Too young


A lot of people liked my other story "Untitled" And now I started a new one which I hope you like. So here it!


"Troy!" Jack Bolton screamed for his sixteen year old son to come downstairs. He soon heard footsteps pounding down the stair case. He ran into the kitchen.

"Yeah?" Troy asked. His father pointed to the phone. Troy picked it up and said hello.

"Troy? It's Gabriella. I guess I should tell you now. Um when we well you know,uhh some thing happened. Troy I'm pregnant…"

Yes I know it's short but I always make my first chappie short to see you guys like it. Soo there. If I should continue just tell me and if anyone wants to give me ideas then they are welcome. Not really sure where this might be going, but I will soon. R&R(I proise ill make the chappie longer then this!