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Kakashi quickly maneuvered through the crowd of humans, trying to sniff out where Sasuke was located, as he was at the moment not able to jump from the rooftops. The humans warriors, or what this village called 'ninja's' were crawling all over the roofs, probably trying to make sure the kidnappers weren't moving along the roofs.

It looks like I'm going nowhere fast, Kakashi thought, I wonder if they have any Make Out-

He was brought from his thought when rounding a corner, still fallowing Sasuke's scent, and he had stumbled on what had to be the most beautiful creature on this Earth.

"Well, hel-lo, what do we have here, hm?" Kakashi asked himself, lips curling up under his mask into a gleeful, and perverted, smirk. His visible grey eye curving into a slight half moon and twinkling with mischief, as he not so discreetly undressed the man standing by, what looked like a ramen stand, with his eye.

The man was of average height, probably reaching just under his chin, and his skin was darkly tanned, and was probably only around the age of twenty-six or so. His chocolate brown hair was neatly pulled up in a hair tie, which Kakashi suddenly desired to pull it out and run his slender figures through those silky looking locks, so only the short strands escaped and feel over onto his headband, but not quite reaching his face.

The mans face had, you could say, more of a motherly look to it than that of a father's, and was for some reason etched with worry and he keep looking around the area, as if looking for something. His form, much to Kakashi's displeasure, was covered with a baggy uniform of some kind, leaving much Kakashi to his overactive imagination.

I guess I'll just have to find out what's under those ugly cloths, now wont I, Kakashi thought. A demented sort of giggle

escaping his lip, causing many people near by to cast him odd looks.

Ignoring the other humans, he walked the short distance to the exotic looking human male, deciding that Sasuke could wait for just a tiny bit longer. When he reached his desired destination next to the brown hair beauty, he taped on the man's shoulders affectingly getting his attention.

"Hello there, I couldn't help but notice you and your radiant sexiness from over there. Would you honor me with your name, lovely one?" Kakashi asked, grabbing one of the soft tan hands in his larger paler one. Raising it to his cloth-covered lips he placed a chaste kiss to the back, enjoying the dark flush that ran down the man's face and neck. I wonder just how far that flush travels, Kakashi thought barely suppressing his amusement of the situation, and leaned closer to the smaller male.

When Iruka Umino had woken up that morning, he had expected it to be like any other day of the week. Wake up; get ready, go to his job as a teacher at the genin training school, meet up with Naruto for there traditional meeting at the old ramen stand for lunch, go back to the school and teach until three o' clock, grade papers, and then check the mission assignments that were turned in that say. When all that was said and done, he would go back to him apartment and take a long relaxing hot bath.

His well organized plan of the week had gone a little off when Naruto had refused to show up at the time he normally did, and Iruka was worried that something had happened to the little bundle of energy he had come to see as family. Now, a strange man in a mask had just popped out of nowhere, and started, dare he say it, flirting with him. Now, Iruka was not uneducated with the sense on physical attraction, he just had never acted on it because he had always been too busy to start any relationship. He knew the man in front of his was very attractive, but he had never before been attracted to another male, and thought of himself as a straight man.

He felt himself blushing when the man had so bluntly expressed his attraction towards, something he wasn't used to and it made his face heat up, and the taller, strange, gray hair male asked for his name. Iruka quickly took a few breaths, willing his blush to go away and glare at the other man.

"My name is Umino Iruka, sir, now would you please stop invading my person space, or I'll be forced to remove you myself." Iruka said politely as he could. The man merely gave a small laugh, which Iruka would never admit gave him goose bumps, and sneakily snaked his arm around his waist, pulling Iruka against him and resting his hand dangerously low on his hip.

Kakashi had not been surprised by the answer of the man who he now new the name of. Iruka looked like the type of guy that was very organized and well polite, and so he was pleased to see that there was barely noticeable stubbornness and a temper. Oh it will be so much fun the tease him, Kakashi thought with glee, laughing and pulling the gorgeous human against him purposely letting his hand get a little to friendly.

This human is truly magnificent. Kakashi was suddenly over come with dread; he and Sasuke were only here for today, which would mean that he would have to leave this heavenly creature. No, I'll just have to take him with me, I'm sure Sasuke will let me. All it'll take is some time for Iru-chan to get used to the idea of being my mate, after all, with my charm, intelligence, and down right sexiness, he'll be in love with me in no time. Then we'll have a dozen children and have hot passionate love making every night! Kakashi thought, a little drool coming from his mouth, which no one saw thanks to his mask.

Iruka stared strangely at the perverted man holding him with an iron grip. This guy is weird, Iruka thought, trying (key word trying) to wiggle his way out of the man's arm with no progress. Damnit, why is it people are only staring! Can't you see I need help!

Kakashi snapped out of his daze of him and his lovely Dolphin-chan on his large bed, feeling Iruka trying to escape. Looking down at his eye curved up once more as his lips formed what looked like a grin, as one could not really tell from his mask.

"Well Iru-chan, my name is Hatake Kakashi, but you may call me Koi!" Kakashi said, leaning down to rub his clothe covered nose against Iruka's.

"Are you crazy!" Iruka yelled, pulling his head back as far as he could to escape Kakashi's, his hand trying to reach towards his steaming ramen.

"Only for you Iru-chan" Kakashi nearly sang.

"Don't call me that! Let me go!" Iruka said through clenched teeth.

Kakashi merely ignored him in favor of rising his is arm to point at the sky.

"Come Dolphin-chan! Let us leave this place and make passionate love under the stars!" Kakashi yelled as his hand slowly reached down to grasp Iruka's plump looking behind.

Before he could do so however, scalding hot water and noodles were pored on top of his head. Letting out a surprised yelp, he let go of his future mate, plopping to the ground and trying to shake off the hot noodles and water from his hair and shoulders. Then the hard bowl that was holding the ramen was slammed onto his head.

"Ow. Iru-chan that hurt, Kiss it better, please, kiss it better." Kakashi asked, his visible grey eye widened to an 'I'm a kicked puppy, take me home and love me' look.

"Are you insane! I don't even know you, you pervert! I should report you for harassment!" Iruka yelled, now free and face slightly red from anger.

"I can't leave you alone for a few hours Kakashi can I, you're already making a seen." A voice said from behind Iruka.

Iruka looked back at the tall dark hair teen that had spoken to the pervert, noting that many of the female population passing by eyeing the boy like a piece of meat. How was it that he had just been molested in public, and yet not one person seemed to want to help; sure there were many disgusted glances shot there way, homosexuality was not a big favorite in Konoha, damn these close minded fools.

Taking in the boy's looks, Iruka spotted a spike of unmistakable blond hair. Naruto!


Naruto, who was tucked away behind Sasuke's back, lifted up to his tiptoes, his nose barely making it over Sasuke's shoulder, to get a look at who called his name. Spotting his old sensei he jump up, finally! Someone was going to save him from this pervert-teme!

"Iruka-sensei! Help, this guy is a-" Naruto was cut off when he was jerked back against a muscled chest when he had tried to make his escape over to Iruka.

"Stay put dobe." Sasuke said icily. Sending the famous Uchiha death glare at Kakashi and the people pass, making them quickly turn their heads and walk briskly away.

"Let me go you weirdo!" Naruto yelled. Struggling against the arm that had wrapped tightly around his waist, keeping him up against the pervert's chest. Damn this man, damn his to hell! Why wouldn't he let him go! Sure he knew he was some hot stuff, but this dude was fucking KIDNAPPING HIM!

Kakashi picked himself of the ground, and eyed the young blond his usually stodic students arms. Well, now isn't that very interesting, looks like they had both found mates on this little mission, he'd have to tease Sasuke about that latter, oh what fun that will be! He couldn't wait! Suddenly, memories of the ebony feather entered his distracted mind. Upon meeting Iruka he had forgetting about Itachi! They had to leave. Now.

"Sasuke, we have to leave." Kakashi said in a hushed voice. "I'll explain on our way back. We just have to leave, and now."

Sasuke narrowed his eyes at the sudden change in Kakashi. If anyone knew Kakashi, as in really knew him which many people didn't, you would know that he was only serious in matters of life and death, training, and his loved ones. Nodding his head he turned his head down at his future mate, his eyes going from pools of cool black to hypnotizing crimson. It would be best if he set his mate-to-be asleep for a few days, as he new he was more or less to make a large seen upon leaving. The blond in his arms almost instantly feel unconscious once their eyes had met, setting all his weight on Sasuke.

"Naruto! What did you do to him?" The brown hair male gasped in shock, reaching his arm out to grab hold of the young child, which Sasuke did not allow him too.

"Might want to do the same to your mate as well, Kakashi." Sasuke advised.

Kakashi nodded, his hand going to the headband covering his right eye. "This wont hurt a bit, love."

The glowing crimson black eye was last thing Iruka Umino saw before his world went black, as he and Uzumaki Naruto were kidnapped from Konoha unnoticed.


Kakashi and Sasuke decided to make camp three days later, there mates still under the Sharingun's spell, they had built a fire and made makeshift beds for their mates, as the two would wake in the morning. They didn't need a bed as they usually sleep in the tress, away from the ground and the threat of predators, but keep close eyes on their chosen ones.

Sasuke eyed the boy he had taken; hardly believing he had done what he had did a few days ago. He had always thought of being mated as something to drag you down, keep you week and occupied. Yet he could not find it in himself to leave this boy behind. Strange. Much to his distaste, Kakashi's grey had started to curve into its usual half moon and started to twinkle a bit.

"Well, oh asexual one, what happened to 'a mate is useless' hm?" Kakashi teased.

Sasuke glared, but knew it would be of no use against the ginning scarecrow, Kakashi had seemed to put up a 'glare deflector' in his years of life. That or he had just gotten used to all of the glares that where directed his way over the decades. Oh well, might as well tell him now while his Naruto was asleep.

"I don't know really. For some reason though I just can't the thought of not being able to live without Naruto." Sasuke said looking down at he slumbering fox. Gods he was beautiful when he slept, the light of the flame setting an almost heavenly glow upon the boy tan whiskered face.

"Sounds like someone is in love!" Kakashi said happily.

"What about you and that human Kakashi, never thought you would go for something so weak." Sasuke said, quickly changing the subject.

A dreamy look fell on Kakashi face. "Ah, Iruka had stolen my heart at first glance, his beauty and purity simply calling out for me to ravish him on the spot."


"You too."

The both feel into a comfortable silence. Kakashi, besides the king, was the only on he could start to relax around, not counting Naruto, let him see a weak spot through his mental walls, and trust without worry of deception.

"I know you know who was behind the kidnappings Kakashi. Stop stalling and tell me." Sasuke said, still gazing at his sleeping blonde.

Kakashi looked hesitant, as if conflicting weather or not he should tell Sasuke who was behind the kidnaps of the children in Konoha. Then, reaching into his coat, he took out a large glossy black feather from its place inside his coat, and handed it to Sasuke slowly. Sasuke held the ebony feather in his hand, eyes going uncharacteristically large.


"Yes, it appears he's come out hiding. I have a feeling he wanted us to find that feather, he does have the habit of liking to show off his work." Kakashi said emotionlessly, no longer looking at Sasuke.

Sasuke smirked, blood rushing and heart beating so hard he felt like it would burst through his chest. It had to be now; he was stronger than ever now. Letting go of the black feather, he let it fall innocently into the fire. The feather burned, making the fire black for moment or two.

He was going to kill Itachi, no matter what.


The next morning, Naruto was awoken to a rude shove to the shoulder. Rolling over he batted at the hand that was shaking him and burring his face into the cloth pillow. (Which was made out of Sasuke coat.)

"Five more minutes Iruka-sensei." Naruto mumbled, his voice heavy from sleep.

Sasuke sighed, he had no time for this, his Naruto needed to wake up now, but he was being too stubborn. He felt a stab of jealousy as the elder man Kakashi had brought along name fell from his mate soft looking lips. Well, if he was going to wake up with that method, there are always other ways; all he needed to do was move his hand down south…

No! I will not be a pervert like Kakashi-sensei! Sasuke thought. But it was a very tempting thought, very tempting.

But Sasuke didn't have to wake Naruto up, as a scream was heard from the other side of the camp, fallowed by a 'smack' and 'thump' sound of someone being hit and falling to the ground. Naruto had successfully woken up, jerking upward into a sitting potion, and they both looked at Kakashi and Iruka.

Iruka's face was bright red, and he had scooted back towards a tree, a hand clenched to the open shirt, that Sasuke noted had not been open before, and Kakashi was sitting on the ground his a hand rubbing where Sasuke could only guess Iruka had hit him. Pervert.

"Hey you pervert! Don't you dare touch Iruka-sensei!" Naruto yell and made a jump over the dead fire at Kakashi, who quickly avoided the attack.

"I can't help it, he's just so molestable!" Kakashi said, laughing and eyeing Iruka with lust, leaning towards him slightly and winking.

Iruka shivered, blushing like a tomato, and glared hard at Kakashi as if that would make the man spontaneously burst into flames and ashes.

"Come near me again and I'll cut off what you seem to be controlled by every second." Iruka threatened, and Kakashi only laughed again, if not a bit nervously this time.

Naruto huffed, fed up with the whole situation, and jumped up onto his feet facing Sasuke, pointing an accusing finger at him. A glare and a scowl placed on his child like features, in what Sasuke guessed was supposed to be in an intimidating way. Which, in Sasuke's opinion, only made him look more adorable, lets not forget completely molestable.

"Why are we here? What do you want? And more importantly, who the fuck are you!" Naruto yelled.

Kakashi turned to Sasuke and snickered. "You didn't even tell him your name? Someone was in a hurry."

Sasuke promptly ignored Kakashi and his teasing. How could he be so stupid as to forget to tell the blond half-demon his name, how completely embarrassing.

"I'm Uchiha Sasuke, and that's Hatake Kakashi." Sasuke said stiffly, pointing to Kakashi as he said his name, who was still silently laughing at his discomfort. Damn that man.

"Well then, Sasuke-teme, Kakashi-hentai, I demand you let me and Iruka go this instant! Or I'll be forced to kick both of your asses to hell and back!" Naruto said, crossing his arms over his orange clad chest, his attitude brimming with self-confidence. Sasuke raised an eyebrow at Naruto and let a rare smirk fall on his lips, Naruto absentmindedly gulped at the action, and not in fear. Damnit, Naruto, your not gay! This Sasuke-teme is not attractive in anyway, not even with his seductive smirk and…Stop it!

"You, beat me? Don't make me laugh dobe, you hardly look fit enough to beat a child. Scratch that, you are a child." Sasuke teased, hoping to rile the small blond up. He was not displeased.

"Stop calling me that you teme! I could take you any day, anywhere!" Naruto yelled back. This guy was so frustrating!

Kakashi decided to cut into the fight then, not matter how amusing this was to both himself and Sasuke, they had to get going now.

"We should get going Sasuke, we have to get back to the castle before tomorrow night." Kakashi suggested helpfully. Naruto nodded in agreement.

"Yeah, you two can leave, and me and Iruka-sensei can go back to Konoha." He said, walking over to Iruka, who had buttoned back up his shirt, and grabbed his hand and started to walk in the opposite direction. Sasuke growled in frustration, and appeared in from of then and grabbing Naruto's wrist.

"Don't you get it dobe, you're not-"

"Sasuke." Kakashi said quietly.

"What!" He barked back.

"There's a demonic energy near by, do you recognize it?"

Sasuke stopped moving and let his senses make out the area and its living things, coming upon one his eyes widened, it was HIM. This was not good; they had to get out of here fast.

"He's still a few miles away, if we mask ourselves we could avoid any conflict. Now I know how much you want to fight him, but don't let your rage blind your mind Sasuke, remember, think before you act. If you fight you'll be putting both my Iruka and your Naruto in danger." Kakashi rationalized desperately.

"He already knows we're here. But we should try to put as much distance between us as possible." Sasuke said. "Grab your mate and let's go."

"What's going on?" Iruka demanded, stepping forward.

"I'll explain later love, but we have to go." Kakashi said, and grabbed Iruka and throwing him over his shoulder, not resisting the chance to get in a good grope to Iruka's backside, which caused his a sharp smack to the head. Iruka struggled, yelled kicked and hit, but Kakashi had already started to jump and run through out the trees and forest floor.

Sasuke did the same, lifting up a kicking and screaming blond into his arms bridal style, although he resisted the urge to fondle Naruto's body, with extreme difficulty though. Sasuke could barely understand how a boy he had only met days ago, could make him lose the control he had work at so hard at over the year so easily, and just with his scent.

"TEME! LET ME DOWN NOW! STOP IGNORING ME YOU FUCKER! LET ME GO! Wahhh!" Naruto yelled, bashing his fists against Sasuke rock hard chest. Its very muscled, but not overly so, and its very soft and warm and…damnit Naruto your doing it again.

Suddenly there was a small, almost unnoticeable, cracking sound coming out near Naruto's ear. Opening in his eyes he looked up at Sasuke, who had his eyes closed in concentration, and he heard another sound, the undeniable sound of cloths being ripped, when suddenly, two large crimson-feathered wings exploded from Sasuke's back. Naruto's eyes widened with realization.

"You're a demon. A Fallen…" Naruto gasped in astonishment. He was told through fairy tales that those types of demon were all extinct. He couldn't remember how, but their race had just disappeared.

Holy shit! He had been kidnapped by a FALLEN! Fuck!

Sasuke ignored the look of amazement upon Naruto's face, and let the feeling of his wings moving flow back into him mind and get used to the abnormal plus running from them to his head. Instantly, as soon as he composed himself, the gigantic crimson wings began to flap, making huge gusts of wind move the grass and other vegetation, and slowly lifted them off the ground. Leaning forward slightly, he speed off in the direction of the hidden demonic castle, desire spreading through him as his Naruto wrapped his arms around his neck tightly, burring his face in his chest.

Unbeknownst to them, a figure had been closely watching them, expertly hiding itself, and as they left its face twisted into a

demented, sadistic grin, its sharp teeth exposed.

Let the hunt begin.


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