Author: OMFGIEZIES!! It's the absolutely last chapter! It's a funny (and sexy) end to a funny (and sexy) story. ARENT YOU HAPPY??

Marieko, a.k.a Secret agent Leathergirl, stood watching the scene in the mirror. "Ha! And they told me I couldn't do it."

"Who did?" asked Cherry, who was leaning against a cabinet.

Marieko thought for a second "Well, no one. I thought it needed to be said though."

"I think you can stop the taping now. Most of it's over." said Shadow Vampiress.

Marieko and Cherry exchanged glances. "Oh Crap." Leathergirl said, hanging her head. "I knew I had forgotten something. Crap! Now no one will believe this had ever happened." She said, proceeding to bang her head against the wall.

"Well, you can still write about it." consoled Shadow Vampiress, a sweat drop rolling down her head. "You might want to stop, they could hear you."

Marieko turned around glaring, not at the other secret agent, but at herself "But they'll just think it's some stupid fanfic that some crazy obsessed chick wrote. They wont realize that it actually happened!"

Cherry raised her eyebrow "Do you really want people to find out that they could go from dimension to dimension at will if they wanted?"

"Well some people already do, like the people from Subreality. Or um… the people reading this fic would probably figure it out…" Marieko smiled. "But your right. It does make a good fanfic. I'll just take what I can get."

"Good. We should probably leave now, our work here is done."

"You're right! I have another fic I need to work on!" Marieko sunk into the ground.

"Dramatic much?" Cherry said, walking through a wall.

Shadow Vampiress rolled her eyes, then walked out the door.

The room was empty for a second. The door opened and in walked a girl with long silver hair and bright green eyes. She looked into the room through the window then muttered "they just left them there? What kind of ending is that?" She pulled a laptop out of her backpack, opened it, then started typing.

The three boys were laying side by side. Hiei was curled up next to Kurama, a hand over his waist. Yusuke was propped up on Kurama's other side, hand tracing circles on his stomach. "Don't shoot me for saying this, but what happens next?" Yusuke asked.

"What do you mean?" Kurama, looked up with sleep filled eyes.

"I mean do we tell anyone? Or do we sneak off from time to time? Are we exclusive…" he trailed off, wondering if a threesome was exclusive.

"We don't need to hide this from anyone, it shouldn't matter to them." growled Hiei from Kurama's hip.

"And we are exclusive." finished Kurama, kissing Yusuke on the forehead. "Lets worry about it in the morning. Right now it's time to sleep."

Yusuke smiled and lay down, arm around Kurama and hand touching Hiei. He went to sleep smiling. His last thoughts were, "I wonder what Kuwabara will say when he sees us holding hands."