Last Time

"Oh god…" She said before she collapsed into my arms.


I sat in the waiting room with my parents and kids. I was trying to calm down faith, but she wouldn't stop crying. I just wanted to know if Gabriella was alright.

A man walked out of the room and called out her name.

"That's us." I said over Faith's crying.

"Sir, maybe we can talk more private…." The doctor said.

"NO, tell me here." I said.

"I'm so sorry sir, but we couldn't save the baby."

"Wait, what baby?" I asked.

"She was about three months pregnant with a baby boy."

That's what she was trying to tell me…

"Um…where is she?" I asked.

"She's in room 223, but she's very weak." The doctor said and walked away. I looked at my parents. I handed faith over to them and walked to Gabriella's room. When I walked in the room, She was there lying in bed with her eyes closed. Her chest was rising and falling as she took in each breath. Her skin was pale.

I walked over to the chair beside her and held her hand. Once my hand touched hers I felt coldness. She began to stir and once she opened her eyes she looked at me.

"Hey." I said to her. I could feel the tears burning in my eyes. They were threatening to fall and they did. Gabriella smiled and brought her hand up to wipe them away. Her soft skin wiped against my cheek.

"It's ok." She said barley in a whisper.

"Gabi, we were gonna have a girl…" I said.

"I know… where are the kids?" she asked looking around.

"There with my mom and dad." I said.

"Ok. Troy please promise me one thing?" she asked me.


"Promise me that you'll take care of our kids and move on?" she asked.

"Gabi, your making it sound like your dying." I said.

"I am." She said to me.

"NO, Gabriella the Doc-." I was saying, but she cut me off.

"Troy I had miscarried, but something is wrong…is Faith crying?" she asked me. I knew where she was going with this.

"Yes." I said with tears shinning in my eyes.

"Troy, don't cry." She said. I cold see the tears in her eyes. She let one slip away. It ran down her cheek and past her lips.

"No, Gabi your not gonna die. You're healthy. The doctor said your fine." I said to her. I was crying hard now.

"Tell everyone I love them." She said to me. her eyes closed and he hand dropped from mine.

"NOOOO! Gabriella! Please come back just like last time! Just like last time! PLEASE!" I said crying. I could hear :CODE RED in room 223 over the hospital speakers. Her heart monitor had the flat line…

Doctors came through the doors pushing be aside. I was crying as I looked at her. all my memories of us together came flooding into my mind….

Gabriella Bolton came home and went to the kitchen. There she saw Troy her husband trying to cook.

"Troy stop you can't cook." She said while she walked over to the stove and took everything from him.

"What? Oh come on Gabi I just wanted to surprise you." Troy whined.

"Yeah ok. Go upstairs and get me the book I was reading last night. Were ordering out." She said.

the time her water broke…

"I think my water just broke." She said trying not to scream. She saw the look on Troy's face and she laughed. He got out of bed and tried to get dressed and gather his car keys, phone and her bag.

"How can you be laughing your water just broke and your early." Troy said helping her up out of bed.

"Well for one thing I am clam because the contraction is over and by the time the next one comes I'll then be yelling at you." She said as they went to the car. Once they were inside of the car Troy said;

"Were goanna have two babies." He said smiling….

Memories of happiness came to me, but they all disappeared.

I watched as the shocked her and with every shock it sent through her body I cried more

"Time of death is 11:45PM." A doctor said handing a nurse the paddles.

"NO! You have to help her!" I said to them.

"I'm sorry, but we did everything we could…"The doctor said.

"We'll give you a minute with her." A nurse said as every one piled out of the room. The door closed behind them and I walked over to my wife.

I looked at her form. It was as if she was sleeping, but her chest wasn't' rising. There wasn't a smile on her lips anymore. There was just her pale face and her lifeless form. I could feel my body tense up. She didn't deserve this. She was a mother a daughter and a wife…

New tears formed as they fell off my cheeks. I took one last look at my wife. The picture of her was always in my mind and it'll never leave…

I turned to the door and opened it. I walked through it and into the waiting room…..

No One's POV

Gabriella Montez- Bolton died May 23rd. She was a loving mother and wife. She was a daughter. She will never be forgotten. Her time will always be here no matter what. Faith her daughter had a special connection. Every time Gabriella was happy so was Faith. Faith could feel the same as Gabriella did. Once Gabriella felt the pain in her stomach that night Faith started to cry because she knew what was going on and she knew her mother was going to die. Faith, Matt and Emma had lost a brother at three months. He was unborn, but they loved him. AS you can say Matt and Emma didn't have that connection, but they had a feeling connection. Faith smiles to this day because she can feel her mother watching over her and her dad and everyone in her life……..

A/N ok well this was hard for me to write so don't think it wasn't because I am in tears right now. Now I am thinking why did I write this? Well it's a good question a friend of mine thought it would be a good way to end it, don't get mad! If anyone wants a squeal to their life going on now just say it in ur review. I would like some feedback plwz? Ok well I'm gonna go cry my eyes out bye!