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At Ayame's house:

Ayame woke up one morning and thought to himself "I will go see Yuki today!"

At Shigure's house:

It was about 8 a.m. on Saturday morning when the house heard a knock on the door. After a few rings nobody had gotten it so Yuki eventually got up to get it and when he got to the door. oh...the horror it was Ayame so he closed it imediantly(sp?). Ayame just stould at the door and a few hours later Yuki came back to see if he was still there, and of course he was. So he let him in.

"Oh brother will you go on a vacation with me?" Pleaded Ayame.

"No never, not ever in your life!" Said Yuki.

"But it's already paid for!" He lied.

"No" Said Yuki.

"If you don't go then I will take Tohru!" He threatened.

"Fine but don't touch Tohru!" He said, really scared of what he might do.

"OK then be in my shop tomorrow morning to plan things out, ciao" He left.

The rest of the day he was protecting Tohru from the perv.(a.k.a. Shigure). Kyo just had to be out on a "date" today didn't he.

At Haru's home:

"Shuttup Momiji Dammit with all that German crap!" Haru yelled at Momiji

Momiji Says something in German like "No! Take me to Shigure's and I will"

"What the hell just say it!" demanded Haru

"Fine then take me to Shigure's! I want to see Tohru!" he yelled

"Sure whatever but your going to shuttup and leave me alone, ok!" Yelled haru

'Ok then just take me and I will leave you alone" he yelled

Soon enough they started to walk out the door to go to shigure's. On the way all you could was here thankyous from momiji, so it annoyed the crap out of haru but he was just thinking of how nice it would be to have an afternoon of peace and quiet.

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