Muggle Mondays Story One- The Bet

I don't own the characters or places. Don't want to. Just want to have fun with them. They belong to J.K.R. and she can keep the full responsibility for them.

It started like a fairly normal night. No one knew how it ended the way it did. In two people's minds it was perfect.

Six people, three couples. Dinner, casual conversation, and an argument broke out. What can you expect from three Gryffindors and three Slytherians? It really got bad when Muggle entertainment was insulted. It ended in a bet. Muggle game, Gryffindors vs. Slytherian. If the Slytherians won, the Gryffindors had to dress in Slytherian colors with "Slytherians Do It Best" printed on the back of the robes, with a collar and leash (this contribution was made by Severus Snape with an especially evil grin at his lover) for a day spent in Diagon Alley. If the Gryffindors won, they got to pick a muggle event to drag their partners to.

So now Harry was frantically talking to Hermione about a Muggle game they would be able to beat their partners in. He could only just imaging the fits Ron would heard if Draco was leading him around Diagon Alley like that. And the twins would never let him live it down. They would bribe Collin Creevy to make extra photos and blow them up for a front window display.

Remus was listening to their conversation with interest. This involved him too, and he wanted to win. How dare Severus make that suggestion! He glared over at his lover with annoyance. Severus only smirked back and raised an eyebrow.

Harry knew it was rather a break from tradition. The number of couples that formed from Slytherian/Gryffindor pairs was rather a shock. But when fighting insane Dark Lords, one didn't stop to ask the person pressed against your back firing off curses what House they belonged to. You just fought and put your trust in the person behind you. Only after the fight did they realize just who's back was protecting who.

Draco and Harry pairing didn't surprise most people. Even Ron just sighed and said "Well, I guess it makes sense. If you two aren't fighting, doesn't leave much else for you to do."

Hermione and Pansy was a bit of a shock however. Everyone thought for sure Pansy was going to marry some pureblood wizard have an heir and sleep with every other wizard for the remainder of her life. Who would have guessed she didn't like guys?

Remus and Severus, now that one was a shock. The two fought. Always. Constantly. Usually over James Potter, Harry Potter, Sirius Black or some other incident from the past dragged into today. After Sirius' death, Remus had gotten much more violent in his arguments with Severus.

Then one day the six were at Harry's house, Severus having stopped by to talk to Draco, when he and Remus started fighting again. Remus shoved Severus hard. He responded by swinging at Remus, knocking him down. The werewolf didn't stay down long. Harry and Draco had wands pointed at the two men, but weren't sure what to do without hurting them. Another punch, this time from Remus, ducked, Snape grabbed Remus around the chest, tackling him to the ground. Suddenly the two were kissing and tearing at each others clothes. Harry and Draco dropped their wands, yelling and covering their eyes. Draco was in therapy for a month.

So, now the happy couples were sitting across the room from each other, glaring. Hermione and Harry were discussing Muggle board games. Harry regretted getting into this bet. What did he know of board games? Any time the Dursley's played, he was banished to his cupboard.

"What about Trivia Pursuit?" suggested Hermione. Harry's eyes lit up.

"I don't know how much help I will be, but I know you would do great! You are like a sponge with knowledge!" He was starting to get excited now.

"Um," Remus decided to have some input. "I don't know. Severus is pretty damn intelligent. He has a fountain of Trivia information swimming in that mind of his."

Harry and Hermione grinned at him. "Yeah, but all wizard knowledge. Not Muggle."

Remus laughed. "And they say Slytherians are sneaky."

The three stood up and went to their partners. "Okay, we've decided. Give Hermione and I half an hour and we'll be back with the game of choice." Harry bent and gave Draco a kiss.

The two changed into jeans and t-shirts and Apparated to a safe point before rushing into Muggle London to buy the game. Arriving back home, just a few minutes after the designated half hour, they went into the kitchen to find everyone with tea (except Remus who had a cup of hot chocolate) and set up the newly purchased board game.

Three hours later the Gryffindors claimed victory. After having to put the board game back together three times following Slytherian temper tantrums-Most notable was when Snape, his black eyes flashing, dumped the game on the floor saying that "Everyone" knew the plant that lead to a headache cure was (something that Harry totally missed being too busy NOT laughing). Hermione argued back that it was just an ingredient in the Headache Potion, not the primary ingredient in aspirin, which was the Muggle treatment for headaches and therefore his answer was WRONG. The two were standing toe to toe yelling at each other. Finally Snape stormed back over to the table. He didn't concede graciously. Perhaps it didn't help that Harry and Remus were practically on the floor with laughter.

The three Slytherians were looking on in shock when Hermione placed the last pie piece into their pie and claimed victory. Almost as if they had practiced it, all three stood, their chairs falling back.

"No Way! We are not going out as…Muggles!" As the three started away they were halted by Remus' quiet "Um, Wizard's Oath, remember?"

Harry and Hermione started to laugh as they saw all three freeze and turn to glare.

"Fine," Severus snapped. "Monday. What time?"

Harry looked at Hermione. They hadn't discussed what to do, but he knew what he wanted to do. Had wanted to do ever since he was eleven. "Meet here in the kitchen at 9 am. We will provide the clothing."

Three pairs of eyes flashed to him. He almost winced under the combine outrage.

"Clothing? We are going to be in Muggle attire?" said Draco with a deceptively soft tone.

Harry bit his lip as he answered "Of course. We can't go to Muggle areas in our robes."

He was surprised they hadn't thought of it before making the best. Harry stood slowly and approached his lover.

Slowly he leaned in and whispered softly in his ear, "Besides, I can't wait to see you in a pair of tight fitting jeans, showing off that arse to everyone and knowing only I get to touch." He punctuated his comment with a nip on Draco's ear in a move he knew was underhanded but effective.

Draco's eyes flamed with a different type of fire. He grabbed Harry's hand and headed to the bedroom they shared. He threw one last comment out "Fine. But you will pay, tonight and every night until this is over."

Harry blushed as he knew what type of payment his lover had in mind. Somehow he knew he wouldn't mind the payment. Or the means of collecting.

The next morning, Harry left his blond lover sleeping and went downstairs. He was pleased to see only Hermione down there when he cautiously slide into a chair. A cup of coffee was poured and presented to him as she sat, just as carefully beside him.

They exchanged grins. Who would have guessed just how… inventive Slytherians could be in bed? Especially when they were annoyed and filled with lust at the same time.

Remus slipped into the kitchen moments later. He did not look nearly as pleased as the two younger ones did. Severus had stormed off and went to his own home to sulk. He growled at the obviously happy looks on the other two.

"So what is the plan for Monday?" asked Hermione. She decided to ignore Remus' bad mood and move on.

"I want to go to the zoo," Harry replied. "I have a . . .friend I want to check on." He was thinking of the snake he had freed years ago. He suspected the snake couldn't have gotten far before being recaptured and he found he wanted to see how the brief bout of freedom had gone.

Hermione smiled at him. Harry leaned over and patted Remus on the arm. "Don't worry, he is probably just taking it out on some poor innocent student. He'll be back tonight."

Remus nodded. He knew Harry was right. He allowed himself to look at the two children…no adults now and was pleased they were happy. Especially Harry, who had so little happiness for so long. Now he glowed with happiness.

"So what is a zoo?" he asked, suddenly more cheerful. Especially when he thought of Severus dressed in jeans.