The Contest

I wrote this in 1997, and it is about a costume contest that takes place in the city where the master lives. The appliances decided to take part in it.

Chapter 1: The Contest

It was a fine morning for Kirby, the vacuum cleaner. He vacuumed from morning till night, and all the other appliances were afraid of him because he had a big bag that was full of dust. They were even so scared that they ran away. Finally, Toaster said, "I'm afraid of you, Kirby because you look like a monster. How did you get so big?"

But Kirby said, "Shut up, Toaster. I am not going to tell you."

Then, the radio said, "I have an important announcement to make when I start broadcasting for the day."

"What is it?" asked Kirby in a mean voice.

Radio replied, "Why don't you try to be nice, Kirby? It would be good for a change, and besides, I think you will like my announcement."

"Okay," said Kirby. "What is it?"

"There is going to be a contest today to see which appliance has the best costume," said Radio. "It is going to be in the city where the master lives," he continued.

Then, Lampy said, "Kirby doesn't need a costume because he already looks like a scary monster anyway with his big bag."

"Oh, shut up!" snapped Kirby. "I'm going to wear a red devil costume because I think it would look good. And besides, I won't look scary when I empty my bag."