Well here I am again. Writing another fan fiction and hopefully this one will be a lot better than others in the past. Though I'll tell you this story is actually based on a true story (sorta, or at least half of the story will be)but I'll be using 'Naruto' characters for replacements.

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There he was again for the third week. A pink haired young woman noticed as she drove her grey dodge neon to work once again. She worked at the hospital as a nurse but was currently working her way to be a doctor. She loved taking care of people and it was her life's mission to one day be a doctor and save lives.

At the age of 24, she was a pretty young lady. Though with hair the color of a cherry blossom, bright green eyes, and with a temper that could stop a rampaging elephant in its tracks. With a slender figure, and just the right sized breasts she could get any guy she wanted. Though she wasn't looking for a man right now in her life, she still dreamed of meeting Mr. Right.

Sakura Haruno was making her way down Ichikura Street since the freeway was always backed up in the morning. At first it was great but soon enough she started noticing some white Cadillac following her. It made her nervous at first.

Than two weeks went by and still the car followed her as she nervous looked on ahead. Out of the corner of her eye she noticed it drove up right next to her car. She looked at the person and saw it was a young man.

He was perhaps around her age, with hair as dark as a raven's feather and pale skin. His eyes held this navy look to them as he looked right into her green ones. She had to give him credit; he wasn't a bad looking guy. She felt a blush rise to her cheeks before looking away to keep her on the on the road.

That's how it went till now. This time though as he pulled up right next to her he gave her a small wave. She blushed and waved back to him. She than saw him point to the side of the street, he mouthed pull over. This made her more nervous than before!

She didn't even know the guy! For all she knew he could be a murderer or a rapist! She wasn't stupid enough to take the risk. She shook her head and smiled, pretty soon (and thank the Gods) her turn came and that was the last time she saw him for that day.

Within ten minutes she arrived at the hospital and parked her car. She made sure she brought her purse and got out of t car after turning it off than taking off her seat belt. She wore a light blue t-shirt and a light blue pants. It was the nurse's outfits and she hated them. She pulled out her badge from her pen pocket on her shirt and clipped it on as she made her way into the hospital.

She entered, clocked in than went to the room where the employees kept there things. She opened up her locker and placed her purse in there. She pulled out a hair tie and placed her hair into a sloppy bun.

"So did you see your stalker this morning?" A voice spoke out. She turned to see that it was Temari, also a fellow nurse. With her blond hair put into four different kinds of pony tails and dark blue eyes, she had an attitude almost worse than Sakura's.

"He's not a stalker…and yes I saw him. He waved to me this time," Sakura said as she closed her locker and Temari grinned at her," Than he signaled for me to pull over!"

"And of course you didn't you scaredy cat!" Temari laughed at her and Sakura gave her the finger which only made her laugh even harder.

"And get rapped? No thank you, I think I'll just keep my innocence as long as possible,"Sakura replied as they both got their charts of patients to check on today.

"You innocent don't make me laugh!" Temari pocked her with her pen and placed it in her pocket.

Temari was a good friend of hers. She met Temari when they were both in college and managed to get the same job. Both of them wanted to be doctors, so they pushed each other to make sure both of them would reach their dreams. Though Temari was well a bitch sometimes, she was also a great friend.

"Why don't you have him if you like him so much?" Sakura asked.

"One I don't know what he even looks like. And two men are so over-rated," Temari replied to her pink haired friend.

Temari had two young brothers; she was around them so much that she never really had time for boys. Also she was a lot rougher than girls, she was a tomboy and she beat up or threatens people if they made fun of her or even her brothers. She always fought with other boys and thought they were troublesome.

"Come on you two, I'm not paying you to talk," an older woman said to them as they passed by her. With long blond hair tied up in a pony tail, with dark golden eyes she waved a finger at them.

"Yes Tsunade-sama!" they both chirped at the head doctor and went on there ways.

Though was she sure. Sakura was never going to pull over that stalker err stranger. She wasn't going to get involved with nonsense in this place during her life. Nope not of her life or her name was Sakura Haruno for nothing.

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