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Sky Hooked
Chapter 2
I'm Still Standing!

No hesitation. She flopped bodily over the back of the seat and dropped into the clouds. Just in time Erin snatched her basketball shorts before they ripped away in the high winds.

She tussled for a moment with gravity but bullied it into doing what she wanted.

When forced to describe the sensation of her powers, it was of having one end of a rope lashed around your waist and other, by way of a tree, in your hands and yanking. Sometimes all that was needed was a neat tug to give her a bit of spring in her step but this time Erin reached out with the mental equivalent of a bulldozer.

Still bunching her waistline tightly in her fist, she plunged downwards.

Inside her body physiological changes adapted immediately to the change. She shuddered violently as her ears adjusted with a faint pop and that horrid bubbling feeling that felt like her earwax had melted. The roaring, shrieking, deafening wind was now only a low purr. Blood immediately surged to the subcutaneous veins to contain heat while trapping warm air from thermal spirals against her body hair. A thick, almost glassy film coated her eyes and allowed her to stare into the wind. Her nostrils dilated to accommodate the high velocity winds and biting chill. Her lungs felt like a rubber band was twined around each one because of the sudden pressure changes but soon they breathed deep and calmly.

No more than five seconds after she dropped from the bus the changes were complete and she fell downwards chasing the buses slipstream. It wouldn't last long and was already petering out but it was the best chance to find the boy, Scod. Clouds drifted over the trail and soon she was lost, but let the natural tug of the earth guide her way, allowing the battering gusts push her as they would have him.

Now she had direction and with another sharp jerk, Erin jetted towards him, breathing heavier as her lungs laboured to adjust again. They prickled and ached in the icy air while her stomach did more backflips than a circus poodle.


A small black dot that swelled in her vision, arms flailed. He was swallowed by the last cloud layer, but Erin felt a bright stab of relief. She exhaled the breath from her lungs in last gambit for extra speed, and hurled herself along the mental rope.

She stretched her body, one arm in front, the other still refusing to let go of her shorts. Her lungs throbbed and her head now had to tolerate no air at all. She'd never gone this fast, never conceived it but it felt like her autonomic system was handling everything superbly!


Erin exploded from the clouds with a triumphant yell.

Right beside Scod.

Everything happened so fast it was perceived as one flowing second.

Scod screamed louder as she appeared at his shoulder.

Scod began to spin, slow as if on a spindle.

Scod vanished into thin air.

Erin's ears popped so suddenly, so savagely and so unexpectedly, she let go of gravity altogether and tumbled upwards back into the cloud cover and sucked in a gasp of air.

Pain pierced her lungs. Her ears rang and bubbled. Her head was dizzy with the sudden intake of oxygen.

Over the winds and ringing, she could barely hear Scod's hoarse screaming, but it was enough.

She battled down again into the clear blue sky. Luckily the rolling grasslands below still had little detail. She grimaced.

Scod was nowhere in sight, but could she hear him? She craned her body, not daring to turn her neck for fear of snapping it under the G Forces her body miraculously coped with. She still couldn't find him, but the dull whistle of something still sliced the air like…like… To say like a knife was lying. Perhaps like a rock, or a cow, or voltwagon…….

Erin giggled at the minds eye watching a rock, a cow and a voltwagon fall through the atmosphere in succession but immediately drummed purpose back into her forethoughts. The rapid decrease and then increase in air pressure affected her brain. It was like the bends in reverse and exactly the same as being drunk. Getting her head to concentrate on something as tiny as displaced air was like getting a missile to hit a penny in the Sahara Desert.


The certainty eventually solidified in her mind. She could focus where the sound was coming from, using her gravitational powers to sync with the fall.

Erin darted another look downwards. Vague features, tracts of trees, the thin blue line of a creek were blossoming.

Now there was a big dose of sobriety.

But she couldn't grab him yet. Just before he disappeared he was spinning like a string went straight through his belly button and by now he would have enormous speed. If she tried to grab him their limbs would snap like twigs under the might. She had to stop it, but to stop it she had to see him.

Be calm. Be calm and he'll be calm.

Granted, it was easy to be calm when there was no possibility of your body being laminated over three square kilometres.

"SCOD, MATE!" she yelled as serenely as could be achieved when you're rushing at 200 km's an hour and the ground was gaining details like a hurried sketch artist by the second. "IS THAT IT? IF YOU DON'T WANT TO BE KNOWN FAR AND WIDE, EMPHASIS ON THE WORD WIDE, AS THE BOY WHO FELL OUT OF THE BUS ON THE FIRST DAY, I'D REAPPEAR. RIGHT. NOW."

The air to her left, not quite where she'd been concentrating shimmered, then focused. Scod was there. His eyes thankfully closed but his limbs spreadeagled for the world's biggest bellyflop.

And he spun.

"I'M GOING TO COME FROM BENEATH YOU AND GIVE YOUR-" Erin paused, gauging where she would do the least damage. Sternum could shatter and there'd go his ribs, diaphragm, lungs ….. "SHOULDER. YOU WILL FLIP, BUT YOU WILL STOP SPINNING, AND I WILL CATCH YOU. DON'T FLOP LIKE A DEAD FISH!"

A fraction of a nod.

Jaunting down again, Erin realized she still had the hem of her pants balled in her fist. And that she would have to let go. It should have been a very easy decision to make, pants for a human life, but she struggled with it. Dignity for honour...Aww!

Why didn't I wear jeans? On the count of three. One… Two...… Two… Twooooooo. One…. Two...Two and a half…. Thre…..Two…...


Her basketball shorts were whipped from her legs and even her knickers made a bid for freedom but luckily they were new and the elastic was strong. She shot up, palm thrust forward and smacked hard on the clavicle. Scod cried out but maintained his frozen rictus. He turned over and Erin looped her arms around his lanky middle and stopped.

Or tried to.

While she could make gravity let go of her, Scod's earthbound attraction was terminally stubborn. Her fingers were slipping as his weight bore down.

Comeoncomeoncomeon… she chanted inwardly as she struggled to hold them both up.

Sometimes she could make the things she held as weightless as she, bricks or a chair but most other times she couldn't. It was linked to her brain's certainty that she couldn't lift someone twice as tall and heavy as she. A purely mental barrier she struggled to overcome as the aether around her congealed so that could at least hang where they were.

Forcing herself not to pant for air or giggle like an eight year old, Erin shifted her grip and stared helplessly into the air above her. Taking in a slow breath she grunted and strained but could only inch upwards.

Moreover, how did you even get to Sky High? The clouds were clearing and soon people below might start asking questions. She most definitely couldn't go down.

"Scod, you 'wake?" Scod however had passed out with sheer relief; his head and shaggy black hair lolly over her shoulder. Blood trickled from one ear and the corner of his mouth. She hoped a slightly damaged eardrum was the least of his worries but she couldn't be sure. It was an even more urgent reason to find her the school. That, and she was wet and freezing. Her hair plastered across her cheek and neck or was dragged by the air currents that still raced around them.

She spun listlessly as she recovered her breath hoping for direction when she spotted dot coming towards her. It was also eating up the distance like Roadrunner. After a few seconds she realised it was another student and she called out frantically. The figure smiled reassuringly and after another interval he pulled up cheerily beside her.

Skinny with sandy blonde hair and the most Americanly patriotic clothing she had seen yet, he hovered beside her and waved.

"Hi! Are you Erin?" Her eyes narrowed implying that there were an infinite number of girls hanging around struggling to hold up unconscious boys. "Right, right," he waved it away sheepishly. "I'm Will."

Again she didn't speak, only giving Scod's boneless body a jiggle pointedly, when she suddenly remembered she had no pants on and it was only Scod who maintained her modesty. As he reached out to relieve the weight she shifted away.

"Hang on, we're in a bit of trouble here," she said with a lopsided smile. "I, you see, didn't wear a belt this morning, and you might know how it is hurtling through the air at breakneck speed."

"Oh." His eyes bulged as he caught on and shut his eyes frantically. "Oh! Ohhhh! Uh, yeah, my mom warned me about that. Can you get back up yourself? Maybe I can fly back up and borrow something from my friends-"

"I can't hold Scod much longer."

"Then what?"

Erin blew out the pent up air through her nose recalling the irony of her conversation with that AID's kid, Astaire about superhero's not being meatheads. Exhibit A looked around for inspiration.

"What if I close my eyes and take him and then fly him up and you can follow me. I promise I won't look down. I got a girlfriend, I bet she'll lend you a skirt. Are you a freshman? A first year? You must be 'cause I haven't seen you around. Unless you're an exchange student." At this Will stiffened and opened one eye warily. "Are you an elemental?" he asked with the same expression of a bomb technician earning his paycheck.

"No, gravity." She'd let the other little power lie secret for now.

He still didn't look reassured but held his hands open ready to take Scod. "He's bleeding."

"Might have stretched his eardrum, mighta busted it, mighta haemorrhaged," she said vaguely as she pawned him onto the talkative boy. Like most people, she found it hard drawing conclusions about things that didn't affect her. Will looked at her horrified.

"How fast are you, we have to get him there! I can travel at supersonic speeds and I-"

"Nu-uh. You have to get him there steadily. Go up fast enough and you'll rupture his lungs, which have probably already taken a good beating," Erin corrected impatiently, dropping below him and out of his direct line of vision. She shivered as mist condensed on her skin, and drew her legs up closer so that her poloshirt could at least reach her knees. She was suddenly thankful for her tacky idea of fashion.

"I forgot about that, you want to follow me?" Will said, keeping his eyes straight ahead.

"Lead the way."

Astaire sat against the tree with his knees drawn to his chest and overlooking the edge of the island with a dull achey nervousness. Bai leaned beside him, one wing flexing in a similarly absent habit, both watching the misty clouds roll and roil around the island like river foam.

"D'ya think they… you know…made it," Astaire mumbled, resting his chin. He'd been there and he still didn't believe it! And Bai had been right next to her and he didn't believe it.

Bai was Chinese, but you'd never really know unless you were close up. His hair was white, not blonde or bleached, pure white that was cropped short but loose. His eyes though still almond and slanted were baby blue. The whole effect was one of angelic purity, quiet and thoughtful, or at least until he levelled his serrated, sarcastic wit in your direction.

Astaire, whose grasp of psychology was the same as his grasp of astrophysics, theorised it came to do with his upbringing in a highly superstitious country province. Growing hair at puberty was difficult enough, watching your child grown feathers and learn to fly was a whole new parental anxiety.

From the story he could pry from his friend it seemed that only the local monk knew what he really was and it was sad to say encouraged he be hidden from sight until he could be smuggled to America where there were not only people like him, but schools for people like him. Bai was currently staying in a foster home with Priss Winters and with a little help from the Mad Science Department he could even hang around in public for long stints.

And in his usual way, there was a longish pause while he arranged his sentence in English. "I saw her. She was very purposeful as she leapt out the window. I highly doubt she'd have done so just to keep Scod company on the way down."

"But she said she couldn't fly, she said," he struggled, panic rising. Bai, Astaire and Scod's big brother Daniel had started in first year together, the best of friends, but Danny had dropped out to go back to ordinary high school. That same year Scod, a year their junior came through. They looked after the brother whose geeky gawkiness had filled the missing elements left by his brother. How would they explain to Dan they'd let him fall out of the bus on the first day of school? "She said she wasn't wind based, she said-"

"So perhaps she teleports, or levitates or shapeshifts in to a bird."

Astaire's eyes went wide with alarm. "Oh god, not another phoenix!"

He shook his head and muttered wordlessly into his chest and glanced at his watch. All the excitement hadn't taken more than five minutes and year meetings wouldn't start for another twenty minutes.

The other kids were milling around the survivors and the bus talking in low and excited voices. Everyone knew the storm had been supernatural and there were rumours super villains had found a way to track the school. Despite the beating they'd taken, most were fine and making a slow migration to the Nurse's office and, Astaire noticed, the boys more then girls as another first day rumour was that the new nurse was hot as.

Bai and himself weren't going anywhere until there was word. Will Stronghold had taken off twenty seconds ago and he wondered what was taking him so long.

"It looks like others are too tough for treatment," Bai said cheerily as the latest goth transfer was pointedly ignoring the blood running over her fishnet pantyhose. The cut was shallow but enthusiastic, and apparently not alone. Another cutter.

She was also making supposed absent passes in front of Warren and Priss as they pulled up a seat beneath a shade tree in the bright morning sunlight. To Warren's obvious annoyance, he was also joined by his little clutch of sidekicks. Zachary Davis was gesturing broadly as he asked the world, "He where's Will, he left like thirty seconds ago?"

Toothache, trying to hide her disgust, still wasn't getting a speck of interest and Astaire surveyed her moodily. While there was no denying she was pretty behind the torn clothes and piercings, it was definitely a skin deep beauty.

When no sympathy was forth coming, Toothache snapped her fingers and a cheery ball of flame curled around her fingers, rolling it across her knuckles like a magician with her coin, feigning absorption in its dancing light. Astaire could see her brain ticking away trying to think of something spontaneously deep and meaningful to say when asked what she was doing.

The scene was enough to derail Astaire's dark train of thought and he broke into his customary Cheshire grin.

Poor widdle Warren. Sucks to be him.

He'd had started in their first year too, but quickly earned a rep for a tinderbox temper and the social graces of an elephant in musk. What was more it was a self imposed solitude, he exorcised himself. Bai, whose empathetic abilities while not superhuman, were at the very least keen said it was more then just his father. Perhaps that's how it started but as he got used to being alone eventually found actually found it easier not talk.

All that had changed last year when his merry band of sidekicks joined him and seemed to kick start the art of conversation again with almost terminal determination. Priss, another in third year, was a dozen more steps in the right direction even if the pyro himself wouldn't admit it. She was the sweetest, classiest girls Astaire knew. What a pair.

Last year was a revolution in itself for the school when that same bunch of sidekicks became heroes.

Sky High had been pushing for a new hero support curriculum for years with the Phys Ed teacher, Boomer unexpectedly shoving the hardest. Royal Pain's attack was all that was needed to get the High-Up's who clung to tradition like limpets to cave to his constant pressure. Now Hero Support was worth more then the paper their graduation certificate was printed on.

Toothache made another winding path past the couple yielding nothing when he couldn't shut his mouth, "Hey Peace! Don't you believe in love at first sight, or does Fluffy have to walk by you again?"

"Shut up you little-" Toothache snarled, swearing explicitly. She pounced on him like a rabid dog, crossing the distance between them in long strides. She snatched his collar and yanked him unceremoniously into the air. Strength too it seemed.

"I wouldn't do that unless you to have a zit the size of a Everest right in the middle of your forehead and a really bad case of tinea," he chuckled breezily, despite the fact his buttons might have been cutting off blood supply. She hesitated with her first raised to pound him, embers swirling around it and her eyes (Dear lord, colour changing eyes too) flittered around his face like smart rodent considering if the scorpion was worth a meal. Did she know he was a pathac, or did she think he was bluffing? If so his world was soon going to be defined by the words extra crispy.

She grimaced but finally dropped him. "You'll be sorry you crossed me," she hissed wetly into his eye, shoving him roughly back into the bark and stalked off across the sports oval.

Bai shook his head chidingly but his wings, which were as expressive as his face should have been, were doing their laughter jiggle. Stirring the hordes of the We Wuv Warren Club had become their private sport.

"High five, Bai, high five."

"Next time keep your observations to yourself," Warren scowled and in that moment Priss's eyes dropped, then followed the goth girl up the library steps.

Poor kid, even if they don't stand a chance, it's gotta get to her some time.

By the time Warren had turned back, she brushed her blonde hair behind her ear and was playing with one of her large hoop earrings confidently. "Go on, get Nurse Spex to look at your hands or they'll hurt all day."

"Stop nagging will you?" he said gruffly. Priss didn't mind, it was just his way and knew her concern was appreciated. "Where's Stronghold?"

Astaire's pressed in a thin line again when suddenly cheers leapt up from the island's edge. The curious clustered around the teachers as the dorky Will Stronghold laid a prone figure on the scorched grass. Bai glided gracefully to Scod's side with Astaire at his primary's pushing himself between the crowd to reach his friend.

"Back, everyone back," Principal Powers demanded, wading through them with more grace. "Or I'll tag you all with detention slips."

The students groaned but stepped back, craning on their toes to see over Bai's wings as he fanned the air gently. Will meanwhile was relating enthusiastically had had happened to Powers.

Boomer checked Scod's pulse and lifted his eyelids. He tilted his head sideways and lifted up his shaggy black hair to peer into his ear with knotted brows. A thin dribble of blood caked his neck alarmingly and, like the others, Astaire waited with baited breath.

Will, who'd stepped back to give them room, said helpfully, "Erin said he might have ruptured his eardrum, or an aneurism."

Boomer nodded that this was a distinct possibility. So far Scod hadn't stirred at all so Boomer clapped his hands loudly by his ear.

Scod flinched but didn't wake up. It didn't seem to matter to Boomer who broke into a thankful smile, but hid it quickly. "Well it's not an aneurism and his eardrums aren't ruptured at least, damaged but not ruptured. His pulse is a little fast so let's move him carefully. Stronghold?"

"On it," he beamed, bundling up the tall boy again and setting off with Layla beside him. Bai and Astaire moved to follow, but Astaire stopped. "One of us should thank Erin."

Bai nodded and strode to catch up to Scod.

In all the excitement everyone had forgotten about the skinny little Indonesian and they began peering morbidly over the side again. "Hey, there's something over there! Like flapping material," one of the kids exclaimed, pointing down into the rocky crevices of the island a way down to their left.

"MS ERIN, IS THAT YOU DOWN THERE!" Tony Boomer commanded in a voice like a shockwave which knocked a few kids dangerously off balance.

"Yeeeeesss," a thin voice came back, wavering timorously in the wind.


After a moment the voice came back, almost panicky. "What, now? Where's the geek? I can't come up now!"

"ARE YOU DISOBEYING AN ORDER?" Boomer yelled again, glaring fiercely at the piece of blue material snapping like a flag in the wind. He could now also make out the dark flesh of a leg. Girls these days have no modesty, he thought rolling his eyes.

"An order?" The voice was little more then desperate squeak. Behind the crevice there was a bit of shifting. When a head appeared, its eyes were closed and its expression squeezed into one of agony. She levitated up, her legs drawn up beneath the almost billowing poloshirt, and settled on the grass a distance away. The kids that were left, a dozen or so roared their approval again and ran to lift her onto their shoulders.

At the pounding footsteps, Erin opened her eyes and looked up. Teens many times her size stampeded towards her.

She sneezed. And again, and again, and again.

Looking up was a very bad mistake for Erin. She panicked, and sneezed.

The sneeze convulsed her body savagely. It huddled to hide it's pantlessness on the ground and suddenly she was hurled from her own head into someone else's. In their bobbing vision she was hit by another body jerking sneeze she was thrown again behind a new set framed by black and red bangs.

She sneezed again, this time seeing herself roll onto her side unable to control herself and she sneezed again to see herself from another disorientating angle.

She sneezed thrice more in quick succession and felt sick and dizzy and bounced to another head by another sneeze that actually wracked her muscles like a stitch. She wheezed, but couldn't catch her breath in time for the next sneeze and next set of eyes.

The kids around her new vision had slowed to a stop watching an almost seizure of sneezes grip her. She wanted to close her eyes but the set she was behind wouldn't even blink. She tried to calm herself, to focus on something other then the fact she was flashing her knickers to the whole school on the first day.

One, two, buckle my shoe. Another sneeze and she found herself looking at a purple girl beside her new vessel.

Three, four, knock on the door! Five, six, pick up sticks! She sneezed again, and was now looking how beyond neat blonde fringe into the confused features of a dark chiselled face. Its owner shrugged and watched the milling students not going closer for fear she'd explode or something. It was always a risk with superheros. The realisation she'd never live this down, especially in front of a boy as good looking as he, sent her sneezing and spiralling to another set of eyes as she tried to train her thoughts again.

The rhyme, focus on the words! Seven, eight, lay them straight! Nine, ten, a big fat hen! Eleven, twelve, dig and delve!

Her body was calming down. Another sneeze took her, but this time more gently and the transition between heads was smoother, this time older and with a baseball cap balanced on his head. He yanked off his sports jacket and dropped it across her lower half, closing his eyes out of respect.

Thirteen, fourteen, maids are courting! Fifteen, sixteen, maids in the kitchen! Seventeen, eighteen, maids are waiting, her breath still heaving but she now had control of her powers as the man she was in closed his eyes on her and knelt beside her to hold her quivering body still. Sucking a last trembling breath and squeezing her teary but unseeing eyes shut, she blinked back into her own body. At last she could assemble herself. Nineteen, twenty, maids aplenty.

"Please let me go back down," she whispered, still out of breath. "The wind took my pants."

"Of course," Mr Boomer said almost gently, then whirled on the student thundering, "I SAID, BACK! AND KEEP YOUR EYES CLOSED!"

Blown off their feet, they landed far enough away to allow herself a little bit of reserve. Boomer, with his eyes still closed heard the ruffle of his sports jacket could feel the whiff of air and she floated back below eye line.

He waited a moment later and he stood up as kid's goggled at him. He trained his glare on one and snapped. "Hey furball," he snapped at the guinea pig shapeshifter. "Snap change behind that tree and give her your spare pants."

She looked about to say something snide just because of the voice, but it was a reasonable request. A snap change was a technique taught to everyone who'd need to dress quickly in a telephone booth and even Boomer wasn't quite sure how it worked but furball walked behind a tree and when she came out the other side she was wearing her gym clothes. She scowled but held out a black and purple lace skirt.

"Ms Erin," Boomer called down sternly. Poor kid, but he wasn't here to baby them. "I have a skirt kindly donated by one of your fellow student."

Erin, shivering below with her heart heavy and probably trying to hide behind her kidneys thought she heard sarcasm as she knotted the sports jacket around her waist. She sniffled again, not crying although she felt like it but the cold was getting to her body as it reverted back to its normal state. The gel like fluid that protected her eyes plopped onto her cheek like conjunctivitis but she wiped it away.

Suddenly some fabric fell past her weighted by a heavy buckled belt, but she pushed away from the island and grabbed it easily enough. It was a skirt, she wasn't normally a skirt person but a time like this beggars couldn't be choosers. She slipped it on, cinching the belt tightly and pushing it down like a mid air Marylyn Monroe over a storm grate. She was about to rise up over the lip of the island when she thought better of it.

"Are they gone?" she bleated, shading her eyes against the glare to see the silhouettes of students trying to get a better look.

If she was expecting sympathy she was disappointed. The man who'd given her his jacket now stood right on the edge looking down with a critical eye. "IT DOESN'T MATTER IF THEY ARE OR NOT! YOU'RE AT SKY HIGH NOW AND WE DON'T MOLLYCODDLE WHINERBABIES WHO CAN'T TAKE A LITTLE CHARACTER BUILDING. GET UP HERE AND STOP YOUR SNIVELLING."

"Yes sir," she almost whimpered, suitably admonished as she passed him his spray jacket back. She hated being in trouble, it always made her feel like a five year old with her hand in the lolly jar. When she settled on the grass again it was to the gazes of perhaps two dozen kids now, plus the three teachers. And that of the disinterested bloke with black and red hair.

She stepped back involuntarily and flushed looking at the ground, despite the fact there was no ground beneath her.

Thankfully she was saved by the bell. The warning bell for home room in fact and the woman in a dressy business suit clapped her hands together., a poster woman for feminism.

"Alright students, start of year meeting. First years, go to the gym. Second year the hall! Third's quadrangle, forth canteen and fifth the senior's area! Hop to it! Education isn't to be wasted standing around gawking. Not you Miss Solaimun, yes you Master Wrinser. Your cohort too."

"Hang on ma'am!" Astaire jogged forward, and Erin noticed for the first time how big he really was, a born rugby player.

Principal Powers pursed her lips. "Why don't you escort her to my office then, but don't be too long."

Levelling the entourage with a warning look, she coalesced it a thick cloud of golden light and flew off towards the main buildings with Erin staring longingly after her. She took another step back into the aether and tugged down on the purple tartan of the skirt.

"Hey, don't stretch it. I wore that on first day for a reason."

"Sorry," she mumbled, dropping her gaze. The clouds were looking more inviting by the second.

The owner of the lent skirt clicked her tongue in a way that suggested she hoped stupid wasn't contagious, but if it was there was nothing a little homebrand phrenology or good fashioned ol' blood letting couldn't cure. So it was to her surprise when the purple garbed girl, though still at distance with her arms crossed said brusquely, "Majenta."

"I beg your pardon?" she asked feeling dumber by the second.

"I'm Majenta. That's Ethan, Zack, Warren, Priss and, you seem to know Astaire."

Warren, his name is Warren! She thought, her heart doing a little hop-skip. She didn't miss however how possessively he stood next to Priss. He flicked his head, seemingly to say 'Wasup' while his girlfriend conjured a fragile ice daisy which already began to dribble in the strong sunlight, sappy but welcome.

Zach, a shockingly white hiphopper grinned a little too broadly and filled up the gap in sentences with babble she couldn't quite follow, trying to set her at ease. His best friend Ethan complimented her on the save, fawning really but sincere all the same. Both were dressed like they wanted careers in directing traffic and they kept their eyes forcibly at head height.

"I'm Erin." She stalled and Majenta looked around bored, starting her walk to the school with them all them falling into step, Astaire beside her. "Will I ever live this down?"

"Yeah yeah," she said peevishly, kicking Zach's ankles. "So the school saw you in you underwear. The smart ones will remember you lost them saving a kid who didn't have a chance."

Astaire gave her an amiable punch in the arm. "Thanks about that. I grew up with the dork and I can't imagine life without him."

"So," Priss warmly, look over her shoulder to speak. Erin could help envying the smooth silky flick of her blonde hair compared to her own slick black ponytail. "You're meeting up with Principal Powers. Are you a transfer? You look young, if you don't mind me saying."

"Nope, I'm seventeen so I guess that makes me a third year. My parents only just found out about my powers. I guess you could say my mum set me up with tutors so I could stay with my age group."

"I can tell," Astaire grinned, giving her arm a poke. "Look at those muscles!"

Erin had all the muscle definition of polypipe, while Astaire looked like he'd been a gorilla in his past life and only just avoided being it in this one.

"Well we have to get to class," Priss reminded unenthusiastically. "If you're a third year you might get to be with Warren and I. Astaire too."

Erin nodded, smiling tightly. Priss and Warren, not giving her more than a cursory glance branched off one way, while Majenta, Zach and Ethan went another.

"Well Erin," Astaire said exhaling with relief and his chest above his heart a thump. "That's about enough excitement for one morning, eh? This way to Principal Powers office. And, you never did tell me what your powers were. Is it Super Sneezing?"

Erin shook her head vigorously, went to say something but stopped. "I just sneeze when I'm nervous, and the more I sneeze the more nervous I get. Sometimes I think I'm going to sneeze my brains out my ears. But my power's gravity. I just find something to push or pull against and it works."

To demonstrate she exuded a little force focused the balls of her feet and she climbed an invisible staircase. "The bigger the better, but I guess in theory I could use a pea or a piece of paper. Everything's got gravity."

"That's pretty nifty, but probably not as useful for getting out of fun-runs."

Tadaaaa! Not much but hopefully enjoyable!