Dum Dum DUUUUUUUM! A new story from me! Hoprfully, this one won't stink as much as the past few.

The Bogus Witch Project

"Come on! Speed up the van!"

"Quit whining! I told you that we would be in here for a long time!"

"Both of you shut up! You're disrupting my aura!" A girl cried at the two guys. She was around seventeen with short brown hair, bright green eyes, and a slim figure. She was dressed in brown and green clothes with jeans, a jade necklace with some kind of little symbol carved in it, and she had her ears pierced a few times.

"Okay, whatever Blair," the guy driving muttered. He too looked about seventeen, maybe older, we would tell you his hair color, but he always wore this stupid blue beanie and made sure ALL his hair was under it. Maybe he's bald or something. His eye color can't be distinguished because he wears frickin' SUNGLASSES. Is this guy running from the police or something? He was wearing a dark brown trenchcoat, black boots, and black jeans. He never wore a shirt. This guy is a freak.

"My name is not Blair!" the girl cried, "It's Vira, flower of the sun." Vira leaned back in her seat and tried to reach "Mother Earth", which is the last place she's ever gonna be.

A/N: In case you couldn't tell, "Vira" is a parody of the Wicca girl in The Blair Witch Project 2: Book of Shadows.

"Okay El Vira."

"GRRRRRR! May the creatures of the Earth spare your soul from eternal torment!"

"...what did she say?" the third guy said, finally making himself noticable. He too was wearing a beanie, but you could see his dark brown hair poikng out from under it, so it wasn't as weird. He was wearing a red T-shirt, blue jacket, and jeans with numerous holes in it. This is probably the only hot guy we will see in this fic.

"It's a curse. A dark curse. One that only Wiccas know," she laughed.

"Please, you're about as Wicca as a Pope is Jewish. And what is an aura?" he asked.

"Jake, it's a form of emotion," she said simply. The boy in the red, Jake, blinked and just leaned back in his seat.

"If I had known I'd get paired up with this freak, I'd have taken a '0' on this project," Jake muttered to the guy next to him. He just simply looked at her in the backseat and shrugged at his remark.

"I like her... she has... charm," he said softly. jake rolled his eyes and glared.

"Whatever, just don't go all Teenage-Puppy-Luv on me. You're the only other one in this care with real sense."

"Be quiet. You don't know her very well," he growled. Vira looked up at the guy driving.

"By the way, the teacher- or you- never told us your name. What is it?" she asked.


"We're here!" Jake yelled, excited. He grabbed his camera and rushed out.

"Slow down!" Vira yelled, annoyed. The guy in the trenchcoat silently got the rest of the equipment and followed. The three stopped in their tracks and smiled.