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Chapter 10

Morning came faster than Sasuke would have of liked. Heavy pounding at the doors broke his concentration of last night's events. Sleepily opening the door, Sasuke failed to dodge the left hook from his best friend.

"You're a real bastard," fumed Naruto, "You promised you would never hurt Sakura-chan, again." Naruto's chakra was still rising, but a familiar hand brought a sense of tranquilly to the room.

"I'm sure Sasuke has a reasonable explanation," spoke Kakashi, giving an aura of disappointment.

"Sakura-chan isn't like those sluts you're normally with. To her sex is showing love not just satisfying your lust." Naruto was still very pissed at Sasuke and wasn't hiding his discontent.

"What happens between Sakura and I is no one's business," coldly answered Sasuke.

"Maybe, but when you break her heart it becomes my problem," barely lifting his face from his precious orange book; retorted the copy-nin. "You might be a saint in her eyes, but we all know different."

"I don't take threats lightly. We can always settle this at the training grounds. I win both of you drop it; you win…"

"You leave her alone, bastard;" budded in Naruto, "This afternoon, 4:00. I'll smack that smirk straight off your arrogant face."

"I'll be there, now get out." Sasuke moved next to the door signaling the end of the visit. Naruto stomped off, without a second glance, but Kakashi stayed behind. "You haven't thought out the consequences of your actions. I'll not stand by and watch you destroy years of hard trust and teamwork."

This was shaping up to be an interesting morning; never a dull moment when Sakura was involved. Sasuke didn't intend to challenge his teammates to a fight, but they were questioning his morals. Granted the last surviving Uchiha didn't have the best track record, but he still lived by the shinobi's code. It was time to pay a visit to the man that started all this drama, Kyo.


On the other side of town….

The phone rang too earlier, Kiba did his best to ignore, but the person on the other line had a different idea. "I don't want whatever you're selling," groggily mumbled the sleeping boy.

"Kiba, I did something sooo stupid," ranted the girl on the phone, "Ino not home, and I have no one else! Please I need you."

Shaking the remnants of sleep, "Stay put, I'm on my way." Quickly dressed, Kiba ran downstairs, seeing his older sister enjoying her breakfast.

"You're up early," joked Hana.

The younger Inuzuka replied without evening thinking, "Sakura is upset and it seems she needs a shoulder to cry on."

"Oh dear, what did that girl do this time?" Hana seemed slightly irritated at the mention of the pink hair medic.

"Why do you care?" asked the younger Inuzuka.

"Well she has developed quite the reputation. I'm surprised she didn't try to stick her tongue down your throat." Kiba's eyes widen in mildly surprised, his sister was the first person to bring up this matter face to face. Hana lifted herself from her stool, her brother could be too clueless sometimes; "You didn't think I knew what happened the other night."

"Everyone knows I didn't peg you as the gossiping type."

"I'm usually not, but when it involves my little brother; I interested." countered Hana, "Only a chump forgives that easily."

"Nothing to forgive, both of us were drunk and her team mates wouldn't have allowed it get out of hand."

Massage her temples, "My brother the doormat, you're only setting yourself up for more disappointment. Sakura will never see you more than just a friend."

"I know, Hana;" Kiba sighed in defeat," We take what we can get, and to me her friendship is enough."

Hana wanted to reach out to her brother, offer her support. She had always known of his little crush, but everyone in Konoha knew Sakura Haruno only had eyes for the Uchiha. "I guess you better take some type of comfort food, girls like to discuss their problems over ice cream and cookies."

"Thanks Hana," a small smile began forming on Kiba's lips.


Tenten sat in her bedroom staring at the vial her associate had given her. The Masquerade was only a couple of days away. She had hinted to Neji for weeks that she wanted to attend with him, but alas her crush never asked. Instead, weapons mistress sadly accepted Lee's invitation to the ball. Lee was a good guy, but in her eyes lacked the necessary mystery she wanted. Part of her felt a little guilty about leading Lee on, but the path to success often required certain sacrifices.


It didn't matter what time you walked through the main street, the streets were packed with vendors, shoppers, and everything in-between. Sasuke didn't spare a second glance at the merchants trying to sell their goods. His only reason to be here was to find that damn fortune-teller.

It was loud, but Sasuke could hear a familiar voice in the distance. The closer the Uchiha got the clearer that voice and face became. With all his intelligence and logic, Sasuke couldn't grasp the fact he was seeking advice from a nut case standing on fruit crate.

Without even thinking, Sasuke was at the front of the crowd. "You're a lying sack of shit; I can't believe people pay you to tell them lies."

"I never speak of falseness, but in all my years not once have any of my prophecies been proven wrong. Trust me; I would love to be wrong and actually have a chance at an ordinary life." Kyo lowered his voice as he moved off his peddle stool.

"You told her we would never be together," flashing his sharingan, "To think I almost believed you."

The seer grinned at the open defiance, "Not yet, neither one of you have openly confessed you love. If she dies Saturday that makes me right. Besides you won't be given the chance, you're leaving the village. The sand is shifting."

One of the rare occasions, the raven-hair ninja was left speechless. There was no way in hell in would leave when Sakura needed him the most. All he had to do was declare his love and Kyo's prediction would be void.

"You're the last person I thought would be seen here," chuckled a recognizable voice.

"If you came here to tease, I suggest you back off? Kakashi," spoke Sasuke.

"We been assigned a mission, and you'll have to postpone your fight with Naruto. Gaara requested Team Kakashi to Suna."

"Even Sakura?"

"Nope, she still on the inactive list; Tsunade doesn't want Sakura to leave Konoha. So when did you start to believe in fortune telling."

"I don't, but that man said something that unsettled Sakura. I been with her to make sure she doesn't do anything she'll regret later."

"I don't doubt your intentions, Sasuke. This isn't the best way to start a relationship."

Sasuke said nothing as he out his hands in his pocket and turned his back on his former teacher.


Sakura sat on her couch, wrapped in a blanket waiting for Kiba to arrive. She never had much experience with the opposite sex, and she was about to spill all her private details to a male friend. The door slowly opened revealing a boy standing at the door with breakfast. "It was too early for ice cream so I brought donuts and coffee."

One look at her disheveled appearance, the young Leaf ninja could tell she had been up all night crying and the heavy bags gave her the insomniac vibe. "Oh, Sakura why did you wait so long to call me," Kiba spoke with hint of concern. Within two seconds he was at Sakura side, wrapping his arms around her frail frame. "What happened can't be that bad."

Sakura said nothing, and was immediately comforted by the warmth his body had to offer. "I don't know what I want anymore. Tell me what should I do?" Kiba started rocked her, and massaging her back trying relax her over tense body. "Maybe it would help if you talked about it."

Muffled by the layers of clothes covering her face only one word was audible, "Sasuke."

Kiba forced his body to relax not wanting to upset Sakura more, "What about him?"

"I met him on the way home yesterday and well…" Sakura pulled herself away from Kiba to give a full explanation; "One thing led to another and we ended up at my apartment. We were getting closer, when Naruto walked in…" The usually cheerful medic broke down in more tears, and generously accepted the tissue Kiba offered her. "I have never seen Naruto look so disappointed in me, and Sasuke brushed it off like it was nothing."

"I wouldn't worry about it, Naruto is a good guy. He could never be disappointed in you," reassured Kiba. "I bet by now he was forgotten all about it."

"That's not the worst of it; I said some really hurtful thing to Sasuke. To prove me wrong, he kissed me so passionately. It made me think I was the only girl for him, but I still kicked him out."

Kiba resumed coddling his distress friend, "Please quit crying, Sakura. At one time or another we've all said things we regretted later. Besides the Uchiha isn't known to give up after one little setback."

Sakura looked at Kiba with her first genuine smile of the morning, "You're right, I just wanted to be with him so long, and now it's happening too fast."

"I didn't want to tell you this before, you look like shit Sakura-chan," teased the brown-hair boy, "Eat something and maybe think about taking a shower afterwards."

She playfully punched Kiba in the shoulder, "You try staying up all night crying your pretty eyes out."

"Yea, and get by ass kicked by my sister for being a wuss." He waited for a witty comeback only to discover that his loud side kick had used his shoulder as a pillow. "Right, sleep." Kiba gently nudged himself off the couch and watch Sakura sleep peacefully. He about to cover her with her blanket when the Inuzuka saw a shadow approaching. The young ninja opened the door before the intruder had a chance to knock.

"Want to see your handy work, Uchiha;" snickered Kiba. "If you had any decency you would leave now. Sakura had a difficult night and is finally getting the rests she deserves."

Not in the mood for another confrontation, Sasuke readily agree to his request; "Whatever, tell her I came by and that I'll see her when I give back."

"It that all, Uchiha?" rudely closing the door on Sasuke's face.

The raven-hair boy fumed at the level disrespect Inuzuka showed. He would have to teach him a lesson when he returned and Sakura wasn't around. It amazed the Uchiha to see how many people watched out for Sakura's best interest.

The moment Kiba realized he had slammed the door on Sasuke's face, he thought he was a dead man. Man, thank God for this being Sakura's apartment. He grab the blanket and cover her petite form. It wasn't right to leave Sakura alone, Kiba moved to the loveseat and dozed off waiting for Sakura to wake up.


Kiba woke to hearing the sound of running water, "Hey sleepily head, your looked so cute crammed on the small sofa I didn't have the heart to wake you."

"It may looked cute, but my neck it killing me;" complained Kiba rotating his shoulders.

"Well come here and I'll give you one of my special massages;" replied Sakura. "Hey did anyone come by while I was sleep."

It only to a split second for Kiba to decide to lie to his crush, "No."

"That's funny; I thought I heard you talking to someone."

"I watched a little TV before falling asleep." He felt some guilt, but he didn't want to upset Sakura now that she was back to her cheerful self. "So what are your plans for today, Sakura."