Author: this story is because I have become obsessed with the thing known as (dramatic pause) Yoai. Not only that, but I have become obsessed with Yusuke and Kurama Yoai. Yes, me. Which means I will take you to a far away place known as dimension 665 where there is no Setsuna, Bunny or Raye. So this is for all you people who thought I couldn't write a story without a OC.

Setsuna: well what are we gonna do while your writing this story?

Author: hang out in one of my other stories of course. Your not mad at me for giving away your boy toy right?

Setsuna: of course not, its not like he's cheating on me, its not my Yusuke its Kurama and Hiei's Yusuke. I mean come on, three majorly hot guys. Three majorly hot gay guys. And gay loving.

Cherry: yeah, I wish I could have a sex change so that I could experience the hot thing known as gay love. And then I could turn back into a girl and experience lesbian love

Author: 0.o You guys are creepy

Setsuna: (still thinking of the guys) hott guys. Oh my Gods they are so hot!

Simultaneously Hiei, Kurama, and Yusuke sneezed. "Someone must be thinking of us." muttered Kurama.

"Well tell them to stop." said Yusuke while rubbing his nose "we don't want to get caught." You see the guys were on a mission. Not a particularly dangerous one, they were low class demons, but still. Right now they were waiting for said demons to arrive. They were transporting a type of plant that was dangerous to humans into the nigen world. Just your everyday take over the world plot.

"No one was thinking of me" said Kuwabara who had not sneezed.

"No one thinks of someone so ugly." said Hiei scathingly.

"Aw Hiei, don't be so mean to Kuwabara, just because you haven't gotten any in ages." said Yusuke teasingly. Kurama stifled back laughter while Kuwabara guffawed.

"Well what do we have here?" They turned to see a demon with green scales, black eyes and three horns.

"Aw shit." said Yusuke before said demon sent a blast of spirit energy at them. They scattered, so that the blast only created a giant hole in the walls, not their heads. The detectives were surrounded by five mean and angry looking demons. Behind them was a crate full of poisonous plants in the form off carrots. "Kurama." Yusuke said, "you try and get the plants away so these uglies cant get to them and the rest of us will take care of the competition." He adjusted his head, causing it to crack. "Lets go."

Kuwabara called his spirit sword and began fighting the purple demon with one huge horn on the left. Hiei attacked the demon on the right. Yusuke punched the first demon. Kurama battled off a red warty demon trying to get to the crate. The fifth demon was about to help the red demon defeat Kurama but Hiei killed him first. The fight was over before it even began, The detectives were just that good.

"Is it just me or is this starting to get boring?" asked Yusuke

"I admit that most of our jobs of late have been low grade demons." Kurama replied.

"A simple 'yes' would be good enough." Yusuke rolled his eyes.

"I guess we've just beaten all of the powerful ones already." said Kuwabara. They all contemplated the orange haired man's words. It is true that they had been through many fights but surely they couldn't have beaten everyone? That was against the laws of Anime!

"So what do we do now?" asked Yusuke

"Lets go party!" said Kuwabara

"Yeah! Come on, I know a great bar a few miles away from my house."

"That would be great Yusuke but," Kurama gestured to his suite that was covered in green demon blood. Everyone had similar stains and Hiei had lost his shirt in the fight. That was nothing new.

"Okay. We will change and shower and meet at my house in an hour." said Yusuke.

"I don't have time to deal with your pitiful nigen idea of fun." said Hiei

"Aw come on Hiei! You never have any fun!" said Yusuke

"Yes, Hiei you should join us." smiled Kurama coyishly.

"Hm." 'I really don't feel like dealing with stupid nigens' thought Hiei 'but how can I resist a face like that' for all three of the other members had puppy dog faces on. Awwww! They're so CUTE! (my thought, not Hiei's)

"Aw crap." said Kuwabara. "I cant come tonight, I promised Yukina I'd watch Desperate Housewives."

Yusuke made a whipping sound and motion. "Kitten whipped." he said.

"I am not! I just cant refuse my darling Yukina!"

Although Hiei simmered at that comment he had realized that there was no way he could get his sister to drop Kuwabara. He supposed there were worse choices, Kuwabara was very loyal so… He had made his peace.

When Hiei tuned back into the conversation Yusuke was asking "do you even know the definition of Kitten Whipped?"

"I don't believe there is a definition of Kitten Whipped" said Kurama. He had a small smile. He was enjoying this too much.

"Yeah well, if it had a definition it would have a picture of Kuwabara right next to it!" Yusuke laughed.

"You say that one more time Urimeshi and I will beat you to a pulp!"

"you can try." scoffed Yusuke.

After glaring a bit at each other Kuwabara looked at his watch that read seven o'clock. "Crap! I'm late! See ya guys!" and he ran off.

Yusuke turned to Hiei "So are you coming or not?" He nodded and then disappeared. "all right then! See you in an hour Kurama!"

After they disappeared the concrete began to swirl into a portal and a hand came up, grabbing for the solid part of ground she hoisted herself up and stood, dusting black goo off of her leather suite. Luckily for the beautiful leather the goo slid right off. The girl had raven black hair with blue streaks it in. She had bright green eyes and pale skin "Mwahahaha!" laughed the girl evilly. "I will have my Yaoi fan fiction! Mwahahaha!" Needless to say this girl is your beloved author. She pulled out a walky-talky "Leathergirl to Icequeen, come in Icequeen! Operation sexy boy love is underway!" she spoke.

The contraption crackled as a voice recognized as Yukina said "Hello Leathergirl this is Icequeen. Good! I'll have to get onto Kuwabara for being late. He missed the beginning of Desperate Housewives!"

"Well at least he remembered! Thank you Icequeen, if Kuwabara had gone to the party our whole operation would have been ruined. Can you thank Bluereaper? I have to make sure everyone dresses appropriately."

"Of course. I better do it now, Kuwabara should be here soon. Icequeen out!"