On to chapter two of the prologue book…Kimi and Kita may act a little older for their age, but that's because their almost four, so yeah… And I don't have much experience with kids, so…

Chapter Two, Book Prologue: The Next Avatar

Within a few short hours of Avatar Aang's disappearance, Avatar Koda was born.

The newborn babe cried softly in his mother's arms as she held him softly, singing to him a lullaby she knew from her own childhood, one she remembered her own mother singing oh so long ago.

Count the stars like threads of sand

And they'll carry you off to distant lands

Far across the eastern sky

A place where you can learn to fly

Beyond the clouds of newborn dust

World of shadows begin to rust

Count the stars like threads of sand

And they'll carry you off to distant lands

Where you'll find the moon and sea

Exist in perfect harmony

Dreams of snow and dreams of ice

Dreams of angels and dancing mice

Count the stars like threads of sand

And they'll carry you off to distant lands

All around you'll find this place

Flowers dance with awkward grace.

The earth below will keep you steady

Allowing you to leave when you are ready

Count the stars like threads of sand

And they'll carry you off to distant lands

Stars shine brightest above this land

Where flames will meet you at your hand

The warmth will steady you all night long

Keeping you warm and keeping you strong

Count the stars like threads of sand

And they'll carry you off to distant lands

Come back to me when you're done

Your life has only just begun

You'll find this place as you sleep

But return to me—your mine to keep

This was how Zuko found them mere moments later, with the boy sleeping lightly in Katara's arms while she continued singing.

"That was beautiful." Zuko commented, watching her look up at him with shock.

She laughed. "If I knew I had more of an audience, I might've kept my mouth shut."

"Why would you do that? You have a beautiful voice." He took this moment to steal a small kiss from her lips. "As well as other things."

"Flirt." She pushed him off of her before she continued rocking her baby. "What are you doing here?"

He smirked. "I'm not allowed to visit my wife and newborn son anymore?"

She blushed. "Of course you are. I just thought they would keep you away, like they did when the twins were born."

Zuko frowned. "I'm Fire Lord now. They can't exactly order me to do anything nowadays."

"I'm glad." She said quietly, turning her attention back to her son. "He looks just like you, you know."

"Poor kid."

She hit him lightly in the arm.

Zuko looked down at the baby, watching his son sleep for the first time. "You think he looks like me?"

She nodded. "Exactly like you. Except for his eyes."

"And skin color. He's darker than me." Zuko commented, noticing the babe's darker, more Water Tribe colored skin. "What color are his eyes?"


"I figured." Zuko said, sitting down beside Katara. "Do you think he'll be a Waterbender?"

"I don't know." Katara answered honestly. "After all, the twins haven't exactly shown any ability to bend yet, either, and they're three."

"They're just late bloomers." Zuko commented, playing with his son's toes. "I didn't start bending until I was almost seven. Give them time, they'll start when the times right."

"Where are the girls, by the way?"

"Just outside the door with Uncle." Zuko said, continuing playing with his tiny little toes. "I didn't want to bring them in incase you were sleeping."

"We'll bring them in in a moment." Katara said, kissing the top of the boy's head silently, watching as he turned over in his blanket.

"What are we going to name him?" Zuko asked suddenly, staring at the boy with newfound wonderment.


Zuko smirked. "I'm glad I was part of this great decision you made."

"It's not that." Katara said, rocking Koda in her arms gently. "It's tradition in my tribe to name the first born boy after their grandfather, and unless you want to name him Ozai…"

"Koda it is." Zuko agreed almost immediately. "Can I hold him?"

"Just don't drop him."

Zuko rolled his eyes. "Look, I never dropped either of the girls. What makes you think I'll drop him?"

"Just don't, alright?" She said paranoid, handing the newborn over to his father. Zuko held him close, keeping the boy close to his heart.

"I think he's awake." Zuko whispered as two identical blue eyes opened. But they did not cry. Rather, they were watching with amusement at who this new figure was who was holding him, and wondering why.

"Your right." He muttered. "He does look like me."

"Poor kid!" A new voice entered the room as the door swung open, revealing Sokka, Iroh, Kimi, and Kita, all looking at the figure in Zuko's arms with a mixture of awe and curiosity.

"Sokka!" Katara yelped, leaning up from her lying position on the bed. "What are you—"

"Like I was going to miss the birth of my nephew!" Sokka exclaimed, rushing over to Zuko and peering over his shoulder at the baby. "Oh, wow! He does look like you! Only he has blue eyes."

Zuko looked to Iroh with a troubled gaze. "I thought I asked you to keep everyone outside for the moment, Uncle."

"Oh, he did." Sokka answered for him. "But I didn't travel all the way from the North Pole to sit outside. Nope, I came to see my nephew!" He waved slightly in front of the poor boy's face. "Hey, Koda! How are you, baby?" Sokka then turned to Katara with a curious look on his face. "His name is Koda, right? You haven't forsaken our culture so much that you've given him another name, correct?"

"His name is Koda, Sokka." Katara assured him.

"Good." Sokka muttered under his breath death threats belonging to the newborn's father, but luckily no one heard those. "Can I hold him?"

"No." Zuko and Katara echoed at the same time.

"Please." Sokka said lightly. "Just because I almost dropped Kita doesn't mean I'll---"

"Just not right now, okay, Sokka? Maybe later." Katara argued, watching her newborn with a fearful heart.

"Maybe later meaning in about five years." Zuko growled, handing the babe back to his mother.

Two three year olds popped beside their mother in an instant. "Can we see the baby, Mommy?"

"Only if you stay beside me, alright?" Katara said as she scooted over, making room for the two girls beside her.

Kita and Kimi stared at the baby in wonder, each one daring the other silently to poke it. Finally, after a few minutes, they spoke.

"It's kinda ugly." Kita commented, poking Koda's belly lightly.

"Kita! That's your brother!"

"She's right." Kimi stated, peering at the baby uneasily. "It has no hair."

"He does too." Katara argued, smoothing down what little black hair Koda had gently.

"He has more hair than either of you two did when you were his age." Zuko said poking at Kita's long brown braid.

"Daddy, don't be silly." Kimi answered. "We were never this little."

"No, I don't suppose you were." Zuko answered softly. "He's smaller than both of you were."

"And uglier."

"Kita, stop making fun of your brother this instant!" Katara growled, causing Sokka and Iroh both to laugh.

Kimi peered at him inquisitively; as if she was afraid Koda would jump out and bite her. "Where did he come from?"

Kita was very proud to answer her sister. "From the stork, of course!"

Zuko and Katara both let out a very happy sigh of relief.

Sokka snickered.

Iroh grinned.

"Nu-uh!" Kimi argued. "Why did Momma's belly get all fat if the stork brought him?"

Zuko gulped. "Let's leave that question for another day, alright girls? Like, when your teenagers. Let's let your mother rest for the moment."

"Alright." Kimi said, hopping off of her mother's bed. "Bye Mommy!"

"And Ugly!" Kita called out afterwards, as Zuko dragged both girls away by the hand.

Sokka came up to Katara's bed and peered at the boy in her arms, an evil grin plastered on his face. "You know, he kinda is…"

"Sokka, if you call my son ugly, I'll hit you."

Sokka laughed. "I'm just playing with you." He then leaned over and kissed the newborn on his forehead. "Night, Koda. I expect to hold him when you get up, alright?"

"Five years, Sokka." Katara muttered. "Let my baby live five years before I let you hold him."

"Tsk." He muttered. "Your no fun."

"I'm a mother. I'm not allowed to be."

"True." Sokka laughed. "You know, I wonder where Aang is? He's usually the first one here at these sort of things."

"He was here earlier today." Katara answered softly. "He was acting very strange, though. Said something about being tired and that he was ready to leave."

"Ah, you know Aang." Sokka ventured a guess. "He's probably just in a mood. Tomorrow he'll be here and complaining about how he missed the baby's birth and will then go out and buy him a thousand different toys."

"I hope."

"Anyway, goodnight, Katara." Sokka said, leaving Katara and Iroh alone with the baby.

"He is a beautiful boy, you know." Iroh chuckled, peering at the young one. "Don't let them get you down."

"Oh, I know he's gorgeous. I don't need anyone to tell me otherwise." She kissed Koda lightly on his head. "Would you like to hold him?"

"Oh no." Iroh laughed. "I'll hold him later. It looks like this little one has had far enough excitement for today." He pointed to the babe, fast asleep in the nook of Katara's arm.

"I suppose he has." Katara smiled, holding her baby close. "Good night, Iroh."

Iroh smiled. "Good night, Katara."

All while the baby slept, Katara could not shake the feeling that Koda, somehow, reminded her distantly of Aang.


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