The Ultimate Case

Lili was sitting at home one Friday morning over summer break. She was checking her horoscope for the day. But, something in it shocked her.

"What's this? 'Beware what you do today; you will face a major challenge in your life.' A major challenge…well that doesn't sound good," Lili said to herself.

Lili wondered what kind of big challenge her horoscope spoke of.

"Why would I have to face a big challenge? Is it a case that I have to solve...or maybe one of my friends is in trouble? I don't even know if I can solve big problems. Oh great, what am I going to do now? I can't figure this out on my own, I'm not that good. Wait…I've got it…I can just ask Hiromi," she rambled.

Lili figured that she could just ask Hiro if he could come up with any idea why her horoscope told her about some big challenge.

"Hey Hiro, it's Lili, I just wanted to know if I could come over because I have a problem," Lili told him over the phone.

"Sure thing Lili…come on over. I wanted to talk to you anyway," replied Hiro.

So, she went to his house to see what he thought.

"Yeah Hiro I'm sure this will happen…the stars don't lie. And all of my forecasts have been pretty accurate so far," Lili told her friend Hiro.

"Well, did you try asking your astral spirit? Maybe the ball will give you something," said Hiro.

"No, I didn't try that. Good idea, Hiro!" shouted Lili. "Hera, spirit of the Aries, answer your master, come out of the ring!"

(Sorry, I know that Hera is a terrible name, but Aries doesn't have a name so I had to make one up. So I used the Queen of the Gods, Hera just because it was the first thing that came to my mind.)

"Hey there Lili…long time no see. So for being an Aries, you haven't called me out for a long time. What's up with that?" asked Hera.

"Well, Hera, I haven't had any cases to solve for an Aries yet. But, I need to know about my horoscope for the day," said Lili. "Lili Hoshi…"

"I KNOW UR NAME AND BIRTHDATE!" Hera snapped. "Hera, spirit of the Aries, serves the owner of the star ring. Lili Hoshizawa's horoscope for today," Hera chanted. "Beware what you do today; you will face a major challenge in your life. And what reveals the truth of the day…" said Hera.

Hera lifted up the crystal ball and it revealed…