Me: "…."

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Girl scouts

It's another day of girl scouts…Since I'm the latest scout I have been officially named "Newbie" by the others. I was assigned to do chores and my instructor is the beautiful Aerith Gainsborough. I'm a little jealous of her because she's so pretty. I admire her at the same time because she isn't one of those girls who don't sell themselves to others just to get what they want. She has long brown hair twisted into a long braid and she has green eyes. That's about enough of my counselor/mentor.

Maleficent runs the camp. She said she's after a prize that will help us. I suspect that she wants this "prize" for herself. As to what it is, I don't have a clue or care. She assign things in the camp, like my roommates.

To start there's the red haired girl named Kairi. She has long red hair, blue eyes and she talks a lot about this guy named Sora. Next there's Oretto. She has orange/brownish hair, with green eyes. Although she keeps telling us she's 14, she doesn't look like a 14 year old in body size. Lastly there's Selphie. She has weird hair. I could honestly say it defies gravity. She has green eyes, with brown hair, but it's short. As for me, I have long blonde hair, with purple/bluish eyes. Our cabin leader is Yuffie. She's some sort of ninja. Whenever there's a cookie sale she steals people's money and whoever she is with wins. I heard she has been doing this for 4 years now. Everyone decided to just stop and give up since she cheats. She has short black hair, with green eyes, and sometimes she looks drunk when she smiles.

This is my choir list; I've done everything except wash the clothes:

Clean dishes

Take out trash

Get wood for fire

Clean bathrooms and baths (Only on Sundays)

Make beds

Make tents (for trips only)

Wash clothes

The bad thing about chores is that I have to wash other clothes, and sometimes I find boys clothes! One time Kairi gave me her laundry and I find boxers! I told the camp owner and she punished her. Later Kairi pushed me into the lake if I was ever sitting at the dock. Aerith would save me, because I don't know how to swim and she would tell me to be careful. Then I would tell her what I did to make that happen and she would tell me to watch my back since some of the girls here are beasts.

If I'm ever feeling down I would go to my secret place. It's behind the cabin. There I would climb into one of the trees and sit in the branches and draw or just nap in there. Some days I just talk to whatever animals are around. I think I'm going insane…

Today is my day to serve food for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I entered the hall and started to set up tables and pass out proportional shares of food to everyone (Quina cooked). The cups were filled, the forks and spoons were in proper places, the napkins folded into origami like animals and all the dishes were spotless. The girls entered the hall after 15 minutes. Some being funny decided to make the paper napkins into spit balls and have a war. Those who didn't participate however tried to eat and dodge at the same time. What a shame for me, to wash the dishes…again.

We brushed our teeth and went to bed. What would happen tomorrow? I knew it might be bad…

Me: "…."

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