This is my first fanfic, so don't be brutal. lol . It's about Zack when he's 35, Cody died a year ago and Zack wants a second chance. He gets one, but more than he thought he would. You'll see why…..Read on…..

"Zack, honey?" Mackenzie, or Max, as Zack still called her since they were 12, said, "Do you want to talk about it?" Zack ignored his wife and kept starring out the window into the sky. It was snowing, big snowflakes, just like the day Cody died. "You can tell me anything you're feeling. It's okay." Max stayed in the door way feeling her husband's pain.

'No, it's not okay.' Zack thought. He and Cody were close. They grew up together at the Tipton with their Mom, Carey, until they were 16. Their Mom died in a subway accident. They stuck together when they moved in with their Dad three states away from the Tipton, their home, then back close to where they lived before. Kurt understood they wanted to go back home. They went to college together away from Boston, rented a house with some friends through college together, bought their first apartment together. Cody was Zack's best man when he got married to his child hood friend, Max. Zack was Cody's best man too when he got married to Katelynn. They were both there for each other when their wives had kids. They went through so many things together, good and bad. When Zack moved his wife and three kids back to Boston, his hometown, Cody soon followed with his wife and four kids. 'Cody's kids,' Zack thought, 'four beautiful kids. Paige, she's only ten, the second and youngest daughter of Cody and Katelynn, Lane, she was definitely a 'Daddy's Girl.' Zack clenched his fist against the window sill, she loved her Dad so much and did almost everything with him. 'Thirteen's too young to lose a Dad,' Zack thought, 'Then of course, Cody's youngest sons, his twin, Caleb and Payden. 'That was us'. Zack thought. Caleb and Payden were just like Zack and Cody when they were kids; blonde, blue/green eyes, funny, energetic and they always stick together. Max always joked about Caleb and Payden being the spitting image of Cody and Zack. They were only seven and now without a Dad. Zack looked at the floor as he thought about Paige, Lane, Payden and Caleb, 4 kids, without a Dad.

"Do you still want to go?" Max asked Zack putting a hand on his shoulder.

"Yeah." Zack mumbled. Of course he wanted to go. Today was the one year anniversary of Cody's death, and their birthday. They're 35 now. Zack wanted to tell Cody happy birthday at nine o'clock, like they always had. It was official that they would be a year older and nine, when they were born.

Zack squatted down on the snow covered grave. He looked at the flower he was holding, then layed it down on the frozen earth. He read the small engraved poem on Cody's gravestone, below his picture.

We were two little sets of footprints,

Two dirty little faces;

We caught frogs, chased puppy dogs,

Played ball and ran some races

We raced across the sands of time,

Keeping up with one another;

Two best friends until the end,

Heart to Heart

Brother to Brother

We didn't know where life would lead,

Or how the story would end;

But no matter what path we walked on,

I'm forever your Best Friend.

While we can't always be together,

We'll never be too far apart;

I give to you the best of me….

A friend and all of my heart

I'll share with you our memories,

Of a life we lived together;

I'll give you a gift of laughter,

To carry you through stormy weather.

So as you look back through the years,

Just look inside your heart;

As long as we share Brotherly Love,

We'll never be far apart.

Heart to Heart

Brother to Brother.

Zack let a tear fall as he read the last part, "Heart to Heart, Brother to Brother." He wiped a tear away. "I need you Cody, you've always been with me, I'm not used to this Cody. You should be here right now, with your friends, family, your kids, Katelynn….me. I miss you Cody. If I had one chance to take this back, I would." Zack let a tear fall to the now even more snow covered ground.

"Zack?" Max asked, squatting down next to her husband putting an arm around his waist.

"I guess I'm still not used to it, he should be here."

"I know honey. We should go, the kids are home alone and we left Addie in charge."

Zack stood up putting an arm around Max's waist. "I'm lucky to have you and the kids." Zack kissed the top of Max's head. "I love you."

"I love you too."

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