An hour later, Rose and Mia were curled up infront of the TV in the living area of the TARDIS, watching a documentary on killer whales, while the Doctor and Jack had given up trying to use the apple as a battery and were now using bamboo canes to try and make some sort of framework. What that had to do with turning Mia and Rose back to humans, they had no idea, but they liked building it, and they had no better ideas.

Mia sighed and stretched, giving a slight whimper as her wounds hurt again. Rose stood and examined them critically.

"That one on your neck's really bad...and so's that one on your shoulder...oh and that bite on your paw that I gave you isn't looking too good either."

"Yeah, thanks for that," Mia grumbled. Then she saw the hurt look in Rose's eye and sighed.

"I'm sorry. Come here," she offered and placed her neck over Rose's in a tiger hug. "And I didn't mean to hurt you either."

"I'm sorry for hurting you too," Rose appologised as she nudged her friend in return. Then they both layed back down together, Mia's head resting on Rose's back, while Rose's paw swatted playfully at Mia's tail.

"You realise if Jack saw us now, he'd get the wrong idea," Rose grinned.

"That guy has a one track mind that sticks firmly in the gutter," Mia replied. Then she said, completely randomly, "I still reckon he's a jack russell, though."

Rose laughed so hard the whole TARDIS could hear.

Jack stuck his head round the door and Mia couldn't help but say "Speak of the Doggy - I mean Devil," which had them both giggling hysterically.

"You know what I fancy?" Rose added. "Some nice tree bark."

And they were giggling again. Jack ran back to the Doctor as fast as he could.

"You've got to turn them back now, they're going insane!"


"I'm bored," Mia and Rose moaned simultaneously as they wandered back into the control room later. Being a tiger may have its advantages, but it certainly had its disadvantages aswell.

Neither of them could change the channel on the TV, they couldn't play hide and seek because there weren't any suitable places to hide a bengal tiger, they couldn't read a book because their claws kept ripping the pages, they couldn't play football in the garden of the TARDIS because Rose had accidentally burst the ball, they couldn't play any board games or card games, and they couldn't help the Doctor and Jack either.

The guys had managed to find a stray blaster that one of the guards had dropped in the struggle yesterday, and were now trying to reverse the effects, but without luck.

"We're going for a walk," Mia announced after a moment, but all she got in response was "uh-huh," so she shrugged and Rose followed her out of the TARDIS and back over to the stream.

It was evening now and they climbed up onto some high rocks by the side of the waterfall to watch the sun set over the trees.

"It is beautiful here," Rose sighed.

"Yeah, but the locals aren't exactly friendly," Mia replied, licking at her wounded paw. She suddenly realised what she was doing and stopped quickly.

"Hey, when the guys work out how that gun works and we get changed back...wanna see what animal they turn into?" Rose asked suddenly, her eyes lighting up.

"Alright," Mia grinned cheekily. "£10 says Jack's a jack russell."

"Deal. And £10 says the Doctor's a teddy bear."

"You're on."

"But what happens if we're both right?"

"Then we get to see a jack russell chase a teddy bear round the TARDIS," Mia laughed.

They both raised a paw and held them up to each other in a kind of high five, then they heard the Doctor calling for them.

"They fixed it!" Rose squeeled in excitement as they both leapt down the rocks and charged past the Doctor into the TARDIS, ignoring his calls of "If you get mud in my ship, there'll be trouble!"


Half an hour later, Rose and Mia were sitting on the Doctor's chair in the control room, and Rose was fishing in her pockets for £10.

The Doctor had changed them back into humans again and dressed their wounds (or rather used one of his nifty gadgets to heal them completely), and Rose had sweet talked him into letting her and Mia look at the gun. When his back was turned, they'd reversed it again and shot him and Jack.

Now they were watching in amusement as a jack russell was being chased round the console by a grizzly bear.

"I was half right," Rose reasoned as she handed over the £10.

"I know. That's why you only pay me half of what you bet," Mia replied, handing back £5. Then she looked at their two companions.

"No! Bad Doctor! Put him down!" she cried as Jack yapped and barked, and his little stumpy legs waved frantically in mid air. The Doctor promptly dropped him and began chasing him round the console again.

"Please tell me we weren't that bad!" Rose groaned. Then she turned to Jack. "No Jack! Don't you dare! You go outside if you need to pee!"