The Curse Sequel
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The Curse Sequel


*** The House ***

Spike awakens to the sound of people talking and laughing. He looks around for Liena frowning he gets up heading to the kitchen. Spike sees the Slayers and their friends eating and talking. "hey where's Kat?" he asks

Buffy looks up and shrugs "Dunno haven't seen her"

Just then Jessa comes barreling down the stair heading straight for Spike. "Daddy" she says launching herself into Spike's arms. "Where's Mama?" she asks

Spike picks her up and kisses her "Morning Jess. I haven't seen Mama. Lets go see if she's in bed." Spike heads towards the stairs with Jessa in his arms

Jessa lays her head on his shoulder "Mama not there" she says sticking her thumb in her mouth

Hearing that Spike stops and shifts Jessa in his arms so she is looking at him. "Are you sure Mama isn't in her room?"


"Is she in your brother's?"

"Uh uh" Jessa says shaking her head

"Mama not with Liam"

"Isn't with" Willow corrects. The others glance at the witch "Sorry" she mumbles blushing

"Pike" Buffy yells

"What?" he calls back

"Get down here" Spike yells putting Jessa down

Pike walks down the stairs carrying Liam. Once at the bottom of the stairs he the baby to Spike "What's up?"

Taking the baby he glares at the mortal "Where's Liena?"

Pike shrugs "Dunno"

Jessa walks into the study and sees the piece of paper on the desk. She returns to the kitchen and takes Cordelia's hand "Come on" she insists tugging on Cordy's hand

"Jessa not now" Cordelia protests

"Now" she says pulling Cordelia into the study "Look" she points to the note

Cordelia takes the note reading it she grabs the disk and hurries into the kitchen "Guys she's gone"

"What?!" exclaims Spike handing Buffy the baby he takes the note from Cordelia and scans it. "Bloody hell she went into the Initiative. Said that for the plan to work we have to follow her directions. Says Willow needs to access the disk."

Willow takes the disk and they head into the study. Willow sits down and quickly she pulls up the disk and its information "My God" she states shocked

"What?" demands Buffy

Willow looks at them her eyes round "She left step by step directions to break into the security system"

"All? Even the cameras?" demands Riley

Willow nods "She even hacked in and got access codes"

"If these are security codes then can you find Angel and Liena?" asks Buffy

"I should be able to." Willow answers "Give me a few minutes" As Willow works the others talk "I'm in. Now we need to find them"

"Liena said Angel is in corridor C." Xander reminds

"And knowing Angel...Liena would be with him." muses Buffy "You know he wouldn't let her out of his sight"

"So I'll check corridor C." Willow says a few moments later she calls "Found 'em"

Buffy and Spike sigh in relief at the sight of Liena and Angel. "At least Peaches and Kat are together" says Spike

"So what else is on the disk?" Riley asks squeezing Buffy's hand

**** Initiative ****

Angel and Liena awake within moments of each other. Liena awakens and looks around checking her wound she sees Angel wake up "Morning" she greets

Angel glares angrily at her "Katherine Liena O'Riley what the hell are you doing here?"

"Hey nice way to be greeted" Liena grumbles

Angel stands and paces "I can't believe you did something this...this stupid" he growls

"Hey" she protests standing "I didn't do anything stupid"

"You should have stayed out of here" he argues

"Well I didn't. Deal" she retorts sitting Indian style on the cot "And don't yell at me. I have my reasons for doing this. Reasons other than just getting you out of here"

Angel hears the pain and anger in her voice. He softens walking towards the cot he crouches before her "I'm sorry for yelling at you. Its just you surprised me. I don't want you to get hurt. Your my daughter"

"I am that Papa but this type of thing I do all the time. Its kinda like my hobby" she grins

He shakes his head in disbelief "I can't believe I have a daughter who's hobby is to break into government installations."

She shrugs "I've been doing this for over a hundred years." Liena stands "Come on I need to burn off some energy."

Angel stands "Why not? We're stuck here for awhile" He strips off his shirt and the two circle each other. "So what has been going on with you?" Angel asks

Liena throws a punch and Angel blocks it then throws his own. "Not much" she answers blocking his punch

"So have you told Spike?" Angel asks kicking

"Uh yeah" Liena grins blocking his kick

Seeing the look on her face Angel shakes his head "You didn't?!"

She shrugs aiming a kick at his midsection "Hey none of your business. I don't ask about your sex life don't ask about mine"

"OK I do not want to even think about my daughter having sex." Angel groans as he gets up "Let alone with Spike"

"Like I said earlier Deal" she grunts as she receives a hit to her stomach "Besides he and I are a lot a like."

Angel grabs her arm "How are you a like?"

Liena grabs his wrist and twisting it behind his back "Um the fact we enjoy screwing the hell out of each other." Angel sweeps her legs out from under her. Liena back flips standing she smirks "Oh come on you know I'm right about him." She kicks him in the stomach sending him flying into the wall

"Oof" Angel says as he hits the wall with a thud

Wincing Liena goes over to him "Papa you OK?" she asks

Angel shakes his head to clear it. He looks up at her and nods. "I'm fine."

The door opens and in walks Forest holding his gun on them. "What the hell are you doing?"

"Uh what does it look like?" Liena asks rolling her eyes as she pulls Angel up

"Walsh wants to speak with both of you." he grabs Angel's shirt "Put it on" he says tossing it to him. Forest glares at both of them as Angel puts his shirt back on. "Lets go" he orders

"You know there is such a thing as asking nicely" Liena states as they follow Forest out the door

"Liena don't provoke him" Angel says squeezing her shoulder

"That bites. What am I gonna do for fun?" she whines "I can't torture him so why can't I provoke him?"

"I said so" Angel retorts as they enter a conference room where Walsh is sitting.

"Have a seat" Walsh says gesturing to the two chairs

Liena sits down "So Walsh what do you want?"

"Liena how are you this morning?" asks Walsh

"Oh fine. Considering I should be in my own bed." she glances at Angel and smirks as she says under her breath to annoy Angel "fucking Spike"

Angel glares at her his eyes flashing "Over my dead body"

"Your already dead" she retorts "Besides its too late."

"What's too late?" demands Walsh

"None of your business." she retorts

Walsh looks at them intrigued. "I would like to know how it is possible you are father and daughter?"

"Well duh. Do we need to go into the specifics of biology?" Liena smirks. Looking at Angel Liena says "So you wanna give her all the specifics of how you knocked up my mother?"

Angel grins "Lets see if I remember correctly you were conceived in the Shaunassy's barn. Or was it in the back room of the tavern" he frowns

"That is not what I meant" states Walsh. "How is it that you are still alive?"

Liena shrugs "Dunno. All I know is that my bitch of a mother was freakin' pissed at him and so she cursed me"

"Don't call your mother a bitch" Angel snaps

"Why not? She is one"

"Where is your mother?" asks Walsh

Liena shrugs "Last time I saw her she was trying to kill me."


"Dunno" she answers. "You could check hell...she's probably screwing the devil."

For the next few hours Walsh asks Angel and Liena questions about them.


**** At the house ****

Finally it is almost nightfall. As it comes closer the groups finishes off their plans. "OK Willow, Oz you two will take care of shutting down the power for the Initiative and breaking into the security system so we can get in. Giles will stay here in case we need a back up plan" Buffy says

"Spike are you sure about going in?" asks Giles

Spike nods "Yeah mate I am."

After about an hour they go out to the garage and start putting things in the cars.

"Daddy" Jessa calls from the living room

"What pet?" Spike answers entering the living room he picks up the toddler.

"Give Mama kiss for me" she says

"I will pet." he promises. "Now I want you to keep an eye on your brother. OK?"

" 'Kay" she answers kissing Spike

Spike puts her down and heads back to the garage. "Ready?" he asks

"Lets get going" Buffy says. Cordelia and Xander get into the front seat of the car with Cordelia driving and they take off. "Will Oz you ready?" Buffy asks into her head set

"Yeah Buffy we're ready." Willow answers

"Be careful" Oz adds

"We will." Buffy answers as they pull off to the side of the road. Grabbing the equipment they head to Lowell House leaving Xander, Cordelia, and Doyle on guard. "Willow we're ready" Buffy says

"OK gives us 5 seconds." Willow says

"Riley what about the others?" Xander asks nervously

"Took care of it" Riley answers as the lights go out in Lowell House

"Lets go mates" Spike says

Quickly Spike, Faith, Buffy, and Riley enter Lowell House heading to the mirrored elevator door.

**** Below ****

Liena and Angel are sitting in the cell. "You feel that?" she asks as she senses Spike nearby

"I feel them both" he answers

"Told ya" she smirks. Liena stands going to the cell door she hears the door unlock. "Thank God for computers huh?" she says to Angel as she grabs the guard slamming his head against the wall she takes his gun.

"You know when this is over young lady we are going to have to have a long talk about this" Angel states with a shake of his head

"I'm not young!" she retorts. "Your only 26 years older than me."

The two hurry towards the pit where they find Buffy and the others fighting. Except Spike all he was doing was avoiding getting hit. "You know Finn I can't believe you allowed a girl to ruin your career!" Forest says as he and Riley are circling each other "All to get some action too" he shakes his head

Riley angered decks Forest "This has nothing to do with Buffy. This has to do with what's right and wrong Forest."

Liena getting annoyed with the fighting and the insults being said about her possible future step mother grabs Professor Walsh by the neck she fires two shots in the air. "Now thank you for not fighting any longer." she says as everyone stops

"Let Walsh go" Forest orders grabbing his gun

She rolls her eyes "If I was going to kill her I would have already. But now that you mention it..."

"That's not funny" Angel states

"Gee he can't take a joke" Liena sighs

"No kidding pet. Poof has no sense of humor." Spike going to Liena's side.

"Walsh tell your men to lower their weapons" Liena orders

"Lower your weapons" Walsh says

Forest angered by what Walsh has said retorts "No" he turns his gun towards Buffy

Angel seeing Forest's movement yells "Buffy" he blocks the shots aimed for Buffy. Grunting as the bullets hit him.

"Angel" Buffy yells as he falls into her.

Liena angered aims the gun at Forest "You know I don't take to well to people shooting my family" she pulls the trigger hitting Forest in the kneecap.

Forest hit the ground with a groan grasping his knee. "You bitch" he hisses

Spike and Angel growl at him. "Faith grab his gun" Liena says.

"Angel honey you OK?" Buffy asks

Angel groans sitting up "Yeah. I hate getting shot"

"Now you know how I feel" Liena says with a grin. "We need to get going. Walsh as of now you will leave my friends and family alone. Do you understand?" Walsh nods. "Good. If you ever threaten any of their lives in any way I will personally hunt you down and any of your men involved and use you for target practice. Finn is also under my protection" she adds.

Walsh nods "I understand."

"Ready?" she asks the others

"Oh yeah pet let's get outta here" Spike agrees with a grin

"Finn your career is over" Forest says from the floor

Riley shrugs "I know" he says following the others out of the Initiative.

Liena turns to them "Did Pike give you a bag?" she asks

Spike nods "Yeah here pet" he hands it to her

Liena grins opening the bag she finds explosives. "Thank you Pike."

"Are you insane?!" exclaims Riley "You'll kill everyone down there"

"No I won't. I'm just delaying them. And I'm not insane" she growls. She grins "I'm just up for some wicked ass fun" she kneels in front of the entrance to the elevator shaft. She sets the timer for 30 seconds. "Uh we might want to get outta here" she suggests. They make a run for the door. Once outside Liena looks at Lowell House. "5, 4, 3,2..." she counts as they hear a loud explosion.

"Wicked" Faith says awed. "Damn your gonna have to teach me how to do that" she says to Liena.

Liena shrugs "Maybe I will. Now lets go home" she says slipping her hand into Spike's. They walk to the cars.

When Cordelia sees Angel she sighs "Angel we are gonna have to talk about you disappearing like this. I mean you ruined my first date with a normal guy in over a month."

"Gee Cordy thank you so much for your concern" Angel says with a smile. Within 15 minutes they reach the house.

"How'd it go?" asks Pike as they enter

"Man it was wicked" Faith states flopping on the floor. "WolfBoy missed out on some fun"

"Faith don't call him WolfBoy" Willow says sitting beside Oz

"Hey Angel man you OK?" asks Oz as he smells blood

"Yeah I am." Angel answers

"Come on I'll get those out for ya" Liena says standing

"God knows you've got a lot of experience digging out bullets." Pike states with a grin

Liena rolls her eyes. "Shove it dumb ass" she growls

"Hey Riley thanks for helping us" Buffy says

Riley shrugs "Not a problem."

Liena finishes taking out the bullets. Washing her hands Liena turns to the others. "If you guys want you can crash here tonight." They stay up a few hours talking and then Giles and the others go downstairs. Spike and Liena head upstairs to bed leaving Angel and Buffy alone.

"You all right Angel?" Buffy asks concerned

"I'm feeling better" he answers.

"Good." Buffy says with a smile.

"Riley seems like a nice guy." Angel states

"He is."

"So I take it you told him about me." Angel remarks

Buffy nods. "He took it well. He wants me to be happy." she looks down their laced hands "He knows that your what makes me happy." Buffy and Angel start to reconcile each admitting that they hated being apart.

Upstairs Liena and Spike are laying on the bed silent in their thoughts. "Pet?" Spike asks first to break the silence


"So did you tell Peaches about us?" he asks combing his fingers through her hair

Liena kisses his chest lightly then looks up at him "Yeah. He took it pretty well."

Spike grins "But I should be careful" Liena nods. Spike grabs the back of her neck and pulls her up and roughly kisses her. He releases her and chuckles when he sees her smile at him sleepily. "Go to sleep pet." He says kissing her forehead. He pulls the blankets over them.

" 'kay" she mutters kissing his neck.


**** Next morning ****

Liena awakens to Spike fast asleep. Smiling she kisses his nose lightly then sits up. She jumps in surprise when cool muscular arms grab her from behind.

"Where you goin' pet?" he asks sleepily

"Downstairs. The kids are going to be up soon. Besides I need to talk to Riley." She says pulling out of his grasp

"About what?" Spike asks

"A job" she answers "Now go back to sleep. I'll explain everything later." she kisses him softly and leaves the room. Liena hears Jessa downstairs talking with the others. Going into the nursery she finds Liam talking to himself. "Hey baby" she greets with a grin. She changes him and joins the others downstairs in the kitchen. She greets everyone. Holding Liam on her lap she sits at the table. "Hey Riley I didn't thank you for helping us last night."

Riley looks up and shrugs. "It was the thing to do." he rolls his shoulders "I am going to have a lot of explaining to do to my parents." he sighs

"About not having a job?" Liena asks as she feeds the baby bits of pancake

Riley nods "Yeah. That and having to dig into the trust fund to pay for school" he rubs his temples

"Man I would not want to be in your shoes." Xander sympathizes

"Damn they are gonna go ballistic" Faith smirks

"Yeah they are." Riley groans.

"Not necessarily." Liena begins. "Riley how would you like to work for me?"

Everyone in the kitchen looks at Liena surprised. "Doing what?" asks Riley

"Yeah what?" demands Xander

Liena hands Jessa her juice before continuing "Well I own a couple businesses. I need someone to be middle man between me and the people who run the companies."

"What would I be doing?" he asks suspiciously

"What ever I need you to do. Mainly security. A few Recon. jobs. It'll involve a lot of traveling. Nothing ultimately dangerous."

"I dunno" Riley says uncertainty. "What kind of security?"

"I need someone who I can trust to go to meetings for me. Broker deals. I'll pay your tuition for as long as you want to stay in school. The salary is approximately 75 Grand. Not counting benefits, tuition and travel. All traveling you do even on your own time will be paid for. Plus you can live in the other house rent free. All you'll need to do is keep the place up."

"Damn" whistles Xander "Riley you should take it man."

Riley looks at Liena amazed "I'll need to think about it." he stammers

Liena shrugs "Take all the time you need." she grabs the keys to the other house and toss them to him. "You'll need a place to crash. Something tells me that they aren't going to be happy with you at Lowell House. I'm going to have the kids and my things moved out by the end of the week. You can drive any of the cars in the garage. They are going to have to stay there until I get some storage space. You can stay as long as you want."

Riley stares at her stunned "I can't stay there" he protests

Liena sighs "Riley its not a problem. I was planning on moving out of there anyway. Now that everything has been settled I'm going to move to this house."

"IF your sure" he says

"I am." Liena insists. "Pike will take you to the house and show you where everything is."

Riley nods. Then asks his voice confused "Why are you doing all this for me?"

Liena grins "You remind me of an old friend."

"How's that?" asks Riley

Liena glances away "Your attitude is like his was. I see a lot of him in you. I owe him a lot. He'd want me to pay him back by helping someone else." she stands with the baby. "Pike will take you guys home when your ready." she heads to the kitchen door. "Riley let me know your answer." Liena takes the baby upstairs and gives him a bath. As she is bathing she senses a Slayer behind her. Without looking up or turning around. "So are you two back together?" she asks

Buffy enters the bathroom and leans against the counter. "We're going to give it another try."

Liena nods glancing at the teen. "Good."

"I heard you offered Riley a job." Buffy remarks

Liena nods "Yeah." she rinses off the baby "Hand me the towel" she asks

"So what's the job?" Buffy inquires as she hands her the towel

Liena wraps the baby in the towel. "Its not dangerous Buffy. Mostly it requires him to be a go between. Occasionally it'll be a Recon. job. I take care of the heavier jobs."

"Heavier?" questions Buffy

Liena diapers the baby and replies "Look I know Riley is your friend I promise that whenever a big job is brought to me I'll have one of the others do it." She carries the baby into his room.

Buffy follows "Your offering him a good deal. Do you think he'll take it?"

Liena shrugs "I don't know. I hope he does. He has talent in the field. I would hate for it to be wasted." she dresses the baby. "So how are you going to tell your mother?" she asks

Buffy groans "My mother is not going to take this too well."

Liena smiles "In my experience its easier to tell half the truth until you need too tell the full truth." she frowns "That's definitely not good advice for a mortal. Just tell her the full truth."

"Thanks" Buffy says. The three head downstairs. Liena puts the baby in the playpen in the living room with Jessa watching TV. Liena and Buffy head into the now quiet kitchen. "So what of you and Spike?" Buffy asks

Liena shrugs "What of us?" she questions as Andrea joins them in the kitchen.

"Buffy's right Liena. We know you two like each other" Andrea adds

Liena stands up and goes to the cupboard and pulls out a package of cookies. "Want a Coke?" she asks

"Your avoiding the question" Buffy smirks

Liena grabs three Cokes from the refrigerator. "Andrea how's it going with Pike?"

Buffy turns her attention to Andrea "Yeah. How did you two meet?" she asks

"Pike worked on my car when it broke down in the middle of the road one night. He asked me out that night over a year ago. We've been together ever since." Andrea answers

"Pike was always into saving a damsel in distress." Buffy laughs. "He saved me from some vamps when I was at Hemery." she frowns "I just realized all of my boyfriends or even guys I've been interested in have in some way have been involved with vampire activity."

"And one is." Liena chuckles. "How many would that be?"

"Let's see" Buffy muses "Ford he wanted to be a vampire. Pike was the first person to know I am the Slayer. Then the numerous ex's attacked or killed by vampires. There's Riley. And Angel. All the guys in my life end up around vampires or are vampires." she laughs "God if they had a talk show for people like me."

Liena smiles "You could add me to the guest list." She licks the frosting off the cookies

"I bet." Buffy laughs. The three women sit and talk until Pike returns. An hour later Pike and Andrea say good-bye and head back to LA.

The Scooby Gang stays in that day wary of the Initiative retaliating. At Liena's house the only ones left are Liena, Spike, the kids, Angel, Buffy, Cordelia and Doyle. That day becomes the day of new beginnings.

**** The Next Night ****

Liena invites the mortals over to the house to hangout. Not long after everyone arrives Angel and Riley move into the kitchen to talk. "Riley I want to thank you for everything you've done for Buffy and for me."

"She's my friend she asked me to help. Take care of her Angel."

"I will." Angel answers "Riley I am trusting you to watch out for her when I'm not around. Keep her out of trouble for me."

Riley nods "So are you moving back to Sunnydale?"

Angel shakes his head. "No I have my business in LA. I'll most likely be here on weekends." He watches as Buffy goofs around with her friends.

"She really is something" Riley says

"Yeah she is." Angel smiles while he watches Buffy hitting Xander with a pillow. The soldier and vampire join the others.

"So Riley have you made up your mind?" Faith asks

Riley nods at looks at Liena "Yes I have."

"So?" asks Xander excited

"You've got yourself a deal" Riley says

Liena grins "Good. You have a talent for being a soldier. Its a skill rarely used for good."

"What do you mean?" questions Riley

"All the years I've worked military I have rarely seen anyone have the skills you have and stay themselves."

"Stay themselves?" asks Buffy

Liena nods "They may be mortal but because of their abilities they lose a part of their souls. All because their abilities are abused."

"So you really are military?" asks Riley

Liena leans against Spike's legs "I have been. In some ways I still am."

"How?" demands Angel

"I told you I work for them from time to time."

"Doing what?" asks Xander

"A lot of different things. Profiling, Recon., retrievals."

"Have they ever asked you to knock someone off?" asks Faith

"Yeah." mutters Liena

"Did you do it?" Faith demands

"A few" she admits

Xander looks intrigued "Were you the other shooter on the grassy knoll?"

"Xander" Buffy and Willow groan in annoyance. While Cordelia throws a pillow at his head.

"Ow" Xander protests. "A simple question and they attack me"

Liena smiles "No Xander I wasn't the other shooter. I rarely have done high profile jobs. Besides I was in Greece at the time."

They talk for awhile. The next evening Angel, Cordelia and Doyle return to LA after making plans to return the next weekend. Spike moves into the house with Liena and the kids. Riley moves out of the dorm into the house and begins working with Liena. Quickly Liena learns that Riley was a great choice for the job and they become friends.