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Summery: Uchiha, Sasuke is one of the last of a rare, and powerful species of demon, and hair to the demon realm, all he needs is a mate and has set his eyes on a certain someone. Enter Uzumaki, Naruto; all he wants is a decent cup of ramen…

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Wide onyx eye stared at the bloody masses that used to be his parents, painful sobs racking his small fragile body, and large hot tears blinding him and falling down his face like two small rivers.

The child walked over to his mother severed, bloodied head, picking it up with the utmost of care and ran his hand through what was left of her lush ebony hair that had not been cut off when her head was disembodied and cradled it to his tiny chest.

"I'm sorry mommy…I'm sorry I was late, you can stop playing now. I'll be a extra good boy now. You can stop playing now, you can wake up."

The child crawled over to his mother's disfigured body, her head still loving cuddled to his body. He placed her head, once so full of life and always had a kind smile, on her body where it was supposed to be and crawling onto her broken chest.

"Why are you so cold mommy? Why aren't you hugging me back? If I was a bad boy I'm sorry, please wake up…"

He had stopped sobbing, now only crying silently, clutching desperately at his mothers blood caked kimono. He didn't notice the tall figure in the shadows of the room, watching him with cold red eyes.

"I tried putting daddy together, but I couldn't find all of him mommy. Please forgive me, please wake up."

The figure walked out of the shadows, over to the small vulnerable child. "She can't hear you Sasuke."

Sasuke jerked his head up to look up at the dark man, his eyes lighting up with hope.

"Onii-chan!" Sasuke cried out, lunging at his older, clutching tight to him. "Mommy wont wake up! You have to wake her up Onii-chan!"

A cruel smirk feel upon the mans lips, making his usually handsome face look twisted, insane, and he let out a dark chuckle.

"Now why would I do that little brother? I'm the one who put her to sleep, as well as father."

Sasuke looked up to his brother in confusion. What was his brother talking about? Itachi let another bone chilling chuckle fall from his full lips, and leaned down to whisper into his little brothers ear.

"I killed them Sasuke. I killed our parents, and oh was it fun. Hearing their screams of terror as I, shattered their fragile bone, mutilated their bodies, and destroyed three minds with forbidden jutsus. I'm just sorry you couldn't see it dear brother."

Sasuke pulled away from his brother's dangerous embrace, staring disbelievingly up at Itachi. How could he! They were his parents; they had always loved Itachi best, treated him like a big person, and supported every little thing he chooses to do. They always loved Itachi. New tears gathered in his large onyx eyes, falling down his plump, childish face.

"Why…?" A simple question.

"Power." A simple question.

Then why did it hurt so much! Sasuke felt like his heart was going to explode, and his head was going to burst. He couldn't think, couldn't breath, could feel, couldn't anything! Just stand, just watch.

Shocked turned into anger. Stupid Itachi! He is a meanie! He wasn't his brother anymore, the one person he had always wanted to be. He clenched his hands into tiny fists, and ran at his brother screaming at the top of his lungs, but his brother quickly evaded his attack, picking him up an throwing him on the wall and closing his large hand around Sasuke's small frail neck.

The smirk that had lingered on Itachi's face had disappeared, replaced by a emotionless mask, as he reached with his other hand into his cloak and bringing out a small vial filled with dark crimson liquid. He opened the top with his mouth and held it up to Sasuke's tightly closed lips, looking him in the eyes with his deadly crimson gaze.


Sasuke felt his mouth open against him will as the bitter liquid filled his mouth, and was forced. He distantly remembered the taste as blood from when he poked his finger helping his mother sow.


Once again, Sasuke was acting on a will that wasn't his as he swallowed the bitter elixcer. Suddenly, pain rippled all through his body, and centered on his back. Oh god, he was on FIRE! His body felt like we was being burned alive, even his insides. It felt like all the air in his body had been pushed out, and he couldn't get any back, couldn't breath. Had the fire burned his lungs?

"It was fathers blood. I had some too, hurts doesn't it Sasuke-kun?"

His only answered a pathetic whimper, then a scream. He let his brother's body drop to the floor, and watched as the child's body curled into a tight ball, trying to close out the pain. His brother's cloths and skin were already drenched in sweat, mixing with the blood from his parents.

Sasuke cried and sobbed loudly between his screams of pain and anguish, which were slowly dying because of his dried and hoarse throat. He felt something trying to rip out from his back, pushing at the skin and bone, and his screaming increased, and two bat like wing burst from his back. He cried with vigor, wrapping his arms more tightly around himself like a shield.

Itachi smiled, "Bet you didn't know that Sasuke, didn't know that we're not human. We're demons, creatures, the devils handy work, you get it. You went through the first stage, now we just have to wait till your wings-"

Itachi suddenly stopped, jerking his head towards the door. Scowling, he got up and walked away from the shaking creature on the floor, but still looking at him with those cold, murderess eyes.

"Looks like we'll have to talk some other time little one."

And he disappeared.

Sasuke, shaking and withering in pain on the cold grand, felt warm, safe, arms wrap around him and lift him up.


That was Sasuke's last thought before everything went black.


Sasuke woke up to muffled voices, not understanding what they were saying, but listening nun the less. He opened his eyes and there was a 'shh' somewhere in the room, and a figure bent over the bed.

"Hey there. You feel better?"

The voice was deep and calming, it reminded him of his father's own deep voice. The young man face was covered with a black mask, and his left eye was covered over, leaving only one grey eye visible, and the mans gray hair was messed, sticking up in impossible angels. He stared with wide and unblinking eyes at him, before moving to the other man in the room.

This man was familiar to Sasuke somehow, he didn't know why. He was really tall, with long light purple hair, and amber cat like eyes, a strong yet slim build, and a beautiful face, at least for a man. Yet this man, despite his feminism looks, couldn't be mistaken for women, and there was this strange air around him that demanded respect. Sasuke shivered a little and snuggled deeper into the soft covers of the bed, trying to get away from the two strange men.

…But there was something preventing him from doing so.

He turned his head back to look at his back, only to see two large crimson-feathered wings. Suddenly, everything came back to him, his mother and father's dead corpses, his brother's betrayal, and the pain…

He lowered him head, turning to face the man with amber eyes.

"How many?" His voice, despite being cracked from lack of water and all the screaming, sounded mature and strong. Too much so for a child.

"Everyone, you are the sole survivor of the Uchiha massacre."

Sasuke swallow. Everyone. That word seemed so big when it was said like that.

"I am King Satoshi, of the Demonic realm. I have a proposition for you, young Uchiha."

The man beside him moved to sit on the bed quietly wrapping his strong warm arms around him. Theses, Sasuke remembered, are the arms I felt before I passed out. He was brought from his thoughts when the man began to speak again.

"My mate is unfortunately barren, thus we are not able to have an heir, and I refuse to bed any else. I want you to be my heir, the heir to the thrown."

Sasuke stared with uninterested eyes; he didn't want to become a king. He wanted revenge, he want to make Itachi suffer, like he had suffered, like his family suffered.

"I will provide you with knowledge, and fighting skills. You will become more powerful than anyone in your family, even your brother."

That got Sasuke's attention. He raised his eyes to meet smoldering amber. "Okay." He whispered.

Unbeknownst to Sasuke, his eyes were red.

Just like Itachi's.


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