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Part 2: Sequel to the Curse


Liena ran trying to forget losing the only person she loved. She ran through the streets of Sunnydale until she stopped infront of a liquor store. Going in she buys a bottle of vodka, a bottle of scotch, and a bottle of whiskey. She opens the bottle of vodka and takes a swig and keeps on walking.

****Back at the Bronze****

"Oh no" Buffy says going to Angel's side

Kassandra picks up the knife beside Kurlec's body. "This cannot be!' she exclaims

Methos walks over to Kassandra and takes a look at the knife. "The Knife of Gorlon.' he says surprised

"The Knife of Gorlon' Giles says equally surprised. 'But that has been missing for over a thousand years"

"Uh Knife of Gorlon?" asks Buffy

Giles looks at his Slayer. 'According to legend it is the only knife that can kill an immortal"

"Other than beheading" adds Methos

"So what now?" asks Xander glancing at the two dead bodies.

"Um I guess we should move them" Giles answers

"I'll call Joe he knows how to dispose of the bodies.' Methos remarks taking out his cell phone. 'I'll need a place to store Luca's body until he can be buried. I'll just have Joe dispose of Kurlec's body." He dials. The others but Angel and Buffy move away from the bodies.

Angel looks sadly at the body of his daughters guardian/lover. "He loved her enough to die for her" he states softly

Buffy slips her hand into Angel's, "He also loved her enough to live beyond what he should have lived."

"Poof' Spike calls his voice holding a hint of disgust, 'I'd say it was good seeing you but I'd be lying. So I'm outta here. Dru's waitin' for me" Spike exits


Liena is walking through the streets of Sunnydale drinking and remembering Luca. She walks in to the factory/warehouse area and feels a presence. One that is familiar to her. Slowly she makes her way into one of the abandoned factories. Looking around she notices Drusilla sitting on the ground playing with her dolls.

"The stars cried your name' she sings, 'They cried for your pain.' Drusilla looks up at Liena. 'Sisters heart is hurting.' the dark haired vampiress looks at her favorite doll. 'Yes Ms Edith?' she looks at Liena and smiles. 'Ms. Edith says Sister needs to trust her friends."

Hearing Drusilla say 'friends' Liena slides to the floor and cries. "He promised he wouldn't leave me Dru."

Drusilla moves to Liena's side and lifts her head onto her lap. Gently Dru strokes Liena's hair 'Shh. Things will be alright sister.' She keeps stroking Liena's hair.

Liena is beginning to fall asleep when she hears Drusilla say. "Don't worry Sister. The stars say my Spike will make it all better" Confused but too tired to ask Liena just closes her eyes and drifts off to sleep.

Spike is just outside the factoy when he senses another presence other then his beloved. Worried he hurries inside calling, "Dru my princess where are you?"

"Shh" Dru calls from the corner. Spike looks over to see Drusilla sitting on the floor stroking Liena's hair. "Sister is sleeping my Spike"

Spike moves closer to notice Liena is breathing still. "Dru I hope you won't take a bite out of the chit"

"No my Spike never" Drusilla promises. 'Sister sad. My Spike will make her happy again"

"Not bloody likely pet" retorts Spike lighting a cigarette

"The stars say so" Drusilla says firmly glowering at Spike. Spike shrugs and leaves the room. Drusilla moves Liena to one of the empty beds and she sits in the corner quietly playing with her dolls.

A few hours later Liena groans and slowly opens her eyes and looks around. Noticing Drusilla sitting quietly Liena says, "Thanks Dru." Liena sits up and holds her head. Slowly she gets up and stumbles out to the main room and sits down. She grabs the bottle of whiskey and opens it. Leaning back in the chair she takes a big swig. "Spike" she growls in greeting as she senses the blond vampire enter the room.

"You aren't gone yet" he groans in annoyance

"Nope. Not yet' she stares at the bottle before her. 'I don't really want to head back to the house. They'll just bug me and ask me over and over how I feel."

"So I'm stuck with you for the day" Spike groans


"Great. What can we do?"

Liena shrugs then grins, "Lets have a drinking contest' she suggests, 'the winner is the one who can drink the most before passing out"

Spike snorts, 'Your well on the way to passing out"

"Nope. I've only had a bottle. It takes a lot to get me drunk"

Spike nods, "Sure why not. I have nothing better to do" He gets up and returns with two more bottles of whiskey, a bottle of wine, and a bottle of vodka. He opens one of the whiskey's and begins to join in the fun. After a couple hours to two are drunk but neither one has passed out. Liena then drunkenly stands up. "Where are you going?" Spike asks slurring

"I'm gonna go lay down.' she then bumps into the table, 'That's if I can stay standing. Luca used to tease me about my balance when I was drunk. I walked into everything" she starts to laugh but it comes out a choked sob. Spike then stands and walks over to her.

"Need a shoulder to lean on?" he asks almost sweetly as he wraps his arm around her waist to balance her. Liena puts her arm around his shoulders. The two stumble into the room that Liena hand slept in earlier. They get closer to the bed and Spike stumbles on the edge of the rug and falls ontop of Liena on the bed. They stare at each other surprised then reluctantly grin. Spike leans down slowly and lightly kisses her on the lips he then pulls away. Looking down at her he runs his thumb across her bottom lip then moves away. "Sorry" he apologizes, 'I shouldn't have done that"

Liena shrugs. "'so OK" she says sitting up

Spike starts to stand up. "See ya later pet" he tries to move but stumbles falling on the bed

Liena giggles. 'Spike can't walk.'

"Can too!' protests Spike

"I'm not getting up to help you."

"Then I'm staying right here" Spike states

"Fine with me.' Liena says laying back down

Spike moves up next to Liena, 'Night pet"

"Night Spike" Liena echoes. Soon the two vampires fall asleep side by side.

"See sister I told you my Spike would look after you. The stars said so" Drusilla whispers to herself as she closes the door behind her.


*****Late Afternoon: The Mansion*****

"So she hasn't shown up yet?" asks Amanda concerned

Methos shakes his head, 'No. Something tells me she won't until the funeral"

"When is it going to take place?" Duncan inquires

Methos rubs his temples, 'Its tomorrow evening."

"Man Liena must be freaking" Richie states sadly

"She probably is' agrees Amanda, 'After all she and Luca had been together for a long time"

"So where could she be?" asks Duncan

"She's nearby.' Angel says from the doorway. He leans against the wall wearily, 'I can still feel her. I don't know where but she's still here."

"This brings up a new question' Richie states. Seeing the questioning look on their faces he elaborates. 'What about Cassandra?"

"Cass'll be back.' Angel states. He turns halfway when Buffy wraps her arms around his waist and hugs her. "Aren't you supposed to be at school with Giles?"

Buffy scrunches her nose in disgust. 'Well technically I am supposed to be."

Methos chuckles. The others look at him confused. "When Liena was still mortal I found out she skipped school. It was just after she learned that she was going to live forever. She said almost the same thing to me except she added, 'Adam whats the use of school? I can learn more from living than in school' She always hated school. Her first guardian put her in a convent" he tells them surprising all.

Richie laughs, "Liena in a convent?! That is too funny. What happened?"

Methos grins, "It is funny. She kept causing trouble trying to get herself kicked out."

"So did she?" asks Amanda

"Oh yeah she did. She also got banned from the convent and a few churches"

"What could someone do to get kicked out of a church?" asks Buffy confused

"Liena got mad when one of the older sisters used her as an example on immorality."

"Why'd she get mad over that?' asks Richie, 'She has no morals"

"The sister decided that Liena was a good example on how to perish the evil of the world. She was going to use a hot iron on Liena's palms. Anyway Liena has never been to well with punishments- she got so mad that she decked a nun."

"Ouch that is not good" winces Angel

"Nope it wasn't."

"I'm still stuck on the idea of Liena in a convent" Richie states

"I know it is a little funny" agrees Methos

*****At the Factory*****

Spike awakens that afternoon to find Liena curled up next to him her head on his chest and his arms around her waist. "Bloody hell,' he thinks, 'What happened?" his mind breaks through the foggy haze of alcohol. He hears her breathing change and her body shift against his.

"What the hell?" Liena groans groggily

"Morning' Drusilla chirps happily from the doorway. 'Hi my Spike. Hi Sister" she greets

Liena and Spike both sit up. "Dru what happened?" groans Spike holding his head

"You and sister had a drinking contest"she answers

"Great" Spike groans

"Who won?" Liena asks

"No one. You both fell asleep"

"At least nothing else happened" Liena remarks

"Besides us getting drunk, sleeping together...and kissing" Spike answers once Drusilla leaves the room

"We did what?!" exclaims Liena

"We kissed" Spike repeats

Liena shrugs, "Oh well. Lets never mention it again"

"I agree" Spike says

Liena gets off the bed and walks into the main room. Looking at the table she sees there are empty bottles. "Hey Spike got anymore?" she calls

Spike joins Liena in the room. He checks the the cabinets. "I'm out" Spike calls

"Can I borrow your car?" she requests

"No way ducks.' Spike protests

"Come on Spike. I promise I'll be careful. If you let me borrow your car then when my cars get here you can drive 'em when you want. Plus I'll pay for all the liquor. I'll stop off at Willie's and pick up some blood for you." Liena wheedles

"What?! I can get human." Spike reminds

"Uh not right now. First you and Dru haven't eaten since yesterday afternoon and it's still light out." Liena reminds

"Fine.' Spike grumbles. He tosses her the keys. 'Don't put a dent in it"

"Thanks Spike. What kind do you want?"

"Blood or liquor?"


"Human and whiskey"

"What will Dru want?"


Liena nods and heads outside to the car. Starting the car she peels out of the parking lot to Willie's. Walking into the bar she says, "Hello Willie"

"Who are you?" Willie demands

"Kat.' she answers. 'I need a couple bottles of whiskey, vodka, and scotch. Add two bottles of wine. Add a couple packs blood- human."

Willie nods. "Having a party?" he asks

"Yeah. Hurry it up" Liena growls. "Add some smokes also"

Willie nods and packs the bottles into a crate. "Ya know Kat my cousin is looking for someone to pose for him. Want the money?" he asks as he works

"Sorry Willie but enough people have seen me naked"

"I bet" hearing that Liena growls. 'Sorry. So how are you gonna pay for this?"

Liena pulls out her wallet seeing its empty of cash she hands him a credit card. "Charge it." She waits impatiently then takes her credit card back. Picking up the crate Liena carries it out to the car. And pulls out of the parking lot. Unknown to her she draws the attention of the patrolling Slayer Faith.

****At the Mansion******

Everyone is hanging around talking. Duncan is telling Giles stories of things he had seen. Amanda is talking fashion with Buffy and Cordelia. While Oz and Xander are talking with Richie. Willow is listening to everyone talking as she is surfing for information on Liena's whereabouts. Angel and Methos are talking about Liena.

"Hey guys I found something" Willow says excitedly

"She used her credit card didn't she" Methos states

"Yeah. Man thats a major charge"

"How much?" Methos asks

Willow looks at him her eyes wide. "four hundred and seventy five"

"Where'd she shop? Bloomingdales" wonders Xander

Willow looks at the computer screen. "No. Willie's"

"Willie's as in our friendly snitch?" asks Buffy


The front door opens and in walks Faith. "Hey you'll never believe who I saw"

"Liena?" asks Buffy

"Yep how did ya know B?"

"Willow found a charge on Liena's credit card for Willie's."

"Well I checked with Willie. Threatened him and he told me that she bought a bunch of liquor and a couple blood packs-- human."

"Uh you don't think that she's got a craving for human blood?" asks Willow

"No she wouldn't." Methos answers

"So why did she get them?" asks Xander

"Well here's a hint a trashed out car" Faith grins

Buffy and Angel look at each other stunned. "Spike?!" they say

"What would she be doing with Spike?' wonders Xander. 'They hate each other"

"I don't want to know" Methos groans. Seeing the worried look on Angel's face "Most likely doing something stupid. She tends to do stupid things when she's drunk."

"Yeah like last time she made prank phone calls" remarks Richie.

"You should have seen my phone bill after that" groans Duncan

Amanda laughs, 'What about the time she got drunk in Vegas"

"Oh yeah I forgot" laughs Methos

"What happened?" demands Buffy

"She and Luca had a huge fight a few years ago. Liena disappered to Vegas on a binge. She was gone a few weeks when she called me up one morning hung over...and married."

"Married?!" exclaims Angel

Laughing at Angel's reaction Methos continues, 'Luckily she had it annulled. By the end of the week Luca and Liena made up."

"Everytime those two fought both would end up getting drunk. I never understood why but it was always funny." Richie muses

"And now she's getting drunk Spike" groans Methos. 'Be ready for weird things occuring"

"Like what?" asks Faith

"Prank calls. Big drunken brawls. Wild behavior." Duncan lists

"And don't forget hitting on anyone who walks. Sleeping with anyone she meets" adds Richie

"Well weird occurances wouldn't be that different." sighs Buffy

"Uh Spike heartless vampire" reminds Willow nervously

"Yeah who knows what those two could come up with" adds Cordelia

"Three you forgot Dru" remarks Buffy

"If Spike's drunk we have little to worry about.' Angel remarks

"Why?" asks Duncan

"He tends to lay low when he's drinking. Plus its funny to watch him drunk" explains Angel

****Meanwhile at the factory****

Liena pulls into the parking lot and grabs the crate from the trunk. Walking into the factory she calls. "Hey Dru Hungry?"

Dru comes into the room. "Yes. I am very hungry sister"

Liena tosses her a blood pack. "Here. Spike' she calls

"Hey pet. Back already."

"here's your keys' she tosses them, 'heres lunch" tosses him the blood pack. 'Picked up some smokes to."

"Thanks" Spike remarks. He goes into game face and downs the blood. "So pet what is up for tonight?"

Liena shrugs opening a bottle of scotch. "Dunno. I'm staying in though."

"Still not ready to face Peaches and everyone" states Spike

Liena shakes her head. "No. Mind if I crash here for a while?"

"Sister stay.' Dru says firmly. "We can have a tea party with my dollies" Drusilla says dreamily

"Dru wants you here. And I can't resist my goddess" Spike says taking a drink from a whiskey bottle. Liena and Spike spend the night and most of the next day drinking and somewhat friends.

Chapter 3/?

****The next evening at the cemetary*****

Methos and the others are at the gravesite. Methos is looking around trying to catch a glimpse of Liena. "Think she'll show?" asks Amanda

Methos shrugs, "She might. I hope she does" he says as the service begins.

From the trees Liena sits there watching the service. She watches sadly downing a swig of vodka. "So long Luca" she thinks. Gripping the bottle tightly she shatters it her grip so strong parts of the broken glass break her skin. Barely flinching she remains still as the blood drips between her fingers.

Angel is listening to the priest when he smells blood. Liena's blood, concerned he scans the area. Squeezing Buffy's hand he tilts his head in the direction of the trees. Buffy knowing he wants to go alone nods. She watches as her lover disappears into the trees.

Liena still watching opens another bottle this time whiskey. "Hello Angel" she says quietly. "I was wondering how long it would take you to find me" she takes a drink. Holding the bottle to him she asks. "Want some?"

Angel shakes his head. "No thanks.' he leans against a gravestone. "You all right?"

Liena shrugs. "Sure why not? Its not the first time I've had to watch my lover die. And no doubt is it going to be the last time" she takes a drink

Angel gazes longingly at Buffy. "I know it hurts to lose someone you love"

Hearing the pain in Angel's voice Liena remarks, "You really do love her don't you?"

"Yeah I do but there is no hope for us"

Liena looks at him then says, "Luca used to tell me that when you think there is no hope then you aren't thinking cause there is always hope as long as there is thinking."

"Wise idea"

"he had his moments" Liena grins. Her grins fades quickly. "Angel?"


"Tell them I'm OK."

"sure anything else?"

"Tell Methos to call and make sure things are all right at the Manor. And tell him I'll check in later" Liena turns to walk away

"Liena?" Angel calls. She stops walking. 'Try not to drink to much" he requests. She shrugs. "If you need to talk or anything...." he trails off

"Sure maybe later. Oh Dru says hi and Spike told me to tell you to 'stop mooning over the Slayer'".

"Tell Spike to mind his own business and tell Dru hi back" Liena nods and walks away. Angel rejoins the others.

"Was she there?" Methos asks quietly

Angel nods. "She says hi. And said something about you checking in with the Manor. She also said that she'll check in later." Methos nods. The group sits through the service and then goes back to the Mansion and hang out for awhile.

***At the factory***

Liena returns to the factory to find Drusilla having a tea party and Spike reading.

Spike notices Liena first, "Hello pet' he greets. 'How'd it go?"

She shrugs. "Angel says Hi Dru. And Spike he says mind your own business"

"Peaches would" smirks Spike

"Daddy worried about sister" Dru murmers

"Dru's right pet. Peaches is your father knowing the sod he's probably feeling guilty for not being around when you were a kid. And bloody hell pet the wanker feels guilty about too much as it is"

"Yeah I know. I probably should talk to him get to know him. I will later" Liena sits down and stares at the wall.

****Rated: R/NC17*****

After a couple hours she hears Drusilla go to bed. Spike stays up reading. Liena gets up and moves to the other end of the factory.

Not long after Liena leaves Spike becomes concerned. Putting his book down he goes in search of Liena. "Liena?" he calls softly. He finds her sitting gazing out a window. He hears her crying. "Luv you OK?" he asks sitting beside her.

Wiping her tears away Liena answers. "Yeah I just needed to get it out. I didn't want to worry Dru."

Spike nods. "Want to be alone?" he asks. Liena is silent so Spike starts to get up.

Liena grabs his hand. "No I don't" Spike squeezes her hand and sits back down. Liena turns towards him. "Thanks Spike"

"For what?"

She shrugs. "Not pushing me. Everyone else would have" she says tearfully

"Hey" Spike says wiping her tears away. "They do it because they worry luv"

"I know.' Liena sighs tilting her face into his palm. She looks at him sadly. 'but this time I don't think I could stand their pushing. I know they mean well." she says tearfully.

Spike leans forward and kisses her forehead. "They care about you" he says. Hearing that Liena begins to cry harder Spike feels his undead heart sadden at her cries. He pulls her onto his lap. "Its OK pet. It'll be OK." he whispers against her hair as he rocks her. Liena cries in his arms for a while. She pulls away slightly and looks at him. Spike saddened by the tears runs his thumb down her cheek and brushes it across her bottom lip.

Liena brings her hand up to his face and gently touches his cheek. "Spike" she pleads softly. Spike grins at her and leans down and kisses her gently at first. He pulls away at gazes at her questioningly. In an answer Liena pulls his lips to hers kissing him back harder. Spike nips her bottom lip seeking access to her mouth. Liena whimpers at the feeling of Spike's cool tongue against hers while his hand gently cups her breast. Liena curls her fingers into the nape of his neck. Spike pulls away gazes at her questioningly in response Liena whimpers "Please." Spike kisses his way down her neck gently nipping her. Liena slips her hands under his blood red silk dress shirt and pushes it insistantly off his shoulders. Spike pulls her shirt off then both of them toe off their shoes and socks. Spike lays her on the floor gently moving down he kisses her navel ring. Slowly his hands unbutton her jeans and pulls down them down kissing the exposed skin. After pulling off her jeans Spike looks down at the half naked Liena.

"Beautiful" he whispers

Liena smiles slightly as she sits up and moves towards him. "Your overdressed" she pouts straddling his legs she runs her hand down his chest to the top of his jeans. One hand lightly moves over his hardness causing Spike to suck in an unneeded breath and Liena to whimper at the feeling. Her hands move under his shirt caressing his cold skin as she quickly strips him of his black t-shirt. Leaning closer to him Liena kisses him passionately as her hands undo his pants pushing them down his hips. Pulling away Liena kisses his chest as she removes his pants. "Now we're even" she whispers against his chest.

Spike rolls over so she is underneath his. Slowly his hands move up her sides and to her bra. Liena stops his hands reaching behind she unsnaps her bra. Spike growls at the sight of her breasts. He leans forward and runs his tongue over her nipples. Liena's hand slowly moves down his back to the waist of his boxers. "Spike' she whimpers. His blue eyes gaze at her. 'I need you"

"You have me" Spike says huskily

She shakes her head lightly. "I need you inside me now" she whimpers impatiently as she pushes off his boxers as Spike rips off her panties and lightly touches her. She jumps at the feeling of his cool hand touching her so gently. She sucks in a deep breath as his fingers slowly enter her. "Please" she begs

Spike grins at her as he removes his fingers licking them. "Tastes good" He places his hands on her hips as he quickly enters her. "So warm" he growls as he fiercely moves within her.

Liena wraps her legs around his hips pulling him deeper. Her body wanting to feel his cooler one more and more with each movement. Her body tightening with pleasure with the need to have Spike. "Spike" she begs watching his face shift from human to demon. She guides his head to her neck gasping at the feeling of his fangs piercing her neck. Her face also shifting from human to demon and back from the pleasure. As Spike's fangs retract from her neck both of them growl as they come. Spike collapses on Liena his face buried in her neck as he licks the wound he purrs. Liena strokes his hair and neck slowly. Spike rolls off Liena and watches her silently then he asks "Feel better now pet?"

Liena nods. "Hmm' she purrs, 'Of course. Spike?"

"Yes pet" Spike asks pulling her against him. Liena places her head on his chest listening to his undead heart beat.

"Will you stay with me tonight?' she asks. 'I don't want to sleep alone"

"Sure pet" Spike answers as Liena lays across Spike's chest idly scratching his chest. "I should start calling you Kat."

"Well it is one of my nicknames.' she yawns

"You tired pet?" Spike asks softly stroking her hair. Liena mumbles yes burrowing closer to the vampire. "Come on little Kat" Spike chuckles he pulls on his pants and then wraps Liena up in his duster. Picking her up Spike carries her into the bedroom and lays her under the covers. "I'll be right back. I'm gonna go get our stuff." Spike kisses her forehead and leaves. A few moments later Spike returns with their clothes dropping them on the chair he strips out of his pants and joins Liena under the covers. Liena curls up against the vampire sleepily. "Sleep well little Kat" he whispers before falling asleep.

****At the house*****

Methos is saying goodbye to Kassandra, Duncan, Amanda and Richie. "I'll let you know what happens" he promises hugging Amanda

"You better" Amanda warns

"I'll take your head some other time" Kassandra threatens walking out

"Sure Kassandra you've been saying that for 3000 years" remarks Methos. Turning to the others he says goodbye and watches them pull out of the parking lot. Looking up at the sky he wonders. "You better be looking after her Luca"

****At the Factory****

Drusilla awakens to find Spike not in her bed. Frowning she looks around then smiles slightly. Getting out of bed she quietly walks to the other bedroom gently she opens the door. Amazingly the vampiress is touched by the scene before her of Spike and Liena curled up together. "The stars were right sister" she thinks. She stands in the doorway and takes in the scene before her. Soon though her mind is clouded with Liena's emotions quickly she leaves the room.

Liena's sleeps peacefully in the blond vampire's arms until mid morning. She starts to dream:

She is standing in a field. Looking around she sees a familiar figure standing with their back to her. "Luca?" she whispers

The figure turns around. "Hello babe" he greets his a slight grin

Overjoyed Liena rushes over to him and hugs him tightly. "I miss you" she cries

Luca picks her up. "I miss you too babe" he kisses the top of her head

"Then why did you leave me?" she asks tearfully

"I had too. It was time for you to move on without me"

She moves away from him wrapping her arms around herself she replies. "You promised that you would never leave me"

Luca raises her face up to look at him. "I haven't Babe. I'm always with you here' he says touching his chest. 'I always will be."

"What about Jessa? Huh? You are the only father she knows"

"One day she'll have a new father. Until then she has Methos and everyone else. She's a well loved little girl. She always will be."

"But you left me Luca' she accuses. 'After you promised you wouldn't"

"Liena its time for you to wake up.' Luca replies sadly

"I don't want to.' she says stubbornly. 'I want to stay here with you"

Luca hugs her, "You can't stay. You have more to do with your life. You are apart of something more. Something that hasn't happened but will. Its in the process of growing" he says cryptically

"I want to stay with you Luca" she insists

Luca pulls away. "You can't you need to go back they need you" he turns and starts walking away leaving Liena to crumple to the ground tearfully crying his name.

Spike awakens to Liena crying in her sleep. Saddened the vampire gently shakes her awake. "Kat its OK. Shhh pet" he says as she awakens

Liena looks at Spike devastated from her dream. "Oh God" she sobs

"You OK pet?"

Liena shakes her head. "No. I gotta get out of here" she stammers picking up her clothes. Dressing quickly Liena rushes out of the room. She hears Spike call her name as she runs outside. Slowing down after a while she starts wandering the streets until she reaches Crawford Street. She senses Angel nearby. Following her sense she finds herself at the front door of the abandoned mansion. Knocking on the door she holds her self as tears fall.