Ord Mantell was a waste pit.

At least, that's how Lt. Special Class Lynsel Belyn felt about it. She had been stationed here for nearly three months on assignment and so far, all she got was bored and groped by the drunk aliens that hung out at the cantina. She would've turn down the mission if it hadn't been the highest of importance: Find the Jedi Exile, Revan.

There had been such a scandel the last anyone heard of the heralded prodigal knight. He had saved the Republic - again - by defeating his own Sith apprentice and then had been whisked off by the Jedi Council as soon as they returned from the Rakatan planet. And then, when the council felt it appropreiate, they let those 'saviors of the galaxy' give a press conference. Only, the person they wanted to talk to wasn't even there. It was then learned - or rather leaked - that Revan had once again disappeared, apparently doing the same trick he had done after the Mandalorian Wars.

So of course the Senate got all antsy and called out the Republic Special Forces. The only problem was, no one knew where the former Jedi went, not even his friends and collegues knew. That, without a doubt, caused problems. And to top it off, another Jedi exile had come swooping back into the galaxy only last year, causing hell as he single handedly blew up Peragus II, putting the small planet of Telos in a fuel - as well as a financial - crisis. Then he had helped that totally inept General Valku take over Onderon, a planet the Republic had been trying to keep within the alliance, and now they had succeded.

Lynsel shook her head, her redish-brown ponytail flipping behind her. She sighed. She really should had her hair cut before this mission, but how was she to know it would take three months of nothing. Though she was almost forty - thank the stars in another two standard years - she sometimes found herself acting like her teenage self. Impatient, headstrong, sarcastic…she rolled her eyes. How times really hadn't changed all that much. She was still impossibly average: average height, average weight, average looks; and at this point in time, completely bored out of her mind.

The officer had to be thankful though. She had been in a real funk for years after her husband left her, though through no small feat on her part. She practically did push him into the arms of another woman, but what did he expect? She was a Republic soldier, her work was her life. Besides, things were just so crazy back then. The Mandalorians were slaughtering millions and then in only a few short months, Revan - their hero and savior - came back with a thirst to completely destory them. And then three years after that, he comes back and saves them again.

Lynsel wouldn't pretend to understand those Jedi, but as far as she was concerned, the galaxy was better off without them in it. She had heard the reports from Katarr and Coruscant, and though it didn't sound pretty or look pretty, the Republic would be fine without their secrets and lies. Besides, look how many of them turned around to bite everyone in the ass. Freedon Nadd, Exar Kun, Ulic Qel-Droma, Revan, Malak…the list was so long, it was ridiculous. Nope, Lynsel had no love for the Jedi, hence why she was eager to get on board with finding that dirty son of a Sith traitor. There was no Jedi Council or Order to protect Revan and that Bastila Shan from getting the proper punishment this time.

So the higher ups had sent her to Ord Mantell, an up and coming Coruscant, but for now, it still acted as a military grouping and debriefing area. But the days when the planet was solely for military officers were over, now it had turned into a free for all shipping yard. This was the place you went to ship something out. It was also a good place to find pilots to ship you. An upscale Nar Shaddaa, people joked, but that was precisely why she was there. The Republic and the Senate felt that Ord Mantell could very well be a good hiding spot for Revan, but to be sure, other officers were stationed on other low key planets, such as the smuggler's moon. They even had people watching on Dantooine and Coruscant, because you never knew.

Again Lynsel found herself in the cantina, for the third month in a row, watching to see if Revan would drop in. They had gotten some info from an anounimous source, who told them Revan would most likely be in a place that catered to the swoop race and dueling ring crowd. The Ord Mantell cantina had all that, including five Pazaak dens, three swoop areas, a dueling ring, and a place for those interested in the annual Blockaide Runners Derby. All in all, it was an okay place, in the middle of class and tackiness. But, it was her duty as an officer to stay at her post, even when all she wanted to do was go to her suite and take a nice, long bath.

She had been there for about two hours already, with no sign of anyone acting pecuilar. Scanning the bar patrons, she came across the same alien vermin that were in here day and night. Pilots, swoop racers, fighters; everybody just hanging out and drinking. She did another sweep with her eyes, when they landed on a secluded figure in the darkest corner. He sat by himself, a half full glass of some liquor sitting in front of him, and he had on a cloak, one that obscured his face from those on the outside.

Figuring this was slightly suspicious behavior, Lynsel casually made her way closer, getting about a table or two within his. From here, she could clearly see the figure was a man and he seemed to be…yep. Talking to himself. The officer rolled her eyes, deciding she wouldn't intrude on the man's conversation when he suddenly looked up and looked around. From her view point and her training in detecting the undetectable, the special forces officer now saw the man wasn't talking to himself; he was speaking into a comm link hidden inside his hood. He appeared to be agitated, scowling a few times, then looking down at his drink.

She watched him for a few minutes before his face broke into a grin. She only saw it for a brief moment, but she had to admit, the man was cute, in a rugged kind of way. She could see a thin beard on his face and noticed a bit of hair from his hood, both the color of black, and his eyes were a deep brown. Then it hit her. Something in her head sounded the warning bells and the image of her target was in her mind.

Seated in front of her, in a cantina on the planet Ord Mantell was Darth Revan himself.

"No fraggin' way." she breathed, silently elated at her discovery. She watched as Revan put some credits on the table and started for the door. Lynsel couldn't afford to lose him, especially in this crowd, so she kept her closeness - at least until they got outside. When they reached the streets, Lynsel began to pull back, watching and waiting. She didn't want to just take the man straight away. Sometimes in situations such as these, the nerf went into a whole pack and then you could eat for a galactic month. Who exactly was Revan talking to on that link of his?

She acted as casually as she could, without giving away the fact that she was following the former dark lord of the Sith into who knew what. She saw him raise his head slightly to look at the fluffy pink clouds that hovered above. Did Revan come here as a tourist? No. While Ord Mantell was a tourist attraction to some, the former leader of the Sith couldn't be gallivanting around looking for vacation spots.

Or could he?

Malak was dead and gone and as of last year, the three new usurpers of the crown had been defeated by the Jedi exile that had cause the damage so far. What if this new Sith Lord was just holding the place for Revan's return? Lynsel smirked. Not on her watch. She followed Revan until he made his way to the landing bay of Ord Mantell. There were several shuttles waiting there to take various tourists to see the moons of the planet and into one of those shuttles Revan went, so Lynsel followed him.

The trip to the first large moon, named the Bright Jewel after the system the planet hung in, was also tinged with a few pink clouds, but was slightly whiter in color than its planet. The Czerka Corp. had already gone and made a metropolis like structure on both moons, tailor made for the traveler who had nothing, but wanted a souvenior. When the shuttle touched down, a guide was already stationed outside the doors for those that hadn't been here, which was most of the passengers. For the others - about five or so - they went and headed for the Czerka station to get whatever they had to get.

All except Revan.

Revan slipped through the crowd almost unnoticed and began to walk in the direction that was clearly not sanctioned by the officials of Ord Mantell or Czerka. Lynsel nearly lost him, too, having been taken with the beauty of the moon. By the time she saw him again, he was a good twenty yards ahead of her. Cursing her curiousity and wonderment, she quickly hurried to catch up with him. The former lord continued to walk on the smooth surface before turning a corner and stopping. From her position behind some rocks, she moved to see why.

Off in the clear distance was the Ebon Hawk, the famed flagship of the crime boss Davik Kang before Revan and his crew had 'commandeered' it from his grasp. It was also said - rumor though - that the same Jedi exile that had made bad alliances last year also traveled in the famed smuggling ship. And there it was. It was said to be the fastest ship in the entire galaxy and Davik had personally seen to its defenses and other maintenance. Revan seemed to be just as awe struck as she was, for he hadn't made a move yet, just stared at the ship. He gave a relieved laugh and then began a jog over to it.

Lynsel watched, waiting until he was near the ship in order to start following him. The former Jedi was quick and he seemed to fly onto the loading ramp as it decended. She waited until he was fully inside, before she herself entered. From the loading ramp, she could see a workbench to the right, along with various corridors. She could hear Revan calling for someone, so she used the noise to creep down the hallway next to the workbench.

Lynsel listened for any other sounds, but was surprised when it became quiet. Then she heard soft murmurs, that became loud shouting. Creeping her way ahead, she came at the center of the Ebon Hawk: the main hold, where to her surprise, stood the two people she wanted more than anything to catch.

Revan stood to her right and he was muttering something to the man across from him. That must've been the Jedi exile that had gone and put the galaxy in even more trouble. The two were staring at each other now, both clearly angered. It was now or never.

"Freeze!" She cried, jumping from her hiding place, blaster in hand, aiming between the two of them. "The two of you are under arrest. It's been a long time, Revan, but you'll be brought to justice soon enough. And as for your new apprentice there…"

That was the last thing she remembered before pain like she had never felt before fluttered into her and she went flying off her feet down the same corridor she had come from.