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File 1010
Authoress: cookiiex
Chapter 0NE: CREATi0N

"Hyuuga!"screamed a man with spiked up raven hair. A man with long brown hair looked you. "What is it Uchiha." he said dryly. The raven haired man glared. "Your supposed to be helping me edit those damn model shoots for the friggin' products that old hag sent us! Shikamaru isn't doing crap and that dobe is out flirting with the models! Then your sitting here playing-- RUNE SCAPE!" Just then a blond hair man stepped into the room.

"Oi, Sasuke-Teme, WHAT'S WITH THE YELLING!" he roared. The raven haired man known as Sasuke looked at him with a smirk. "Dobe.". With that one word the blondie charged at Sasuke. The man with long hair sighed. Typical morning at the office.

Then a man with a spiked up ponytail came in and saw the scene unfold. He messaged his temples. "Mendokusee.." he muttered. "Neji can't you shut them up?". Neji looked at them (Sasuke and Naruto). THen he looked back at Shikamaru. "They should learn to stop acting like morons." he said loudly, knowing the two would hear.

And that's just what happened. Sasuke and Naruto stopped to glared at Neji. Shikamaru sighed. Sasuke straightened out his tie. "Well gentlemen and dobe..." Naruto glared. "..Back to business. As you know our competitors, Calven Klien, Polo etc., has gained more ratings then we expected. For--"

"Maybe we need more ladies for the shoot." Naruto suggested, cutting off what Sasuke was going to say. Sasuke glared. "Do you have any idea how much money those sluts want?" Naruto shook his head. Sasuke whispered something in Naruto's ear. His eyes widened. "THAT MUCH!" Sasuke nodded.

"Our really loyal models are Sakura, Ino,Hinata, and Temari. We can't lose those three. So gentlemen what should we do?" Sasuke finished. "Maybe we don't need a real model." offered Shikamaru. Naruto pointed at Neji. Neji looked confused. "If there's anyone that should dress in a drag it should be Neji." said Naruto. Neji glared, Sasuke smirked and Shikmaru was containing his laugh. Well trying to anyway.

"AHAHAAAAAHAHAAAHAHAHAHAHAAA!" Shikmaru laughed. Seconds later Sasuke joined him. Naruto looked confused. "I'm SERIOUS!" Neji had a killer intent surrounding him while glaring at Naruto.

Moments later..

"Aha..Well back to what I was saying, I ment that we can perfect a model using the computer." said Shikamaru. Sasuke glared. Neji glared. Hell, even Naruto glared. "THAT'S WHAT WE'VE BEEN DOING THE WHOLE TIME!" they screamed. Shikamaru sighed.

"No you morons." Shikamaru recieved some killer glares. "I meant that you can just create a whole new model on the computer, look." He tooked Neji's computer.

"Yo!" he roared.

"Chill Hyuuga"

"Shut up Uchiha."

And thus began a glaring contest. Until.."Can you guys stop and pay attention?" asked Naruto. Eyes widened. "Naruto just.." Started Sasuke. "Said something.."continued Neji. "Smart?" Shikamaru ended. they shuddered. "Talk about scary" Shikamaru muttered. Naruto looked very,very confused.

"Well just use the normal program where you edit that crap and just make a new model. So...who's gonna do it?" Shikamaru asked. Naurto, Sasuke and Shikamaru screamed a one word answer. "NOT IT!". Neji looked mortified. "I have to do this crap...AGAIN!" The trio nodded. "Oh hell.."


Neji thought it over. 'Can't make a blondie' he thought when he looked at his picture of the models. 'Nope not lavender hair neither.' he continued. ' Definatley not another pink head.' his thoughts came to an end. This.Was.Hopeless. He slammed his fist on the table. "Dammit." he cursed.

Just at that moment he saw that his cup of coffee splited. It was...brown. 'Brown hair...' he squinted. It was getting hot in his office. He waked over to his window. When he opened it the wind came pouring into the room. If he wasn't as sane as he is, he would've thought the wind told him brown hair and brown eyes. His eyes widened.

"That'll be a great combination for a model." he said to noone inparticular. He went back to the computer. He inserted brown hair and almond shaped brown eyes. He frowned. No more inspriration. He went back to the window but before he got to it, another whisper from the wind. 'Two hair buns..Chinese...looking...' it said. Neji saw an image in his head. It was as if he had seen her before. When his ' vision' ended he ran back to his computer to put all the changes.


"I'm...done." he said with little enthusiesm. He was exuashted. He click save as. he typed the word 'File'. Being less sane. He played with the number keys. He wrote 1010. Then he did something very un-Neji-ish.He passed out.

Moments after he passed out, something happened to his computer. The wind guided the image from the computer to match the creation. His creation. Whent the wind was done, she left behind her work. A woman with her brown hair in buns. Her eyes currently closed. She was wearing a pink chinese shirt with green capris. And hence her name was...



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