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My name is Gohan Son; I'm a fifteen-year-old Demi Saiyan and I man not of this world, you see when I was five I was kidnapped from my family by my uncle Radditz and locked up in his small Saiyan space pod.

My farther and another man why I had no idea who had arrived and were fighting Radditz and they were not doing particularly well, and in the rising panic I launched the ship, I was just passing the earths atmosphere when the ships computer activated the cold sleep unit sending a white mist into the pod.

I panicked and while I didn't know it at the time but I activated one of my special powers and created a small rupture in time space, the effect was that I was no longer in my home dimension or my own time.

Now when I awoke it was to the computers soft voice, now the AI in one of these space pods are surprisingly sophisticated and because of my age had been feeding me basic information directly to my mind, things like languages, basic fighting styles and again basic survival abilities.

It was kitting me out as a Saiyan warrior, but me and the population of whatever planet I was going to land on were verry lucky, you see because of my age it bypassed the first two stages which were mental conditioning needed for the Saiyan children, and I will let you have a wild guess on what they are.

Saiyan's verry rarely learn anything the normal way as they are traveling in cold sleep for a good portion of their life so the AI's subliminal teaching methods were created, and they have a while range of categories from Biology to advanced special physics.

And as I had just launched the pod without a destination it made a long round trip back to earth, and when I say long I mean it, ten to twenty years to be precise, and the reason it had taken so long was the simple fact that I had unknowingly turned of the hyperspace engines, making a month long journey into years long, luckily because of the cold sleep I aged at a much slower rate that normal.

And so hear I was, a seemingly fourteen years old floating above the earth, an earth I didn't know instinctively going over pre landing procedures.


The next few years had passed quickly, most of which were spent traveling, learning about this Other Earth he had so recently become a part of, and to be truthful verry little was different, sure the overall level of technology was much lower, but with the Saiyan tech given to him by the space pods AI it was not really a surprise.

While his original worlds technology was easily fifty years ahead of this one the Saiyan tech was at leased two to three hundred years ahead of that.

But that was in the past, he still went by the name Son Gohan, and even created a false background of incredible detail for anything he would need it for, and that was quite a lot, but apart from that he just explored, trained and survived.

But that was all going to change as he walked past a sigh saying welcome to.

So what do you think so far, but of a cliffhanger right now, but I have a few places planned for him to go but I have no reason to put them into any order so suggestions on where you want him to arrive at.

Jump City
Traverse Town
The Masaki Shrine
Tokyo III
Raccoon City


Tell me where you would like to see him go, even if its not this one I might have him go there later.

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