I wrote this in 1997, and it is about a costume contest that takes place in the city where the master lives. The appliances decided to take part in it.

Chapter 3: The Winner

"What are you, you little rag?" asked Kirby in a gruff voice.

"I'm a princess," said the blanket cheerfully.

"Well, I think that is a bad costume for you, and you look ridiculous in it!" said Kirby. "You don't even have a chance of winning."

"Waah, waah, waah," cried the blanket.

"You're mean, Kirby!" said the toaster, "because you have made the blanket cry again."

"I don't care," said Kirby.

"Waah, waah, waah, waah, waah, waah, waah, waah, waah, waah…" cried the blanket.

"Oh, shut up," snapped Kirby.

So later that day, the appliances went to the contest in the city. It was held in a big auditorium, and all the people there voted for the contestant that they thought had the best costume. When all the votes were in, the judge stood up to announce the winner. All the appliances held their breath in hopes that one of them would win.

"And the winner is…" the judge said, "THE BLANKET!"

"Yea!" yelled the blanket, and all the other appliances ran up to him to congratulate him…all except Kirby, that is.

All Kirby could say was, "Oh, shut up, you little rag." But the blanket was so happy he didn't care, and he never worried about what Kirby said to him anymore after that.