Rod M. & David Tai present...

Mortal Fates:
An Ah My Goddess!/The Dreaming crossover

A 'Blame Mike Loader' Production

Writer's Notes: Explaining Ah My Goddess!

"I want a goddess like you to be with me always!"

-Keiichi Morisato to Belldandy
"Oh My Goddess!"


Once upon a time, there was a boy.

His name was Keiichi Morisato.

He was generally an ordinary boy. He was a member of his
college's Auto Club. He pursued girls, but had little
luck, especially with the most popular and beautiful
girl on the campus of Nekomi Tech, Sayoko Mishima.

He was lonely.

And then one day, calling for takeout food, he dialed the
wrong number.

He called the Goddess Relief Service.

And Goddess First Class Belldandy answered his call, and
granted him a wish.

He wished she would stay with him forever.

And she did.

A pact was formed. Belldandy came to live with him in a

And with her came great fortune. Suddenly things were
looking up for Keiichi. Life was grand, even if
Belldandy's sisters, Urd and Skuld, came along and stayed
with them. And even though Mara the Demoness came to
make their lives miserable, and various people got involved
in their business, Keiichi and Belldandy stuck by each

It mattered not that Belldandy was one of three sisters
who supervised the Yggdrasil, the Ultimate Computer in
Heaven. It mattered not that Keiichi was ordinary.

They were in love.

And then Mara set in motion a grand scheme. Told in
"Dire Fates", the Yggdrasil was saved only by Skuld and a
trenchcoated man named Constantine.

But the consequences of the Yggdrasil's upheaval meant a
possible change in the pact between mortal and Goddess.

But Belldandy loved Keiichi.

And Keiichi loved her.

And there was very little choice... after all, Belldandy
had chosen Keiichi over Heaven before.

Love before duty.

Would she do it again...?

And what would happen to her if she did?


Writer's Notes: Explaining The Dreaming

"The Dreaming. A realm comprising tales and nightmares,
woven on the fragile loom of sleeping minds."

-Dr. Occult to Tim Hunter,
"The Books of Magic"


The Dreaming.

A vast landscape, a realm of dreams, ruled by a Prince of

A place outside of time, outside of space, where there be
dragons... where ravens soar through the sky..

Here, one can find the House of Mystery, side by side with
the House of Secrets, run by the brothers Cain and Abel.
And in a cave somewhere dwells a woman named Eve. Whether
they be the true Biblical characters or part of the tales
that live in the Dreaming...

Here, there is a library possessing all the books never
written, all the stories ever lost, run by Lucien the

Here, a grumbling pumpkinhead named Mervyn constructs sets
to all dreams that all creatures dream.

Here, the Corinthian dwells, a nightmare created to be
the dark reflection of humanity.

All myths, all fairy tales, all the wonderous dreams and
fantasies ever created, and those yet to be dreamed reside
here... and here nightmares and horrors also dwell; light
and darkness side by side under the watchful eye of Dream of
the Endless...

Welcome to the Dreaming...



The Dreaming was created by Neil Gaiman. All rights and
related characters are owned and published by DC Comics.

Ah! My Goddess was created and copyrighted by Kosuke
Fujishima. Published by Kodansha Ltd and Dark Horse

This work of fan fiction is public domain and not intended
for profit.