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Chapter NiNE: Emotion

Tenten poked Hinata. "Hinata-chan, are you okay?" Hinata smiled weakly as she tighten her grip on the envelope. 'Naruto-kun.. Naruto- kun..' . Her heart skipped a beat as she held the envelope to her heart. Ino sat as far away from Sakura as she could. Temari was on a chair left of Tenten. For some reason Temari seemed to be.. sulking? Tenten's eyes narrowed.

Ino away from Sakura? When the hell did this happen? Tenten shook her head as she looked back at Hinata. " Hey Hina-chan, is there some bad blood between Sakura and Ino lately?" she whispered softly to the smaller girl. Hinata looked at her two friends. They did seem to be avioding each other lately.

This has been going on for a while now. After the photo shoot last week those two have not been seen together as often as they should. Hell it was so obvious, even the publicity caught up. Headlines such as; 'What Happened to INOKURA?', 'Hissy Catfight Between The Model Best Friends?', or her favorite, 'What Did Sasuke Do Now?'. Hinata frowned to see her friends like this. "I don't know Tenten-chan.."

"Whenever Sakura walked one direction, Ino would walked the other. When Sakrua would do a great shot, Ino would do a better one. Was this to top the other or is this just over Sasuke?" Tenten read outloud. Sometimes education lies in the People magazines. Who knew?

Tenten turned to her left. "You okay, Temari?" Temari looked like she killed something as she turned. Tenten almost felt the rain cloud over Temari's head as she patted the older girl on the back. Tenten and Hinata shudder at the intensity in the atomsphere in the lounge.

Angst. Hate. Jealousy. Saddness.

They lingered in the air. They emitted from three of the people. Tenten and Hinata didn't feel like they belonged there at all.

Naruto dug into his ramen as Shikamaru worked on some paperwork. He was on his second stack. It wasn't fun having Lee screaming in your ear the whole week. ("Ganbette Shikamaru-kun! Yosh!") Shikamaru sighed.

The model shoot last week turned out to be a disaster. From what he knew, Gaara was a paitent guy. Very paitent. But even Gaara'a patience ran out when Ino and Sakura started a fight last week. In fact Gaara was so pissed he threw the camera at them. It was lucky that it missed Ino and Sakura. Too bad for the guy in the back though.

"I can't do this anymore," Shikamaru whispered. And we ain't talking about the papers either.

"Are you outta your mind?!"

Kankuro huffed. Gaara looked like he was ready to kill. 'He's always ready'.' Kankura glared. Resoning out with the baby of the family wasn't going to be a walk in the park. 'Little brat.' he sneered.

So this is what happened. Kankuro took a whole TEN minutes of his time to tell Gaara about the situation with their sister. His ten minutes he could've wasted making 10 swans, four cranes, a hat, and maybe a freaking puppet to top it all off! But no, he had to discuss it with Gaara, of all people, who had a heart of a rock. Ungrateful little bastard.

"No, I'm not out of my mind. Why don't we just set her up with that guy with the flowers? Geez, she needs a life," Kankuro reasoned. Gaara glared.

Gaara sighed before starting. "SO if we do set her up with the guy with flowers-- we don't even know who the hell this guy is! Further more, he could be some kind of pervert, who wants her for her body. Then he gets her pregant, then we're stuck with a PMS-ing, pregant bitch who won't shut up because THAT useless bastard left. THen we have a good for nothing crying baby waking up everyone at three in morning. Temari's gonna be drained out, she'll look like a zombie, which will result to her losing her job. She'll gain weight- alot of weight. So the other end of the equation will have us, you and me, stuck with this fat, old version of Temari and a loud kid. So, no, absolutely not."

Kankuro stood with his jaw about to fall out. THere was a long pause before Kankuro spoke up. ".. What if he's not a perv?"



"AHHHH!!!" With the battle cry, Gaara grabbed the paper weight from his desk and threw it at Kankuro. Kankuro was cry inside. He regrets getting that for Gaara's birthday. Actually he regrets getting anything for Gaara's birthday.

Somewhere, Itachi sneezed.

"Wahh boring!" Tenten yawned. Sitting back in Neji's seat she looked at the computer. "Maybe Neji has some prono I can blackmail him with." Yes inside she was cackling. Not laughing, but cackling.

She looked through his pictures. Her head rested on her fist. 'Not a single one. Talk about sex deprived.' So she had no right to say that but who cares. The next picture held her attention though. It held her attention so long she didn't even notice Neji coming into the room.

Looking annoyed he hissed "Tenten what the he-" However he stopped with the look Tenten gaved him.

The look with tears in her eyes.

Kiba looked at Naruto pigging out with disgust. Why Naruto had Hinata's affection was beyond him. Kiba couldn't help but grit his teeth at that. Why Naruto? Why not him? However he wasn't completely sure Hinata liked Naruto, it was just a thoery. However what happened at the hospital proved everything.

Looking over now he sees Naruto talking to Lee. "Hey Lee, don't you think Sakura is fine? She's like so my type." Naruto said with a foxy grin on his face. Lee nodded and started listing all the reasons she was beautiful. THat was the last straw for Kiba, as he walked his way towards the fox boy.

The employees' louge became silent as Kiba lifted Naruto by the collar.

"Listen fox boy, and listen good. Go chase after the pink bitch, but stay the hell away from Hinata. You got that, punk?!" Kiba snarled as he dropped Naruto and walked out. Shino shook his head and sighed.

He had a feeling this would happen.

"Sasuke." Tsunade called for the onyx eyed man. The said man took a breath before walking towards the woman. Tsunade turned her chair to face him, throwing the magazines on her desk. Sasuke winced but didn't say anything.

"Is this what you call working?! Causing trouble between the models? Are you trying to ruin this company like what your brother did?" Tsunade shouted. Sasuke clenched his fist at the mantion of his brother.

Tsunade was furious. "What is this rubbish in the company. Do you know how much money was wasted on that photo shoot?! Almost three million with the professionals and the lightening. What is this crap you're showing me!?"

Sasuke remained calm. Though he didn't how much he could take. "I'm sorry Tsunade-sama, I'll try harder next time."

Tsunade sighed and waved him out. "You better. Now scram."

Sasuke walked and slammed the door shut with a bang that echoed, causing pain to Tsunade's newly aquired headache.

Shikamaru looked around for her. She should be ther already - it's not that far from the SNJ (Sexy-No-Jutsu) building. Spotting a blond ponytail sent him running. He whistled and she turned to him and looped arms with him.

"Ah, Shikamaru! What's -" Shikamaru looked so serious it was scary.

There was an awkward pause before Shikamaru detached himself from her.

"Ino, we need to talk."


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