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A new girl entered the school she was a fairly young soul at only about 800, but she was a very important Muse, she was the angel of Death Unknown, since there were many unnoted deaths accuring she was needed. She walked in and then Thom appeared to greet her. "Good day miss. Kimi" he said.

"Good day Thom, but how many times do I need to tell you to call me Luchia!" She told him with a smile.

She started to walk to her room chatting with Thom on the way, she was usually on earth dealing with human matters since she wasn't needed that often, but there were some strange things happening and she was needed so that's why she was here "Thom? Do you know aanything about these deaths?" She asked him.

"No but I would like to find out who is doing this" he said.

"Well thank you anyway and see you later I must be off!" she said walking tword the headmasters office.

"I'm back!" She called out. After walking in.

"I see that" he said "Well I hope you know why your here, you'll be here for a while, we have had many deaths come in that were very unexpected and shouldn't have happened but we don't have a clue what is causing them, since only a few people know about it I am teaming you up with a few of our best and the shutterbox, they should be here any minute, but until then I will give you a paper you need to read, it has information on all the people who have died unexpectedly, it has names, dates, occupations, muses, and anything you need to know, I want a full and thourough investigation to find out what is causing it." he said handing her a peice of paper that had the information on it.

She looked over it and said "Some of these people should have lived for at least another 25 years! I mean Ami brown should have commited suicide in 10 years not last week!"

"Well there is the mystery" He said while 3 people walked in Dane, AJ and Megan.

Luchia stould up from the chair she was sitting in and introduced herself to megan and giving AJ a hug since they went out with each other about 50 years ago and where married in a past life, they had a strong bond.(hint: there mariage didn't last very long since he died soon after and left her to find out why she lived. Until she came back to the university where she forgot everything)She then turned to the Headmaster to explain everything to them, while after that they agreed that they would all meet the next day in the cafe.

When they all left the office everyone scattered but luchia followed AJ and tapped him on the shoulder, he turned around "Luchia it's been a long time but you sure don't change much in appearance."

"Neither do you but I love knowing that I will always be young, and not growing into a hag! So how has it been it's been 50 years since I last saw you, and who is the new shutterbox?" She asked him sitting down at a nearby bench.

He explained about the new shutterbox and a little about his past lives while she did the same and then they went there seperate ways for a good nights sleep.

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