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Unprofessional Conduct Includes:

Failing to establish and maintain appropriate professional boundaries with a client or former client



A violation of the rules of professional conduct constitutes unprofessional conduct and is sufficient reason for a reprimand, suspension or revocation of a license, or denial of either original licensure or reinstatement of licensure.

"Father! I don't need your help; I can get a job, myself. I am young and hardworking. It doesn't matter if I am inexperienced. I have decent grades. I'm sure they will hire me!" screamed a twenty-four year old female psychologist. A girl currently enrolled in law school, unable to choose whether she wants to be a psychologist or a lawyer, decided to be both. A girl gifted with silky blond hair and bright amber eyes. She would have been every man's dream if she wasn't shouting at a deafening tone towards her cellular phone.

"Cagalli, please. Would you not make me worry so much? I just need to make a phone call and, I guarantee, they will employ you. Why won't you accept my offer? Why must you always walk around a maze when there is a road down the middle? I can help you, Cagalli." Uzumi said pleadingly.

Cagalli gritted her teeth; her eyes flared. A strange dark aura glowed around her. Every man, woman and child around her, hurried to get away; no one wanted to be near a volcano that was about to erupt. The suffocating smoke and burning lava was too dangerous.

"I have connections, you should use the things you have access to," Uzumi continued. "I don't understand why you even need a job. We are rich. You should stay home and find yourself a man, someone who can take care of you. You shouldn't be outside, stuck in an office, getting bossed around by your overseer while earning a low paycheck. You should-

That was it. The volcano exploded, and believe me, it was not a pretty sight.

Cagalli took the cell phone away from her ear and brought it directly against her mouth. She took a deep breath and began. "That's where you are wrong, Father. I am not your subordinate. I will not do whatever you say I should do. I do not need you. Now leave me alone! I got a job interview to prepare for. Bye."

She hung up. She imagined her father standing there stuttering and dazed. She stifled a giggle. She was going to get in so much trouble, but right now she didn't care. Entering her home she threw her cell phone on her living room couch. "Father, I'm not a baby anymore." She said out loud.

The door opened and Lacus came through the door. Lacus Clyne was the daughter of Sigel Clyne; Uzumi's business partner. Cagalli and Lacus met during a business and family gathering when they were just six years old and they became immediate friends. Now, Lacus is Cagalli's roommate.

"Who's not a baby anymore?" Lacus inquired.

Cagalli grimaced. "Welcome back. It's nothing...I just got into another fight with my dad. He is so overprotective. He thinks that I can't take care of myself. He says I should find a guy and go live at home. He wants me to stop pursuing my career."

"He just cares about you, Cagalli. You know that you are his only daughter and he wants you to be well off, and of course, find a guy, the right guy. I know you like Ahmed but I still don't think that you guys are meant for each other" Lacus laughed as she said the last part.

"Well, maybe. To me, he is sometimes just a friend, not someone I would like to spend my life with." Cagalli admitted. Again, a laugh was heard from Lacus. "Um…" Cagalli continued, wanting to change the subject. "How was your date with my little brother?"

Lacus reddened. "Cagalli," she said. "It wasn't a date…It was a study group!"

"Yeah right!" A sarcastic Cagalli said. "How many people went? Two? Three?"

"A lot!" rebutted Lacus. Cagalli stared at her, clearly seeing through her lie. "Okay fine," Lacus said guiltily, "only us…"

Cagalli gave a dangerously evil smile. Lacus knew that she would never stop asking for more detail when she had that smile on. "Well, we went to a café to study, that's all." Lacus said innocently. "Nothing happened between us, really!"

Cagalli rolled her eyes. Obviously sparks flew and all that eggnog that people say when they are in love. She didn't call that nothing, but decided not to pry. Who knows, maybe Lacus would be nicer and not ask so much stuff about her study groups with Ahmed.


Athrun Zala, a successful politician at the age of twenty-five, sat in a private bar. He had blue inky hair and deep emerald eyes. Every woman wants a piece of him (or the whole him) and sometimes, a man would too.

Beside, sat Dearka and Yzak sat across from him. They were his great friends and they came for their monthly complain about everything while drinking day. Most of the time, it was just Dearka talking.

To Athrun, listening to Dearka talk about his playboy ways was a stress reliever. He usually didn't have to respond much except for the occasional nod and grunt. This is the only time these days, where he can think for himself. Today, Meer was the only thing on his mind, but not in a good way, thank god.

Meer was his fiancé, unfortunately. She was the unwanted, self-centered, spoiled brat. Today she spilled black coffee on the important document he was writing, that he was going to mail to the mayor. She attacked a poor innocent girl and sent her to the hospital just because, the girl had borrowed Athrun a pen. Just a pen. And she yelled at Dearka and Yzak when they called, to invite Athrun out to drink. She said that Dearka and Yzak were taking her precious time away from her cuddy-wuddy-teddy-bear, AKA: Athrun. This was only what she had done today. Let's not discuss about what she did this week. You don't know how much he wanted to kill her, but being the gentleman he was, he couldn't. It was against the law. But she was torturing him, and he couldn't stand it anymore. He banged his fist against the table, and the table snapped in two.

Dearka and Yzak looked at Athrun weirdly.

An awkward silence followed.

"Sorry," Athrun said apologizing "I was just thinking about something…"

"The first face you made was expressionless, then you frowned, then you had an evil murderous face, and finally you smash your hand down on the poor defenseless table?" Said Dearka, explaining all the things he was doing just now.

"Just what were you thinking of, anyways?" Yzak asked curiously.

"Meer," Athrun said, "she is driving me crazy. She bosses me around, annoys me, and says that I don't ever spend time with her when I dedicated my weekend and spent it planning her birthday party, with her. Believe me, it was not fun. Walking from endless stores of party supply places. She wanted a certain design that no store had, I mean, which store had a pink Athrun-head shaped balloon? It was embarrassing, and the party itself was not fun too. She, in front of the guests, talked about how I am not spending enough time with her. Doesn't she know that I need to work to gain money for her everyday shopping sprees?"

"Why are you still with her man? Dump her! I mean she's a total bit-"

"Dearka, you know I can't break my promise...If I could dump her, I would have done it a long long LONG time ago, but I can't. I just have to live with it"

"Stop being so sad dude. I heard that there are psychologists who do counseling for people like you. Basically you go there for a couple of days, and you get fixed! Nice and easy. I know some places; you want to come?" Dearka said, enthusiastically.

"No thanks, why are you so hyper about going there, anyways?" said Athrun, who didn't believe in the power of doctors. "If it is meant to be, then let it be" is Athrun's motto.

Dearka showed them a huge smile. "There are just some really cute girls there, that's all"

Athrun and Yzak just stood up and left him behind.

"Wait for me guys!" Dearka slowly got up, and then…he fell…face flat on the floor. Splat!

Turns out, from under the table, when Dearka was talking, Athrun and Yzak, the two mortal enemies, joined forces and tied his shoe laces together. Dearka was such an idiot.


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