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Odd couldn't sleep.

Maybe it wasn't his fault. Ulrich did snore an awful lot.

But it wasn't that. It was the fact that Xana had nearly killed him today-again.

It was the fifth time in five days.

Odd knew from experience that Xana almost never went after one person twice. Why choose now to start? So far, Odd had nearly:

1. drowned

2. been roasted alive

3. been bit by a poisonous spider

4. fallen off of a twenty story building

and today- Yumi had nearly killed him.

It was the last one that really shook him up. One can't have one of his best friends nearly kill him and just laugh it off. That was what the others had done- they'd taken it as a one-time incident. Odd knew that it wasn't.

He also remembered the stares. The over-protectiveness of the others. They were all convinced that Xana wouldn't stop until he killed Odd. The worst part about it was that they were probably right.

Jeremy's computer helped. But the alarm sounded more to him like the ringing of a bell at a wrestling match. A wrestling match of death. One more time that you had to fight for your life.

One more chance to die.

What'd you think of my first Code Lyoko fic?

I hated it.

I was asking the. Please give me the answer, 'kay guys? If you do, I might write more.