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Can You Still Feel The Butterflies?

Chapter 1

Welcome to the New South

Tweek sat in his desk fidgeting. He didn't know the answer to the question and he knew the teacher would ask him, as if he had mental powers to detect that it was the only answer not answered. When the teacher over looked Tweek to the person behind him, he gave out a loud sigh of relief.

He hated math class, almost as much as he hated getting three hours of sleep a night. For the remainder of twenty minutes, Tweek just twitched in his desk, changing his stare from the clock to his text.

The room itself gave off the vibe that Tweek was feeling. It seemed as if right after one person looked at the clock, another would look, and then another and so on. That's the way it went in math class; no one really wanted to be in there…they just had no choice. Tweek wasn't aware that he was flexing his hand around his paper, crumpling his notes to the point where they were almost illegible.

It was last class of the day. Even though Tweek had to work, he would rather be there, then in class. He worked at a small gas station at the other end of town. He didn't like working there, but he felt that it was much better then working at a coffee shop.

There was movement to his left and, shaking his head vigorously, he looked over. There she was; the prettiest girl that Tweek had ever seen. She lazily raised her hand and held it there as if she had more privilege to stay in her seat. Her sandy-blonde hair was tucked behind her pierced ears. Her purse was sitting on her lap of her crossed legs. Once again Tweek thought of that as a privilege that only she had; and he admired that. She was perfect in every way. Tweek never wanted to take his eyes off her. Even the way she was chewing her gum was enticing; sheer boredom.

Tweek looked back at the teacher who was, at the moment, helping another student at his desk. Tweek looked back at the girl who had recently switched arms. Why she just didn't get up was beyond Tweek, but he figured this was his chance to talk to this girl.

"Um- Arrg!" Tweek screamed just as the bell went off. The girl slammed her text closed and shoved the papers into her disorganized binder, leaving the room with her two friends. Tweek slid down into his seat reminding himself how hopeless he is, and feeling his eye begin to twitch.

"Class is over." The teacher said and Tweek stood from his desk, gathered his things and then left.

When Tweek arrived at his locker she was standing at hers. He expected this since it was an everyday ritual. She would stand there while all her friends would gawk at her and how perfectly flawless she was. Tweek had liked her ever since ninth grade, but he's never been able to ask her out on a date on account of, well…


"ARRG!" he screamed as someone tapped him on the back. "WHAT?"

"Calm down." Kyle said. "Are you going to the party tonight?"

"Party?" Tweek questioned quite loudly.

"Yeah, everyone's going…"

"They are?" He asked again with worry and interest, his left eye continued to twitch

"Except Stan." He said off to the side. "Says it's going to be boring." Kyle shrugged and then smiled once again. "It's at Natalie Cooks house." Kyle sighed and looked over at the girl who was laughing with her group of friends.

"It is?" Tweek urged and Kyle nodded stupidly, a grin spreading across his face.

"I've gotta work" Tweek exclaimed with over dramatized worry. Tweek quickly packed his school bag and headed out the doors to where his car was.

Tweek's parents didn't really trust him with a car, and they did have just cause, but it was the only way that Tweek was able to get to work on time. At least he had never had an accident; it was simply the fear that he was going to have one. His car was old and dirty but it ran well. It really as nothing to compare to the new, bright pink one beside his, the one with the personalized plate: SOHOT.

Tweek spent minutes attempting to unlock his car door with his key because he was fidgeting too much to actually do so. The pink convertible beside him made a beeping sound, causing him to jump and lean against the car in support. Both of his eyes were uncontrollably twitching as Natalie and her friends came sauntering out to her car with god like ease.

Tweek felt his heart beat faster as he watched her hair flow in time with her strides, and she even looked at him. This made Tweek freak out more then he was, allowing him to finally open his car door. Once in the car he spent minutes trying to get it started.

"You're late Tweak!" a small balding man said as Tweek entered the small gas station.

"I know!" He said with difficulty. "Car trouble." One look was all I took to persuade the man that it really was "car trouble", just not the trouble that one would think.

"Your not that late… get out there, those people can't sever themselves…god I wish they would." The short man babbled on with lost interest

Tweek quickly ran into the back, dawning a coat and a hat with the emblem logo stretched across the front. He headed outside and started to help the awaiting customers.

Tweek knew he hated this job, but he couldn't think of one person who would actually like it. It wasn't the fact that he was pumping gas; it was simply serving the people and bending to their every self-centered wishes.

The short man that was Tweek's boss left an hour later, leaving Tweek to finish his seven-hour shift by himself. He knew it would be a quite one; they usually were in small mountain town lie South Park. Tweek could never recall how he passed the time, he could only remember freaking out a lot of the time.

Then he saw the pink car pull op to one of the pumps. His head shuddered to the side continuously as he walked out to the sporty car that held the girl he'd been rushing on for two years.

"Hi…H-h-how much can I get you?" he asked with forced disinterest. The three girls jammed in the back starting giggling at Tweek's "convulsive issues and so did the guy in the front seat.

"Hi Tweek" the girl smiled, causing Tweek to give out a small squeak.

"You can fill it." She said and then laughed slightly as he shakily opened her gas tank.

"Is Brent still working here?" She asked leaning out the window.

"Arg! Brent?" Tweek's voice was louder then he thought and it seemed like more of a scream then a question. "No… he quit"

'Oh… too bad huh. He was a funny guy." She examined herself in the side-view mirror and fixed her lipstick. "You don't happen to have his number do you, because I'm having this party at my house tonight and I would really like it if he could come."

"A party? No I don't have his number…" Tweek said. "Arrg!" He shouted and then shook his head with relief, remember that it was only the pump that shut off.

Natalie shoved the 34 dollars into his hands and was already off, even before Tweek could count it. The money even copied her perfumed-purchased smell and every once in a while Tweek would notice it.


Tweek knew he shouldn't go to the party, and so he didn't. He knew he wasn't invited, especially after what she had said earlier that day. Tweek frowned; it was half past ten already. If he did go everyone would already be shit faced and wouldn't notice.

He remembered that Kyle had said that Stan was staying home tonight. He turned his car around and headed towards Stan's house hoping that South Park's best football player would be able to give him dating tips.

Everyone knew that he's dated most of the girls at the high school, so he would definitely have SOME advice to give him.

Tweek arrived at Stan house at quarter to eleven. He wasn't even sure if Stan was home, there was no car in the yard and the only hope he had to go by was a light in the window.

He knocked solemnly on the door and a dog started barking. He could hear a boys voice shushing the dog and Tweek felt slightly happier, and more nervous.

"Tweek?" Stan said as he opened the door.

"Arg… Hi Stan!" Stan looked at his watch and then back at Tweek

"Do you need something?" He stared at Tweek with unmoving eyes and Tweek nodded with difficulty.

"Ok…come on in." Tweek entered the house and instantly removed his shoes. Stan entered the living room and motioned for Tweek to follow him. Tweek hesitantly patted the dog on the head before he followed Stan's command to go to the living room.

"What can I do for you?" Stan asked.

"Are you doing a puzzle" Tweek asked jerked his clothing as if it was bothering him and Stan glared at him.

"Yes, I am doing a puzzle…is there a problem." Tweek shook his head continuously, knowing that Stan could probably beat him up in seconds. "What do you want Tweek?"

"I need your help. I need to know how to date this girl…and you know best about dating…I think- arg" Stan smiled and nodded his head.

"Sit down.' Stan ordered and Tweek let out a small, nervous squeak before sitting.

"Alright, before you jump head on you have to know the girl."

"Ok…." Tweek said in a panic-stricken tone.

"You have to know what kind of girl she is…" Stan said shortly after.

"Oh this is way too much pressure! How do I know that?" he asked skeptically.

"Well, you have to know If she likes flowers for no reason, if she likes stupid romantic music, no flowers ever, self-conscious of her weight- meaning never buy her candy- if she's a feminist. Be aware of this one. You don't want to piss off a feminist."

"Jesus!" Tweek's body flinched with fright. " I don't know if I can do this."

"Girl who like staying in are the best" He continued. "You don't want a girl who parties, especially if you're a jealous guy who doesn't like to dance. Never go drinking/ clubbing on a first date." Stan finished and placed a puzzle piece in the right place.

"Clubbing? Drinking? Stan, I'm 17…everyone knows that!"

"Whatever, you have your license…"

"Yea b-but… oh man!" He stood up and paced around the room, fidgeting with his cloths.

"Sit down Tweek" he told him gently. Tweek did so with a small squeak on the edge of the couch.

Stan grinned slightly and made his way around the couch.


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