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No, you're a liar." Her deep hazel eyes glared. Her arms were folded across her chest, as she leaned on one hip.

A cocky grin appeared on his face. "I'm telling you the truth." His dark green eyes danced with hilarity, as he watched her squirm in front of him.

She bit her pink bottom lip slightly, as she scrunched up her face, trying desperately not to believe him. "No you're not."



"It's true."

"No it's not!" She stamped her foot into the ground and tucked a piece of her dark hair behind her ear. She stepped closer to him, challenging him on his word. "You're a liar."

"You're just gullible." He smirked, as he stepped forward to match her. He looked down on her, still smirking.

She looked up at him without a drop of fear in her eye. Her hazel eyes narrowed, as she poked his chest, saying, "No I'm not. You're just being stupid."

He backed up, a shocked look coming over his face that she had just poked him. He took another step forward, gaining a determined look on his face, and poked her back on her shoulder roughly. "Don't poke me. And you're the one who's being stupid."

She looked down on her shoulder where he had poked, and put her hand over it. She looked up at him, with an evil grin on her face. His eyes widened with horror, as tears began to well up in her eyes, and stream down her face. She wiped the evil grin off her face, and began to sniff, letting out a scream:

"Mommy! Tyler hit me!"

Tyler DiNozzo's mouth dropped, as she gave him a sly smirk. She wiped it off her face, just in time for their parents, Kate DiNozzo and Tony DiNozzo to enter the room with weary looks on their faces. Kate bent down, her dark brown hair in a ponytail, and her hazel eyes full of frustration, as she scooped up her only daughter, and held her close. "Shh… it's okay Elle…" Kate shot Tyler a glare, before going back to her daughter.

"And he said that the Red Soxs weren't going to the World Series…" Elle sniffed into her mother's shoulder.

Tony looked down on his son, with a sceptical look. "Tyler, I thought we agreed not to tell her about them not going…"

Kate and Elle's heads both simultaneously looked over at the boys, both with the same deadly glare on their faces. "They are too!" they both yelled, as Kate stomped out of the kitchen with Elle still in her arms.

Tony looked over and patted his son's shoulder. "Don't hit your sister Tyler. For punishment, you can't watch the baseball game tonight with us."

Tyler's jaw dropped again, as he watched his father's figure exit the kitchen. Letting out an angry sigh, he stomped off to his room.

The only thing worse than a little sister, is a little sister who can make herself cry.