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Chapter 12- 'Together'

Zack layed in his bed, it was two days after he got out of the hospital. He was listening to Cody and Carey in the living room.

"I'll be gone for the whole day," Carey said.

"Okay, mom," Cody said distracted, probably by the TV.

"Make sure when you unpack today you put everything somewhere neat. And that doesn't mean throw it somewhere."

Mr. Moseby had told Carey about her and the boys moving the night before Zack was in the hospital. Carey had started moving stuff that day.

The Martins were happy with their new suite, in fact, they got two. Mr. Moseby wanted the Martin family to have the perfect home, even if it meant still living at the Tipton. Zack and Cody basically had their own suite, with two bedrooms, a bathroom and a mini-kitchen and the living room part together. Carey had the adjoining suite with Zack and Cody, it was perfect for Carey, she now had her own room, bathroom and living room and mini-kitchen.

"You'll have to order pizza or something," Carey said. "Make sure Zack takes his medicine, and please, no loud noises, he still needs to rest."

"Okay. Bye, mom," Cody said.

Zack rolled over on his back after he heard the door close quietly behind Carey. There was a knock at his door, then Cody came in.

Cody put down the box he had on Zack's empty desk, "Hey, are you up to some unpacking?"

Zack sat up, "Cody, have you ever had a big secret that wasn't something somebody could believe?"

"No," Cody said sitting on Zack's bed, "because I didn't get what you just said."

Zack thought about how, of if he was going to tell Cody about why he was acting weird all week. "Never mind, let's unpack."

"Okay, but you have to stop acting weird, and I know you're better enough to unpack your own stuff." Cody said with a smirk.

Zack smiled, he didn't need to tell Cody, everything was fine the way it was, he had his whole family with him. Everything he needed was with him, Cody, Carey, Mr. Moseby and his family, Maddie, London and the Tipton, his home.

The phone rang, Cody got off Zack's bed and went to the living room. Zack got out of bed and changed into some shorts and a long sleeve shirt.

Cody came back in, "That was mom, she wants us to meet her in the lobby."

"What for?"

"I don't know, but she said she'll be here in ten minutes. Come on, she sounded really happy."

"Okay, okay, chill!"

Zack and Cody sat in the lobby bored. "How long ago did Mom call?" Zack asked laying on the chair sideways with his head hanging over the side.

"Um," Cody looked at his watch, "about an hour ago."

"Subway's probably slow again."

"Zack I'm worried."

"Cody, don't worry, she's probably just late." Zack reassured Cody.

Zack got wide-eyed, this was the exact conversation him and Cody had the day Carey's accident happened.

"Zack! Cody!" Maddie said running to them through the hotel doors. Zack and Cody sat up quickly.

"Maddie, what's wrong?" Cody asked Maddie as she caught her breath.

"Zack, Cody, it's your Mom."

Zack froze, starring at Maddie. The room started to spin and his head started pounding. 'No, no, no,' Zack thought. 'She's supposed to live. I saved her.'

"Come on, she's outside," Maddie said as she grabbed Zack and Cody's hands.

They ran outside, Zack and Cody stopped; there was a black Grand Am GT parked on the side of the street, Carey was in it.

"Happy late birthday, boys!" Carey yelled excited.

Cody ran to the car and hopped in it. Zack stood frozen, head still pounding. 'She's here,

mom's here,' Zack thought.

"Come on, Zack! We're going for a drive!" Cody said excited.

Zack smiled and got in the car.

"Now, let's go. We're all together in you new car," Carey said starting the car up.

"Together," Zack repeated smiling.

The Martin family drove off together through Boston, together. They were all Zack needed, all he had, all he wanted, all his life.

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