Chapter 2: Canoe trip

I woke up the next mourning and looked at the calendar posted out on the bulletin board. Today was the canoe trip. I walked back to my cabin and got out my swimming clothes. I ate a light breakfast and went to the cabin leader's cabin. I asked one of the girls inside if they know when the canoe trip was and they told me.

I ran back to my cabin and told the others only to find them a sleep. I got a stick outside by the tree behind the cabin and poked Kairi with it. That didn't work. I got a spider that I talked to and put it down her shirt. Nothing. I got out her cell phone and played the tune in her ear and she woke up, terrified screaming about the spider in her shirt.

"Suck it up" I said.

I proceeded to wake up the other two but Selphie was gone, and Oretto was checking the calendar. I then put my hair into a pony tail and waited by the docks. I wore a black water proof shirt and swimming shorts. As I waited for time to pass, 11:45 approached and everyone else was ready to leave. Aerith gave me a life jacket, and the two of us got into our canoe. Malificent dropped a hankie and we were off…going slowly…at the rate of a turtle…at about 5 miles per hour…

I talked to Aerith for a while, and she said she'll teach me how to swim. As we were rowing we just let the boat drift for about 20 minuets, as we rested our arms. As we drifted Aerith told me something that might have scared me.

"Namine, when I'm 18, I'm going to college"

She destroyed my mellow mood, like how Kairi likes to tell on me.

"You can't leave! I need a big sister figure around, if I have to attend this place next summer!" I protested.

"I'm sorry, but I want to get out of here. I fear my mother might be doing something wrong, and when that time comes I don't want to be a part of it." She responded.

We both sat there in silence under the tree's shade as we drifted slowly, towards

Namine: Sorry it was short; author is busy with other writing projects!