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Nights were spent preparing for this day, the day where she joined the "Psychologist Solving Couple's Disagreement's Foundation". She was excited but not willing to admit it. She would have been happier if her father hadn't butted in. Cagalli wanted to show her father that she could do things by herself, but her father's overprotective trait always got in the way. He was not willing to say that his little girl has grown up.

Spending endless days and nights on preparing for her day to show her father that she was independent and useful. She was mature and she did not need anyone's help.

The "Beep Beep Beep Beep Beep…" sound of the alarm was ignored as Cagalli drooled away. Her lack of sleep these days because of the preparation was the cause of her being late for the very first day of work. Not the best impression to make on your boss, you may say.

Soon the annoying Beeps stopped when Haro, Lacus's pet bunny, stepping on the 'sleep' button. Evil bunnies in the world, but we can't blame poor Haro. The sound was really annoying and sleepy Cagalli was too tired to get up.

The door bell rang, several times. "Lacus, go get it!" Cagalli said, groggily, reflexes, still not really awake.

Minutes later, water was poured all over Cagalli's face. "Cagalli, wake up!" screamed Kira, the visitor. "You are really late for work!"

Cagalli jumped up from her bed and ran towards the washroom, with Kira laughing at her. "Shut up Kira!"

Kira continued laughing until he saw a picture of him on the floor, with glass lying all over it. Gulping, he immediately stopped laughing. Who knows what Cagalli would do to him when she is angry.

"I am so late! I hate you Kira, why didn't you wake me up?"

Kira just backed away, from the angry Cagalli.

With lightning speed running, she went out the door. She ran towards her smashed up car not noticing the condition if it and screaming the words 'Argh, I am so late. Today's mission is to kill Kira.'. Poor Mr. Yamato had no idea what was coming to him.

She put her keys in the car, but it did not start. She tried again, but nothing happened. Kira had borrowed her car yesterday, and well, let us just say, the accident was not his fault. That was actually the reason he came to her home today, well other than flirting with Lacus.

She growled. Kira was so going die. Cagalli started planning out his murder, but decided to leave that for later. Her problem now was how to get to work. Bus! Little did she know, that the bus scheduled to arrive next was involved with the accident with Kira. It was a good thing Cagalli didn't know or Kira would have been chopped up to little pieces and hurled into the ocean. Poor Mr. Yamato.

She had been waiting at the bus stop for ages. Deciding to abandon her idea of traveling by bus, she decided to walk, or with her lack of time, run. She started running, fast. She ran for about a minute or so, and looked behind her. Apparently the bus arrived. She was overjoyed and ran towards the bus. Too bad the mean bus driver was also having a bad day and decided to not pick up this frazzled passenger.

"Stupid bus drivers, stupid alarm clocks, and most of all stupid Kira. It is all his fault." Moaned Cagalli as she began running towards her new job. She was already a hour late. Speeding up, she ran faster than before.

She ran, crossing the road, jaywalking. The sound of the horns came from a car as it nearly missed her. The passengers in the car walked out calmly.

"What do you think you are doing? Don't you know that is very dangerous?" Yelled the man.

"I am sorry" She replyed, panting from all the running. "I am late for my first day at work"

The blue-haired, green-eyed civilian stared at her. He looked at her messy bright blond hair and the tired look in her eyes. He saw her out of breath facial expression. Pitying her he decided to offer her a ride. It doesn't matter if he would be late for his meeting with the psychologist. The psychologist he was going to see, he heard, was newly hired and was probably very young and most likely a lot like Meyrin. He was probably better off not meeting with the shrink and helping this young, beautiful lady.

"Sorry, I didn't mean to yell at you. I was just worried; do you know that you can get hurt?"

"I am sorry, I have to go now. I promise to be more careful. Thank you for your concern."

She was about to run off until he grabbed her arm, gently. He smiled. Cagalli stared into his emerald eyes and was mesmerized.

"As an apology, I would like to drive you to your work. If you don't mind of course" Said Athrun.

"Um, sure. Thank you." Normally Cagalli wouldn't accept things from a stranger, but it was an emergency. If she didn't arrive at work now, she would be in major trouble.

He smiled at her again. "No problem."

They both stepped inside Athrun's black colored car.

"So…where are you heading?" Athrun asked casually, like he picked up strangers, that he yelled at, everyday on his car to give them rides to work.

"The Psychologist Solving Couple's Disagreement's Foundation place. The address is 444 Lillydale Avenue."

"Really? That's interesting, because that is where I am going too."

"You work there?"

Athrun looked embarrassed.

"I'm sorry I asked."

"No it is okay. I am a client." Said Athrun, feeling slightly discomfortable. Wait, why is the pretty and mysterious girl also going there? It was now Athrun's turn, once again, to ask the questions. "Do you work there?"

"Yeah, it is my first day…I don't think I am going to leave my boss with a good impression though. I am late." Cagalli then chuckled, but inside she was a bit worried.

"Do not worry; I am sure your employer will not mind. Why were you late anyways?"

Cagalli smiled at the bad luck she was having. "Well, my alarm clock did not wake me up. That was the first reason. Then my dear brother borrowed my car and apparently, I think he got into a car crash. So my car is like ruined. Then the bus was late, so I decided to walk to work but then the bus arrived. The rude bus driver left me outside and refused to let me in. So I had to walk to work, again. I was in a rush and well I decided to jaywalk through the red light. Well then I met you."

Athrun laughed at her misfortune. It wasn't everyday he met someone who was so willing to talk about all the bad things that she did.

Cagalli glared at him. "What! It's not my fault, Mr….."

He was shocked when he realizing they haven't introduced themselves to each other yet. "Oh, my name's Athrun, Athrun Zala." He reached out his hand.

Cagalli took it and said 'You can call me Cagalli. My full name is Cagalli Yula Athha.' The cheerful blonde girl who forgot all about killing her twin brother and a stranger laughing at her faults.

"Nice to meet you"


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