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This is number 6.

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Sakura found it odd when Sasuke asked her to meet him at the old red bridge by sunset. She didn't question his motives and even if she had he would have simply ignored her and walked away out of her sight. A part of her hoped maybe he was going to apologize for the way he had been treating her since the day he arrived back to the village coated in his dead brother's blood. She knew it wouldn't happen, Sasuke was anything but apologetic, yet she prayed he would in some way show his appreciation for her love and feel remorseful for hurting her.

Sunset came too quickly for Sakura.

"I need a wife to bear me Uchiha heirs." Blunt and straight to the point as always. She knew what he was implying it was either "marry me and give me children," or "find me a wife who will give me children," a part of her wanted to die.

Staring at her feet she summoned all the courage she had left as she looked up at him.

"Do you love me?"

He moved, turning around to stare at her with a cold glare making her feel small.


"I love you."

He sighed, his eyes hard and cold, frown set in place. He sounded as if talking to her was a chore, "I know."