This is my second story in the KOTOR time line, involving both the casts of the first game, as well as the second game. This fic is completely different from the "Force of Echoes" story, that is still in progress at the time of this writing. This story will be based on my second playings of both games. For the original, I was a light sided male, involved in a romance with Bastila Shan. In the sequel, I was once again a dark sided male with an interest in the handmaiden.

Because this is a continuation of both of these games, there will be SPOILERS. If you have yet to play either, please be advised. Also, the same rules from my last fic apply to this one. If it wasn't mentioned in my game, then it does not exist within this story. Please do not leave comments about this.

I will be once again using the same sites for info as I did in FoE, but with more fact dealing with what is posted in the chronicles on the official Sith Lords site and that of game This story will possibily be in five parts. This first part will deal with the aftermath of the Star Forge battle and ceremony, leading up to Revan's departure into the Outer Rim and the Unknown Regions.

DISCLAIMER: This story is a work of fiction. No money is being made off this. KOTOR games are both trademarks of Lucas Arts, Bio Ware, and Obsidian entertainment. The name for this fiction is in no way (except for name of course) related to the upcoming film by the same name, which is also trademark of Lucas Arts.




The galaxy had seen many things; many bad and horrible things.

It had seen the best of the best rise and fall; lead them to victory, only to turn on them later. It had seen the best of men and the worst. Some said it was fate, others said it was the Force. The Force had led these great men and women to their heights and then had brought them to their lowest.

There were many on that list, the list of the saviors who had turned to become their worst enemies, bringing others into their fold like walking into a store. The galaxy remembered, as did the Republic. But for some, for those special individuals, they remembered things much better. For one man, he remembered all too well and unfortunately for the Republic, he wanted revenge. He wanted to make the galaxy what it should be and he would have what he had spent half the year trying to achieve. Only one thing stood in his way.

One man that could possibly bring it all to an end.

But he wasn't worried. Either way, he'd have his revenge. This time, the fate of the galaxy wouldn't be decided by philosophy or politics.

This time…it was personal.

Most of the Republic had never heard of this new world, but when the Star Forge had been destroyed, when the evil dark lord Malak had been defeated, it was here where the fleets of the Republic armies landed. Everyone had been amazed at the beauty of the planet, of the ancient people that resided there. In a few days, the Republic would hold talks with these Rakatans, hoping to place this planet within the Republic alliance, even though the world was within the Outer Rim.

But the morning after the Star Forge victory, the crew of the Ebon Hawk were awarded the Republic's highest medals of honor for their work in discovering the tool of the Sith, defeating Darth Malak, and pushing back the enemy. That night, the planet of astounding beauty held a large and loud victory celebration for the galaxy's heroes.

For one member of that crew, being by himself was more comfortable than being paraded around as he had. He had shaken so many hands that night, nodded to those pompous Republic senators, praising him repeatedly. But he had done his duty; he had smiled happily, pretended to enjoy himself, when all he wanted to do was escape. He finally seemed to get his wish, when people began to lose themselves within the excitement of the moment.

So now this young man stood, perched on a small cove, slightly separate from the main land, but able to look out at the ocean and the sandy beaches. From his viewpoint, he could see their ship on the shore, amongst some other, smaller fleet ships. But even this sight – or the gorgeous sight of the sea – could not distract the young man from his own thoughts.

This man, this seemingly unremarkable man, was in fact one of two halves of the same person.

One half was that of Jayden Korr, a smuggler who was recruited by the Republic during the war with Malak. His service was needed and he was placed – or rather added – at the very last minute to a Republic flagship known as the Endar Spire. Little did he know that being assigned here would bring him to the very celebration he was now avoiding. Jayden Korr was remarkable from day one. He and Commander Carth Onasi, after escaping the Sith that had attacked and boarded their ship, had been the only crew members to survive . But there was still hope. One Jedi, a Bastila Shan, had managed to use one of the escape pods to land on Taris.

But that was only half the story, and thus, where the other half of this man would emerge.

The other half of this young man was someone named Revan. Revan, at one time, had been a Knight of the Jedi Order, only a few tasks away from taking on his own student one day. But this Revan, this celebrated knight of the galaxy, had fallen to the dark side soon after the Mandalorian War. A Jedi Knight turned Dark Lord; a hero turned villain; and as of all this mess, a villain turned redeemed soul. The problem with all of this was simple, at least to him. The two halves knew of each other, but did not know more than that. Like two sides of a coin, there were two different people, two personas, though both exhibited traits of the other. But the problem again was this:

Where did Jayden Korr end and where did Revan begin?

And this wasn't even the biggest problem this young man faced. He took the news of being a former lord of the Sith well and adjusted to being called Revan by his crewmates and others. What he didn't except was the lying that had taken place around him, mostly from her.

From the first moment he had seen her, he was attracted to her. It was a physical attraction, yes, and if his memories involving experiences as Revan were true to some extent, Jayden Korr loved the ladies and the ladies loved him. Not Bastila Shan, though. He admitted what she had acknowledged once – that he had been the one to flirt, to make innuendos, to drive her absolutely mad. And he could say now that, yes, in a way, he enjoyed riling her up. He'd meant it when he said she was cute when she was embarrassed. That only managed to fluster her more. And the more they traveled together, the bolder he became when pursuing her.

He was sure it wasn't the bond they had forged – the one she had forged with him after saving his life on his flagship – but he could feel her attraction for him and he did his best to make her laugh, make her flustered with his comments and sweet talk and he was rewarded when she relented, admitted that there was something between them, only to say it was the will of their bond and even if there was more, their Jedi code forbid it. And as he would come to discover, the more he couldn't do something, the more he wanted it.

That's why it was so hard for him to keep his emotions to himself. His love had saved her, saved them both, he knew that and he refused to let the council take that away from them. Besides, she needed him now more than ever.

And she was there, watching him stand, overlooking the seascape. She had felt his anxiousness and annoyance from being surrounded by all the Republic higher ups. Bastila Shan had a hard time being in that room as well. No one knew about her fall to the dark side and how it was Jayden – Revan – that had saved her. So while they congratulated her, she had done the same as he; smiled politely, thanked them for their praise, but all the while she wanted to be away…that's when she realized Jay…Revan…had done exactly that.

Bastila excused herself and went in search of him, tapping in to their bond to locate him. But she couldn't feel anything from him, which made her quicken her pace, only to find him standing there, on a cut away section of the beach top, one to view the ocean with. Even there, the young woman found herself once again attracted to the former lord. His head now had the beginnings of black fuzz, matching the five o'clock shadow on his face that mingled with the Fu Man Chu goatee he sported. He had changed into a white shirt and khaki dress pants, his hands buried in both pockets.

Making her presence known their link, she walked up and stood beside him. Neither said a word, content in watching the tide ebb and flow across the sands. "Get tired of the bureaucracy?" he asked.

"I don't really feel as though I deserve any of the praise." She whispered.

"You do." He said.

Bastila shook her head. "Jayden…"

"Revan." He interrupted. "My name is Revan, Bastila. Jayden Korr is just a figment of the Jedi Council. He is no more a real person than a fire breathing gizka. He's just a name."

The young woman remained quiet, but whispered, "Speaking of which, the Council wants to see us tomorrow, regarding the…events of this mission."

Revan sighed. He knew what was coming, of course. It still didn't mean he had to like it. "What're we going to tell them?" she asked, quietly.

"We tell them the truth." He replied. "It's not like they don't have an inkling as to what happened." Pausing, he glanced at her. "I won't let them take you away from me." He whispered.

Bastila sighed, not really wanting to dive into this. With everything, she didn't even think she'd be a part of the Order anymore. If anything, she just wanted to make this night special, for the both of them. She…she needed him, especially after this. They hadn't had the time to reconcile since meeting each other on the Star Forge; both caught up with the whole aftermath and celebrations and awards. But now, at least for tonight, they could at least be together; for tonight, they could at least pretend they had a real relationship, one that could actually withstand the events that had taken place.

"Let's not think about that, at least for now." She whispered. She grinned at him, the first time since the destruction of the Star Forge and the death of Malak, and said, "And as for that last comment, I don't believe I'm yours just yet."

Revan looked over at her, a small smile on his face. This was new. Certainly he enjoyed baiting Bastila, but more often than not, she never initiated any come backs to him. So now, to have her openly baiting him made Revan all the more interested in continuing where they had left off. "Seeking to challenge me, Bas?" he asked, a flirtatious look in his eye. His eyes trailed over her and he made no secret that he held desire in them.

Bastila, though slightly shocked at his directness, wasn't about to back down from him. That was their relationship; teasing, but never to hurt and most times, an under laying of fondness – and now love – underneath the verbal barbs. Maintaining her grin, she folded her arms across her chest. "And if I am?"

Revan chuckled, before pulling her to him. "You know I love this little game of ours." He whispered, placing his forehead against hers.

"As do I, in a way." She said. "I'd rather not think about tomorrow and what could possibly happen to us."

"Then don't." he responded. "No matter what happens tomorrow, Bas, know I love you. I don't care what the council says or does, I can't stop being in love with you. I won't even try."

"That's a rather bold statement."

"I'm a rather bold person." He joked, causing a smile to grace her features.

"In case I haven't said it in a while," she began. "I love you, Revan."

"I know you do." He said. "I knew it before you did. And how can you not?"

"I'm sorry?"

"I mean, I'm such a great guy," he continued. "Minus the whole former lord of the Sith, of course. But you must admit, you couldn't help it."

"Couldn't help it?"

"I'm hard to resist."

"You really are an insufferable berk, you know that." She huffed. "And arrogant…couldn't help…like you have some irresistible pull upon me."

"Sweetheart," he cooed. "I do. Even as you stand here, berating me for my roguish behavior, I know you are secretly annoyed that I could pick up on that or secretly pleased that our game of challenge hasn't suffered from our time apart."

Bastila stood there, mouth agape. "I…you…"

"And once again, darling," he said. "You are incredibly cute when you're embarrassed. You know, I think I was completely in love when we left Dantooine. So, don't feel so bad." Leaning closer, he whispered in her ear, "You have a pull on me, too."

Sighing, Bastila placed her arms around his shoulders. Pulling back to look at him, she replied, "You're a very odd man."

"Whom you love, Bas," he quipped. "Don't forget that. You love me."

The young woman chuckled. "Yes, I do at that." She replied. They stood like that for some time before Revan whispered, "You know, if we went back to the ship, we'd be alone."

The young woman tried her best not to let a smile onto her face, but she couldn't stop a slight grin. "What exactly are you suggesting?" she asked.

Revan chuckled, letting all the emotion he was feeling flow into her mind. "I think you know." He whispered. Pulling back slightly, he continued with, "We need to talk though. About…where we go from here."

Though it terrified her, she nodded. "You're right, of course." She sighed, her eyes downcast. She looked up when she felt his fingers against her cheek. She could feel his own pain and anguish transferred through their bond, but he smiled at her before taking her hand in his and leading her towards the Ebon Hawk. Their pace was slow and leisurely, their stance close together. Half way, he placed his arm around her shoulders, pulling her closer to him and planting a kiss on her temple.

They were met at the ship by the HK-47, an assassination droid that Revan had built in his dark lord days. The droid was on patrol, but stopped as soon as it heard footsteps coming from the foliage.

"Exclamation: Master! You mustn't go traipsing through dark places like that. Especially when I am unable to protect you against any danger there might be. Statement: But I can see you have escaped that celebration unharmed. Are you coming to have me assist in some maiming or killing?"

Revan chuckled slightly. "Uh…no, HK, nothing like that." He said. "But I do have a job for you."

"Statement: HK-47 is ready to serve, Master."

"Look," he replied, casting a glance at Bastila. "Bastila and I have a…few things to discuss and we'd rather not be interrupted, you know."

"Statement: Do you wish me to terminate any meatbags that come toward the ship?"

"No!" they both exclaimed. Revan shook his head. "No HK." He said. "I just… look, if anyone comes to the ship in the next…I don't know, hour, then just send them away. After that, just tell them that…Bastila and I would rather not be disturbed, unless it's an absolute emergency."

"Clarification: Master, wouldn't it be more productive to just keep away all organic meatbags? It's been nearly forty eight hours, seventy three minutes, and twelve seconds since I was able to properly terminate an unworthy meatbag."

"Well, then you'll just have to wait another forty eight hours, HK." Bastila replied.

"Query: Master, am I to begin taking directions from your 'personal kinrath pup'?"

The young Jedi's mouth dropped, while her companion did his best not to laugh out loud. He'd forgotten he'd put that little feature in. Clearing his throat, he replied, "HK, just go on patrol and anyone that seems unfriendly, you may shoot to stun. Only stun, HK. Further more, anyone who was aboard the Ebon Hawk is considered friendly unless other wise stated. Just…if anyone of them comes by, just tell them we are not to be disturbed, got it?"

"Statement: Yes, master."

Letting Bastila go up the loading ramp before him, Revan whispered to the droid, "And delete program: 'Annoy' immediately." He then followed the young woman inside the ship. He got an unknown surprise when coming aboard: it was silent. More often than not, the Ebon Hawk was always busy with some excitement, busting full of life with those he had come across in his journey. And what was more astounding was the fact that they continued to stay with him, even after discovering who he really was or had been.

Now all he had to do was convinced Bastila to stay with him as well.

He found her pacing in the main hold and by the look on her face, he could tell she was angry with him. On her fourth turn, she saw him, eyes narrowing at him. "Personal kinrath pup?" she asked. He could feel her annoyance at him, but he couldn't help but smile at her. He always did like the way she looked when she was angry with him. He struggled to say something, but he settled for just shrugging his shoulders. "I wouldn't be surprised if you programmed that into him." She continued. "You did, didn't you?"

Again he shrugged. "You called me a little boy." He said, his lips forming a cute pout.

"On Dantooine!" she exclaimed. "And I was right. You and your childish behavior still astound me, even after everything we've…"

Bastila would have probably continued to outline his outlandish behavior since meeting him on Taris, but her lips and mouth were currently being engaged in a kiss. This man never ceased to amaze her, which again lead to her feelings for him and usually was tempered by the fear in knowing they were both in violation of an essential rule of the Jedi Order.

But she had promised herself that tonight was about them and that whatever happened tomorrow would…well, happen tomorrow. At least she could pretend tonight that this was how they could've been if things had been different, if they didn't have this blasted code to follow. But as soon as she thought it, she regretted it. Being a Jedi was everything to her…or at least it had been before she met him, for the second time, and it had been before she had fallen to the dark side.

Revan could feel her conflict, even as she kissed him with as much ardor as he kissed her. He could feel her loosening his shirt buttons before she slipped it from his shoulders. Even as she debated with herself, he could feel her desire for him starting to override any thoughts she had. He sent his own desire back towards her, slipping in some rather risqué thoughts as well. "Like that, do you?" he chuckled, when he received a shocked moan from her. He nibbled a spot on her neck, before picking her up and heading towards the port dorm.

Entering the room, he laid her on one of the bunks, before kneeling next to her from the ground. "You're a very bad influence, you know that?" she asked, a small smile on her face.

Revan nodded enthusiastically. "That had been my plan all along, you know." He said. He looked down at her, loving the way she gazed back at him. "You're beautiful." He whispered, laying his head on her stomach.

She ran her fingers over a stubble filled cheek, before running her hand over the fuzz that began to cover his head. "You need to shave."

He nodded. "Tomorrow." He sighed. "That way I'm all prettied up for the Council."

"I wanted to tell you." She whispered. "I thought it was important that you knew who you were, but the masters thought it better you never knew. They thought maybe if you did, you might fall back into your old ways."

"You were about to tell me." He whispered. "On Dantooine, when we brought Sasha back, before we headed to Korriban. You said I wasn't like any man you'd met before and you didn't think I'd be so different after…and then you trailed off. I didn't understand until the Leviathan."

Bastila began to say something, but then stopped. Yes, she had almost slipped up and revealed what she couldn't, but it hadn't mattered. Had it?

"I'm sorry." He whispered, his voice breaking her out of her reverie. She looked at him in confusion. Why was he sorry? "For what I said, after what Malak told me."

She shook her head. "You were in your right to be angry," she said. "To learn…that wasn't the way I wanted you to find out. I still have no idea how he knew, how he knew before hand, before we even got on board."

"I don't blame you, you know." He said. "I did. I thought…it seemed to happen so quickly. I was hurt Bas, after what happened between us. I didn't want to leave things the way they were."

"Revan, you have to understand…" she whispered. "You know…you know we can't…"

"Hey." he said, taking her hand and kissing it. "Tomorrow, remember? I just wanted you to know that stuff. We'll deal with it, Bas, but we gotta deal with it together. It won't do us any good if we can't. I need you and you need me." He looked at her for a few moments, before smiling. "Have dinner with me tomorrow night."

She looked at him in confusion. "Dinner?" she asked, arching an eyebrow.

"We've been on this rollercoaster for nearly a year," he stated. "And I've yet to take you on a proper date."

"Revan, you don't…"

"But I want to." He interrupted.

She regarded him for a bit, before sighing. "How do you do that?" she asked.

"Do what?"

"Let all these…things, all the situations just…slide off you back." She said. "How do you just…trudge through?"

The young man shrugged. "It's not easy." He whispered. "I…I was in a bad place after the Leviathan, not knowing what happened, not knowing what…what he was doing to you." He closed his eyes, his pain on his face and radiating through to her. She felt the anger and hurt he had felt before leaving the ship to the grounds of Dresdae; the guilt and sadness he had felt when he and Carth had managed to get aboard the Hawk, without her. "You almost had me, Bastila." He continued. "I almost went with you; if it meant we could be together…I will never forgive the Jedi Council for what they did to me, to you…" Opening his eyes, his brown meeting her blue, he ended with, "I can forgive you, Bas. I don't blame you for anything."

The look in his eyes was so intense, she had to turn away, fearful that he could feel the heartache she felt when he had turned her away on the Temple roof. She hadn't thought that would happen; she had hoped his feelings of betrayal from the Council, from Malak would lead him to join her, to come back to her; hoped that their love would turn him, to no avail.

"You're kinder than I feel you should be." She whispered. "I'm surprised no one said anything to me tonight."

"That was my doing." He murmured. When she looked at him, he continued, "Only Adm. Dodonna knows what happened, that and Master Vandar. I told them not to mention that you had fallen. What mattered was you came back to help us and the fact that you helped us – helped me – this entire time is more important. I'd rather have the bad press on me."

"But why?" she asked. "You…you don't even remember being the dark lord, why would you want to sacrifice yourself like that?"

Revan once again closed his eyes, before lifting his head from her stomach. "I have to face my problems, Bastila." He replied. "I've never backed down from a fight, you know that, that's why I have to take responsibility for my actions, for the…cover up the Council wanted to do to the Republic."

"Do you really believe that?" she asked incredulously.

"You may think you were wrong for saying it," he said. "But you made a lot of sense on that Temple. The Jedi Council did use us. They exploited the bond that was formed so you could dig around in my head to find whatever information I may have. And I know you, Bas." He turned to look at her. "I feel your guilt; about knowing who I was, what I was; about roaming through my head; about your feelings for me…" He leaned over her, his eyes locking with hers.

"You're such a remarkable woman, Bastila." He whispered. "You have this gift, this rare talent and everyone just sees you as the be all, end all of the war. Yeah, people call you arrogant and proud. So what? I am too. You know why? Because I know I'm the best. Very few people can best me at anything, but I know my limits and I'll be damned if anyone pushes me around."

"But that's our problem, isn't it?" she asked, in a small voice. "That we're too overconfident, too arrogant, too proud."

"Bas, our personalities didn't lead us to the dark side."

"Didn't it?" she sighed, before putting her arms around his neck. "I've never felt this way before and I've certainly been taught that this kind of behavior…our behavior…can't be acceptable."

"Do you know why I fell, Bastila?" he asked, suddenly switching subjects. "Did you ever find out what…what triggered it?"

She shook her head. "I was only to see what you knew of the Star Maps." She said. "I'd never go 'roaming' through your head, as you put it. That I could at least control, though…I think the masters may have wanted that."

He gazed at her, the conflict within her at such a height he hadn't felt before. The loom of the next day's agenda, the council's inevitable decision regarding them both…he knew she was frightened and he knew he was what she needed. He'd be damned if he let the council dictate this night for them. "I love you, Bastila." He murmured, lowering his lips to hers. "Nothing is ever going to stop that." He again kissed her lips. "And I know you love me too." Again, their lips met. "And I enjoy those little thoughts that go through your head. You know you'd rather not stay friends with me."

"That goes without saying." She retorted, moving her head to let him gain access to her neck. The worry she had felt during their talk was beginning to disappear in favor of the desire and arousal that threatened to overwhelm her.

Revan could still feel her apprehension, but it was slowly leaving in favor of her matching want. He wanted this, they both did, he knew and that's why he didn't stop himself from voicing it. "I want you so badly." He whispered, feeling her shiver underneath him. He delivered another kiss before finding himself on his back, with her hovered over him.

"We should stop." She breathed, her lips swollen, blue eyes smoldered.

Revan nodded. "You're right." He whispered. "We should stop." Leaning up, he met her kiss, pulling her down with him. Their kiss was long, but short enough to make Bastila once again pull back.


He took a calming breath, trying to reign in his urges. "Sorry." He gasped. Though her emotions matched his, he could feel a small bit of fear; fear of what was happening between them and it always came back to their fates tomorrow morning. "I'm sorry." He repeated, sighing, and rubbing her back. He readjusted himself, in order to let her lay her head on his shoulder. "Sorry."

"You've said that three times now."

"I want you to know how sorry I am." He grinned. "And I am."

"A small part of you isn't." she quipped.

"True." He chuckled. "But a large part of me is."

"Oh? Which part?"

Revan looked at her. "Are you purposely making lewd overtures at me?" he retorted. "I am shocked beyond belief."

"You are not." She huffed, borrowing deeper into his embrace. "In fact, you're quite proud at the influence you seem to have over me. And you're highly amused by the reaction I have to it."

He chuckled and gave her a small squeeze. "I like having fun with you." He said. "Do you remember our last night on Dantooine, before I started my trials?"

Bastila groaned. How could she forget that…incident? "I should've known right then and there you were trouble." She said.

Revan again chuckled. "Yet you still came with me for a night of drinking fun." He replied. "You know, you handled your liquor pretty well for someone who normally doesn't drink."

He felt her shift, cuddling against his side. He dropped a kiss on her forehead, saying, "Something's bothering you."

This time, it was Bastila who chuckled. "What isn't?" she joked. Looking up at him, she continued with, "I guess I was wondering if you would indeed be the person the council implanted you with. If you'd be a smuggler, going through the galaxy, and picking up goods on your ship; being chased by the Republic, working for the Exchange."

"Do you think I would be?"

"You certainly have the personality for it." She quipped.

"A better smuggler than Jedi, huh?" he asked.

"No, I'm not saying that!" she exclaimed, lifting herself up to look at him. "Revan, you know I didn't mean it that way, not the way it sounded."

"I know." He said, bringing her head back down to him. "I was joking, but maybe my career should've been that instead. I didn't make a very good Jedi."

"Don't say that." She whispered. "You were a wonderful Jedi and you still are. The prodigal knight who lead the Republic to victory…"

"And then brought them to their knees as the Dark Lord of the Sith." He finished.

"Who was redeemed and stopped his apprentice from continuing with they had started." Bastila protested. Placing a hand on his cheek, she said, "You saved me, even when I didn't think it possible. And for that, you're a hero to me."

Gazing at her, he gulped, still reeling from their earlier activities. The look she gave, coupled with her deep felt thanks and love she sent flowing to him was almost too much. "You're taking a big risk for saying something like that while lying in my bed." He joked. All he got from her was a roll of her eyes.

"Good night, Revan." She said, placing her head back on his shoulder.

He smiled, closing his eyes and waiting for sleep to claim him. Yawning, he opened his eyes back up. "Hey Bas?"


"In case I hadn't mentioned it," he said, closing his eyes once more. "You look damn sexy in black." His smile returned as he felt her embarrassment, then a feeling of pleasure at him taking note of her attire while in the clutches of the dark side.