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Chapter 10


Phil woke up next to Keely on the couch.

We fell asleep, again, aww man , and we have school today.

He looked at Keely. Still, he loved the way she slept. breathing so lightly you could hardly hear it. And if you touched her, she would shiver, and make a small noise so quiet, you'd have to be less then a foot away to make it out. She was snuggled up against the arm of the couch, with her hands under her face, and her feet barely covered by the blanket she had worn while they were watching the movie. The tips of her toes pressed lightly onto his leg. He smiled, and covered them up all the way with her blanket, and brushed the tendrils of hair, the were sprawled out everywhere, out of her face.

Her eyes flickered open half way.

Phil smiled.

She smiled back.

"Hey" she whispered, attempting to sit up, and failing.

"Good morning" he said softly.

Trying again to get up, she lazily flopped back down, causing a scene Phil could hardly ignore. He held back his laughter, and gave her his hand to help, -which she gladly took.

"Why does it seem like... every time you come over, or we stay up late, we fall asleep?"

Phil laughed.

"Yeah, I've noticed that too."

Keely smoothed out her hair, and looked at Phil, who was sitting very close to her.

"You know, I do kick when I sleep, Phil."

"Really?" he smiled, "'cause I never noticed."

"If I would've kicked you off this couch, I could have done some serious damage." she said, flinging a finger in his face.

"Well we wouldn't want that now would we Teslow?"

"certainly not Diffy."

She stood up, and grinned at him widely, grabbing his shoulders and pulling him up violently, the rubbing them together mockingly. Phil rolled his eyes and followed her into the kitchen.


The school day went by just about as slow as time can possibly go. They had gotten through the first four periods, and it was time for lunch. Keely walked in and set at their normal table. Phil and Via were already there, and Owen was off chasing some girl.

" Oh mygosh, Keely. I got a magazine from shoppers-weeky, and they are having a huge shoes ale at the mall this week. You so have to come with me. They have those point toed, high top, 2.5 inch, brown leather boots you've been searching for, and they're only thirty six dollars!" Via said ecstatically.

"I'm sorry Vi, but I can't."

Both Phil and Via looked over at Keely surprised.

"But Keely, why?"

"I would really love to, but I already have plans." Keely's face looked unsure and depressed, she faced towards the floor so no body would see, but Phil knew better than that. There was something she wasn't telling them.

"Oh, okay, but you're really missing out." Via went back to picking the tomatoes off her sandwich.

Keely started to eat to, but Phil just didn't feel right. He kept watching her. She ignored him, trying not to send off any false messages.


Phil caught up with Keely in the hall, and jumped in front of her.

"Whoa there, you do know you could've caused a big accident there boy. These shoes aren't made for walking."

Then what's the point in wearing the? Oh nevermind.

"Sorry Keel, I just really needed to ask you something."

"Okay then, I have a few minutes, shoot."

"Um, you know how at lunch you turned down Via and that big shoes sale?"

Keely nodded nervously awaiting the rest of his question, she had a feeling she wouldn't be able to get out of this one.

"What, exactly, was that about?"

"Oh, just like I told you, I just have other plans."

"I have a feeling you're not telling me the whole truth."

"Look, Phil, it's really sweet that you care about me so much, and I love you for it, but it's not a big deal if I can't make it to some stupid shoe sale. There's more to life than fashion. Now I have to get to class before I'm late again. And with my spotless reputation, I cannot afford that."

she pushed him slightly over, and out of her way, leaving him just staring at her walking down the hall.

Keely Keely Keely.


Phil hurried to his locker, trying to catch Keely again before he left. He wanted some straight answers from her. He spotted a slim blonde figure, carrying a pink binder, and a few fuzzy pens, coming out of algebra. She immediately turned around, and walked the other way when she say him.

"Wait! Keely! Don't you ignore me!" by now, half the school was staring at him, and the other half didn't pay attention to anything but getting out of that school.

"What are you looking at? I'm sure you have more important things to do besides watch me yell down my girlfriend." he shooed them off.

He ran out the front doors, following Keely, until he finally caught up.

"Keely, why eon't you talk to me?" he asked, breathless.

She didn't answer, but started to walk faster, clutching onto her bag.

"Are you mad at me for something?"

She paused in her tracks, and turned around to face him.

"You know you can tell me anything, right keel?"

She looked down at her feet and nodded.

"Well then, what's going on?"

Keely ran up and hugged him. He was surprised, but returned the embrace.

"I'm sorry." Keely whispered, hurt in her voice.

Phil didn't know what to say, so he just pulled apart and looked at her. Her eyes were glittering with tears.

"Keely, what's wrong?"

"My, my dad- he called again." she couldn't finish her sentence.

Phil stared at her, his face clearly showing concern, and deep worry lines.

"-he said, th-that I have to start packing tonight."


She nodded again.

"Phil. He's moving back to Texas tomorrow. An-And I'm coming with him."


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