Summary: What if you found out your going to die in ten days, would you be happy with the life you have lead, or be full of regrets? Sakura-centric story

AN: Sakura, Sasuke, and Naruto are all 20 years old. The boys are ANBU and Sakura is a med ninja. Any other questions will be answered later (I think)


Friday afternoon, Sakura was frustrated with her relationship with Sasuke or lack of. She decided to go see her best friend Ino, for some advice and support. Ino had given up on Sasuke a long time ago and was currently dating the world's laziest piece of flesh, Shikamaru Nara.

Tired of hearing Sakura's nonstop bitching, Ino felt the need to add her two cents, "Sakura, you need to forget about that jerk and move on; Lee is still very interested in you. Anyway, let's go get some comfort food."

Walking through the marketplace, Ino and Sakura saw people huddled around. Curious about what was going on, they made their way through the crowd. In the center stood a man whose appearance looked horrible; his hair looked like it hadn't been combed in ages, and his clothes were tattered. He was rambling while standing on top of a wooden box.

"What's going on here?" asked Sakura to the man next to her.

"This man claims to see the future." replied the man.

"It's true, he said my boyfriend would propose and he did!" said a young girl as she flashed her engagement ring, "Ask him a question; he'll answer it for a fee."

"Come on Sakura, let's give it a try!" as Ino pulled her towards the prophet. Ino pulled out her money and not taking it seriously asked if she would get lucky tonight. The nameless man took a moment and replied, "No, before dinner, you will have a huge fall out."

"You jerk!" Ino wanted to hit this man for lying to her, but Sakura kept her from swinging. "Thank you," said the man, "My name is Kyo, I come from a line of seers, and to show my gratitude I'll answer your question for free."

Immediately her thoughts went to Sasuke, "Will I have a future with Sasuke." Kyo took a minute to ponder and simply replied, "No, I'm sorry, you're going to die in ten days." "I hate giving bad fortunes, so I hope this will cheer you up, tomorrow you'll receive a job promotion."

Shocked by his words, Sakura took off running leaving a stumped Ino behind. On the way her home, she pasted Naruto and Sasuke, and they both could tell she was crying and visually upset. Trailing behind her was Ino trying to catch up to her. Stopping Ino in her tracks Naruto asked what happened, why was Sakura crying. "'I don't know, I think something was said and when I find out I'll let you know, okay!" heavily breathed Ino.

Ino finally caught up to Sakura at the park, she was crying on the swing. "What did he tell you?" asked Ino. "He said I would not be with Sasuke," cried Sakura. Ino interrupted, "Big deal I told you that!" "He also said I would die in ten days!" whimpered Sakura. Ino was taken back with the news but bravely said, "He is full of shit, the man is a quack, and he claimed I would break up with Shika-kun. I never been so happy and why would I ruin it."

"You're right!" Sakura replied, "I shouldn't let it get to me."

"That's the spirit! Anyway if you need me call." Said Ino, "I have to get ready for my date, see you later!"

"Bye, I'll talk to you tomorrow!" waved Sakura. Feeling a little stupid, she decided to go get some dinner. "Hey, Naruto and Sasuke-kun!" Sakura smiled.

"Are you alright?" Naruto voiced a little concern, "We saw you crying earlier."

"Never better," She answered truthfully.

The conversation was kept lively until Shikamaru and Chouji walked in. They both looked very irritated. Sakura stopped what she was doing and walked to them. "I thought you had plans with Ino?" it was really not a question but rather a statement.

"Troublesome." was all the reply she got. Chouji answered, "They broke up a while ago!" Sakura's eyes went wide and she ran out the door.

"What was that about?" asked Naruto to no one in particular.


Sakura sprinted to Ino's place, and didn't even bother knock on her door. Sitting on the couch she saw a very depressed Ino. "What happened Ino, I just saw Shikamaru?" Sakura asked.

"He is an ass, he completely forgot today was our one year anniversary!" cried Ino, "He made no plans, and I yelled at him, and suggested if he didn't care we should break up! Sakura, he agreed, he said I am troublesome!"

"It will be okay, both of you just need to cool off." She said as she comforted Ino.

"Oh my god, that man said that I would not be lucky tonight!" still crying, "It's true!"

"Don't think about it, a good night sleep will do you good!" as she lead Ino to her bedroom, "We'll talk tomorrow more, you need rest."

As she exited the apartment Sakura was a little worry, but thought Ino's temper got the best of her and she would be back with Shikamaru by tomorrow night. When she arrived at her apartment, there was a letter attached to the door, it said, "Team 7 meeting with the Fifth Hokage at noon, don't be late." Too tired to think Sakura decided to worried about it in the morning.


The trio stood in the middle of her office, "I have great news, as of today, Sakura you will be head of the medical squad," smiled Tsunade.

Sakura was very stunned and immediately thought about that man. "Tsunade, did you tell anyone yesterday?"

"Why, do you ask Sakura?" Tsunade sounded a little concerned.

"Well, this man I meet in the marketplace mentioned it yesterday." answered Sakura.

"Oh! I see we have received plenty of complaints about him, what else did he say to you?"

"Nothing to important, he said Ino would break up with Shikamaru, and she did; my job promotion." Sakura said, Tsunade could tell her apprentice wasn't telling the whole truth.

"I advise all of you to stay clear of him, nothing good ever comes from knowing the future. Everyone is dismissed except Sakura, we need to talk."

Naruto hugged her and whispered that they will celebrate tonight and left the office. Sasuke just nodded and followed. "Congrats! I knew you could do it! We'll talk later!" said Kakashi.

"Sakura tell me everything he said to you." Tsunade sounded caring, but the tone implied it was an order.

"Well, Tsunade, he said I would die in ten days, or rather nine now." answered Sakura, "I wasn't afraid but now I'm a little worried." Sakura answered honestly

Tsunade's eyes widen and felt a little worried, after all this girl was like a daughter to her. She decided to take certain precautions and keep her safe, "Until further notice, you will be off activate status; we need time to sort out this matter."

"But, Tsunade, what about my job?" trying to rebut, but it was useless.

"I'm sorry, but it's for the best."

"I understand"

Sakura was definitely scared; if Tsunade was taking it serious; it must be true. Everything he said had come true so far; she didn't want to die not accomplishing any of her goals. Now she started to wonder if this was the life she wanted or was there time to change it.

A little voice in her head, kept telling her it was a sick joke, but knew Tsunade would never be apart of it. She needed to talk to someone, and decided what to do next…


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