiltily grinned. "Got'cha. Not a military base."

Barkin raved on. "You're not going to find any tanks here or any military equipment what so ever."

Seeing Vicky was struggling against her bonds, JD came between Barkin and his sister. "Give me that bracelet, BJ!" He quickly took off his sister's bracelet and pressed a button. The wire went slack to allow Vicky to get free, and afterward, JD pressed another button to roll the line back in with a snap.

Nodding approval at seeing Summer freed, Barkin turned back to BJ, who was slowly backing around him toward the doors which he had come in. "Uh… I gotta go!"

Before she could make a dash to the exit, Dustin reached out and grabbed the back of her shirt, pulling her back. "Not so fast, BeeJ." DJ saw Deborah was still giggling. "This is not funny, Deb!"

"Sure it is," she said with a grin. "It's not every day one gets to see Vicky Summer wrapped up by a little girl." Even the boy, playing the mascot, grinned at this, for even though he appreciated Summer's leadership abilities, he did find her annoying at times.

Ignoring Lipsky's remarks, Barkin turned around to face a pair of frightened blue eyes looking up at him. Face still stern, the ex-military officer gave a sigh. "Young lady, given that this is your first time in my school, I'll let this incident slide. However, I will be phoning your parents to tell them what you did, and I hope they will discipline you. Monday, your parents and I, in my office, we'll tell you straight out what you can't do in this school. Rules are to be followed regardless you are ten years old. Do I make myself clear?"

Swallowing, BJ nodded. "Yes, Sir."

Barkin gave a nod before turning to the Stoppable twins. "Stoppable. Stoppable. Take your sister and leave school grounds. Head to your grandparents' house just like your mother instructed. Dismissed!"

Giving a frown, DJ turned his sister around and pushed her toward the exit. Deborah followed with an amused grin on her face. After making sure his girlfriend was okay, JD trailed the others out of the gym.

Watching Lipsky and the three Stoppables left the gym, Barkin still was stern on the outside, but he was a bit amused inside. Yep, the youngest Stoppable was indeed going to make life interesting in the school from now on.


The walk to the Possible household was quiet and easy. Quiet due that none of the three children had spoken after saying good-bye to Deborah at the school. Easy due that the house was a just a few blocks away from the school. The group passed Grandpa and Grandma Stoppable's house before walking another block or two to the Possible's.

The three children knew they were always welcome at either house, thus they were given keys to the places if they happened to be in the neighborhood and stopped by. Since JD and DJ started high school, both sets of grandparents had told them they could just easily walk to their homes to spend time with them, and occasionally, the boys would do that.

Reaching their destination, the Stoppable children walked to the back kitchen entrance. JD was about to reach into his pocket for the keys, when the rear door opened to reveal Mrs. Dr. Ann Possible in her white medical lab coat. Her short red hair was three-fourths grey, and her face had some age lines. Yet for a woman in her mid-sixties, she has aged gracefully and looked quite remarkable and pretty.

With a smile, she stepped aside to allow her grandchildren to pass. "I saw you three coming," she explained. "Your mother had called me hours ago regarding the situation, so I'd decided to be home by 2:30 to be here for you." Closing the door after DJ entered, Mrs. Possible frowned a bit at them. "It's already way past 3 now. Did anything happen at school?"

Taking off his backpack and tossing it beside the table chair before settling onto it, JD sulked. "You could say that Grandma Ann," he said before explaining the entire sitch regarding BJ.

By the time he finished the tale, Mrs. Possible was trying hard not to laugh. Her blue eyes rested on her granddaughter who sat besides DJ on the other side of JD. The little girl looked miserable, and Ann just couldn't help but give a small chuckle as she shook her head. "Oh, Beth. You and your imagination. You're just too much like your father at times."

Mrs. Dr. Possible went to a kitchen cupboard and retrieved three glasses to place on the table. She then went to the fridge to take out a carton of fruit punch. "I still remember like it was just yesterday that your father at times made up weird stories to explain things - ghosts and other stuff. Your mother certainly didn't believe in any them." She walked up to the table and smiled down at BJ as she placed the fruit punch on the table. "You're far smarter than that, young lady. If you're going to high school now, you better stop thinking like your father. Mr. Barkin will likely put you in detention for a long time, if you do something like you did today again."

"Yes, grandma," BJ nodded with a small grin, still feeling uneasy.

As the twins poured their glasses and BJ's full with fruit punch, Grandma Ann picked up a covered dessert tray off the kitchen counter and placed it in the center of the kitchen table. After pulling off the cover, BJ's eyes went wide as she licked her lips.

"Ooooohhh, lemon squares!" the little girl said, eyes still on the tasty dessert.

Upon hearing what her friend said, Ruby popped out of BJ's pocket onto the table. The pink mole rat licked her lips as well, wanting to take a bite out of a lemon square.

The three Stoppable children knew that 19 years ago their Great Grandmother Nana had given Grandma Ann the secret recipe to her famous lemon squares. Since then, Ann had baked the dessert for everyone's enjoyment. Nana had died a year after BJ was born, but her legacy lived on, and Ann eventually passed the recipe to Ron, who was the only other one capable of cooking the dessert without ruining it.

Seeing her granddaughter looking like she was going to stuff her face, Ann gently scolded her with a finger and grin. "No second helpings, just one square for you and Ruby, Beth. Since you three are dining with me and your grandfather tonight, I've decided we'll be ordering pizza for dinner."

"Booyah!" BJ shouted before high-fiving an excited Ruby with a finger. "Hear that, Ruby? We're going to have pizza!"

Ann chuckled. "Yes, pizza. So I don't want you having your stomach full with lemon squares. Leave room for the pizza."

Giving a thumb up, BJ smiled up at her grandmother. "Got'cha, grandma. Just one square each for me and Ruby." The blonde girl placed a square next to Ruby, who immediately began devouring it, before she picked up a square and took a bite out of it.

As he chewed on a lemon square, DJ gazed up at Grandma Ann. "Does grandpa know we're here for dinner?"

Mrs. Possible nodded at her grandson. "Yes, he does. After your mother called me, I called your grandfather." She grinned. "He loves spending time with you three, and he said he'll try to get out of work early."

BJ spoke up as she chewed. "He and Uncle Jim are working on the FTL engines, right?"

Blinking at her granddaughter's accuracy, Ann frowned, remembering how BJ knew about the project. "Young lady, your grandfather and Uncle Jim do not like it when you hack into their files."

Giving a sheepish grin, BJ shrugged. "I tried again this morning at Mom's office. I couldn't get pass the new firewalls created by Uncle Jim and Uncle Wade."

JD grinned. "Well, it's good to know Uncle Jim and Uncle Wade can get one over on you, little sister." He chuckled as he took a bite of a lemon square while BJ stuck her tongue at him. She withdrew her tongue before resuming eating her square.

It was perfect timing that the door to the garage opened to admit Dr. James Possible and his son Dr. Jim Possible. The men entered the kitchen and grinned at the family there.

"Dustin, Justin, Beth!" Grandpa James greeted his grandchildren. "Your grandmother told me you'll be here after school, so I decided to come home early."

Uncle Jim clapped Justin on the shoulder. "JD, DJ," his face became mischief when his eyes locked on his niece. "Squirt."

"I'm not a squirt!" BJ gave a mock glare at her uncle.

"Sure, Squirt," Jim smirked as he reached over Justin to grab a lemon square. BJ's mock tweaked face gave way to a giggling one, making Jim grin as he took a bite of his square while standing straight again.

"So," DJ slyly grinned up at his grandfather and uncle, "according to BeeJ," he gestured to his sister with a nod of his head, "she tried to hack into your FTL project files."

Both Possible men frowned down at BJ who sheepishly grinned up at them. James shook his head. "Young lady, as much as I love to share what your uncle and I are doing, you know we can't."

"Why not?" BJ whined. Then her lower lip pouted out and her entire expression looked pitiful. "Pwetty Pwease?"

JD slapped a hand over his eyes. "Oh, I hate it when she uses the PDP!"

Jim immediately turned to his father. "Dad, did you say you have some work you want to show me in your office?"

"Right, Jim," James said as he grabbed a lemon square and left the kitchen with his son right behind him.

Justin shot off after them. "Grandpa, Uncle, can I join you?"

"Same here!" Dustin said as he ran after his brother.

Still pouting as she watched her brothers exit the kitchen, her lips slowly turned crafty as her eyes rested on the tray of lemon squares. "More squares for me!"

Just as her hand was reaching for a lemon square, Grandma Ann, who smirked with narrow eyes, slapped the tray cover over the dessert, startling BJ in the process. She held up a finger to her granddaughter. "Beth, one square, and remember, pizza later."

"Right," BJ relaxed and grinned as she took hold of her glass of fruit punch. "Pizza later."

"Cheese!" Ruby shouted out, making BJ smiled down at her little friend.

Smiling, Ann Possible took away the dessert tray as BJ drank her fruit punch. This grandmother would not ever admit it to anyone, but she was quite proud that her Granddaughter Beth had learned to use the Puppy Dog Pout. More power to the women, she mused mentally.


Overall, everyone had an enjoyable time for the next several hours. Despite Jim leaving to return home to his own family, the Doctors Possible spent some good quality time with their grandchildren. After dinner, the twins took some time to do some homework and got help from their grandparents when they needed it. BJ played some video games and even played some games online against Albert.

It was sometime past 7:30 PM when Kim stopped by to pick up her children to take them home. The Columbia crisis has been solved, thanks to her suggestions to GJ agents how to deal with Mad Eye Lewy. Her husband arrived home a half-hour later.

Only then did Kim and Ron finally had a long talk with their daughter regarding her 'unauthorized' mission at high school, according to what Principal Barkin told them.


Lying under the covers of her bed, clad in a blue girl's nightgown, BJ gazed around the room with the light from the nightstand the only illumination provided. Her room was more boyish than girlish, with two computers, various science-fiction comics, books, magazines, posters and pictures of imaginary and real space ships, and some electrical & computer components scattered about. Yeah, she has a few posters of singers and bands she loved their music, and no doubt her wardrobe included different dresses and other girl's attires, but in general her room definitely screamed 'tom-boy' to anyone who saw it.

Sighing, the youngest Stoppable family member wondered what she was going to do this weekend. Her 'rents had decided to punish her by grounding her indoors for the weekend with no Internet access, no video games, no TV, no gadgets, and no assembling of devices. They simply told her that she should read and prepare herself for high school on Monday.

Ruby was already asleep at the foot of the bed, but BJ spoke out like the little mole rat was awake.

"This tanks, Ruby. I don't know whether I can survive two days without Net access or anything the 'rents forbid me to do." She yawned, her eyes drooping. "Aw, I'll be missing out seeing the newest episode of Space Junkyard Wars!"

Reaching out her hand, she clicked off the nightstand lamp. Only pale moonlight streaming through the windows lighted the room now.

Blonde hair fanned out across her pillow, BJ shut her eyes. "I wonder if high school will allow me to build rockets," she muttered before slumber deeply and peacefully took hold of her.


On the second floor, on the opposite side of the house from the children's rooms, Kim and Ron laid under the covers of their king size bed in the master bedroom. Both were sitting with their backs prompted up by pillows against the headboard. Kim was reading a romance novel, while Ron, remote in hand and glasses on, was watching television on the thin, wall-mounted, wide-screen monitor, which was on the wall in front of the bed. The monitor could be used for communications, a computer screen, and other functions.

Raising her green eyes from her reading, Kim looked at her husband. She knew if she spoke her mind with him, he would give her his full attention. This level of trust was one of the elements that made their marriage strong. "Ron?" she began.

"Yeah, KP?" Ron turned his brown eyes from watching some silly cartoon.

Kim sighed before starting again, her eyes steady on his. "Do you think Elizabeth is going too fast in climbing the ranks?"

Ron frowned at this. "What do you mean? You know she's already way past the levels of normal kids her age. High school seems the only option. She has to continue her education. We can't hold her back."

"I know, Ron," Kim said while reaching out to hold his hand in hers. "It's just that…" She frowned a bit. "I wonder what she will do if she completes her education before reaching adulthood."

Her husband caught on to what she was thinking. "You're worried about her staying active if she finishes too soon. Most big companies won't hire her if she's a minor."

"Yes, precisely," Kim nodded.

Giving a small grin, Ron shrugged. "Well, Wade came out okay for someone who gained a few Doctorate degrees before reaching 11 years old. Besides, if BJ does complete her education before reaching 18, your father and brother wouldn't mind giving her some work at the Space Center, and I guess GJ would have some intern and training programs that would keep BJ busy."

Kim gave a sheepish grin. "Yeah, you're right." She tilted her head to look at their clasped hands. "I'm being silly with these concerns."

With his other hand, Ron reached out and gently raised his wife's face by the chin so he could again gaze into her eyes. His grin was warm and loving. "You're not being silly, Kim. You're a mother, and it's only natural you will think like this, not just with BJ but also with Dustin and Justin as well." He chuckled as he lowered his hand. "Heck, I'm worry in seeing our little girl grow up too fast. I may be ready to see her earn a college degree by the time she's 15, but I'm not so sure I'm ready to see her dating boys."

Giggling, she returned his loving expression with her own as her free hand went up to caress his cheek. "Planning to use my Dad's 'Black Hole Deep' threat when BJ's first date comes?"

"Nah," Ron dismissed it with a hand wave and goofy grin. "That threat will only work if one really does work at the Space Center. For me, I might use the 'Mystical Monkey Power' threat."

Snuggling closer and her novel forgotten, Kim giggled again before her eyes narrowed. "That threat may work on the poor, unexpecting boys who one day will date our daughter, Mr. Stoppable, but it will not work on me." With that said, she straddled over his form to look down at sparkling chocolate eyes. "I love the Bad Boy, especially when he goes MMP on me."

"Oh?" he responded with a sly grin and raised eyebrow. "Are you getting frisky with the Bad Boy, Mrs. Stoppable?"

With a wicked grin, she removed his glasses and placed them on the nightstand before coming back to place her face closer to his. "Very," she purred before latching her lips onto his. She moaned into his mouth, causing him to moan in return as his hands ran over her silk-clad nightgown covered body.

Suddenly Ron flipped her over, and now he was the one on top of her, their mouths still pressed together. Breaking off the kiss, the blonde man trailed kisses over the line of her jaw and down her exposed throat, Kim tilting her head back, enjoying his attentions, eyes closing.

"Ron?" Kim moaned.

"Hmmm?" Ron hummed into her warm skin.

She raised her head, making him raise his to lock their clouded eyes together. "The WNG's," she said.

Rolling over quickly, Ron slapped a hand over a red button on the nightstand besides his glasses, before he returned to his wife just as quickly. His lips once more greedily were on hers, and both moaned as passion and love took their natural course.

Years ago, when the house was built, Kim and Ron had made the master bedroom soundproof as much as possible. Yet to be on the safe side, they had Wade install the best white noise generators he could make. The loving couple was not going to traumatize their children as Kim's parents had made the mistake of not soundproofing their bedroom.


So another day of the Stoppable Family came to a close. Well, almost a close for the patriarch and matriarch of the family, for their day didn't ended until hours later near 2 AM.

The End


After story A/Ns:

1) As I said, this story has been inspired by the wonderful art of Ivymae457 at DA. I thought it would be an ironic twist that the Stoppable family would be a reverse of the Possible family. Mr. & Mrs. Dr. P's have one older daughter and two twin younger sons. Kim and Ron have two twin older sons and one younger daughter. It was indeed a nice fun twist. :)

2) I like to point out this story was started long before Ivy drew and posted her scrap art of a pregnant Kim watching JD and DJ playing with Ron. Her art has no way inspired my idea for BJ or vice versa. It was just a coincidence - a nice coincidence nevertheless, but a coincidence. :)

3) Will there be more stories of Kim and Ron and their family? Maybe. It depends on whether I can brainstorm ideas for stories for this particular universe. As of now, I have two fanfic universes my mind is dying to type up stories – The TUY series, and a new series of stories on The Reflection Trilogy universe. Yes, it seems I maybe be backtracking on keeping the Reflection universe just a trilogy. My brain wouldn't let me leave it alone given the possibilities of writing Rori (R/Y) fics in that universe. I wonder now whether I'm now biting off more than I can chew. LOL!

4) If anyone already guessed, BJ's initials were inspired by the character of BJ Hunnicut of the famous MASH TV series. And no, she's not going to become a medical doctor like Hunnicut or her grandmother. She pretty much loves technology like her uncles. :)

5) For anyone's information, 'puella' is Latin for maiden woman, etc. So the word fits well for a name for the female mole rat mate of Rufus's. :)

6) Last but not least, I want to give a big thank-you to Pugzley, Mattb3671, and RedWingnut for beta-reading this story and helping with making corrections and suggestions. You three rock in stereo! Thanks, gentlemen! (Big grin)