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Summary: Kodoma does something stupid and ends up talking about it to Nakao. Pairings: kinda Kodoma/Nakao in begging but will eventually be Kujo/Kodoma, Nanba/Nakao...hee...K/K and N/N...sorry if I make anyone OOC, also, Nanba doesn't know Nakao likes him but knows he likes guys, and Nanba's this fic...


Kodoma's POV:

Oh god, how stupid am I... I can't believe I just did that. Thank goodness he's frozen like that. Time to run. I should watch where I'm going but my eyes are snapped shut. I hope I don't cry. That would be horrible for Dorm 1's reputation... hell, I'm probably horrible for Dorm 1's reputation, being so girly. I wonder if I should transfer to Dorm 2...nah, I'd probably seem even worse in his opinion if I did that...oops. I ran into someone...I'm suprised it didn't happen earlier.

He's on the ground. I'm gonna help him up. ''I'm so sorry..." We say at the same time. I look at his face and recognize him right off the bat. Senri Nakao, Dorm 2's idol. He's giving me a concerned look. Why? Oh...I'm crying. ''What happened?'' he asks me and leads me to a bench, so we can get more comfortable.

I tell him my sorrows and he smiles. He smiles! How am I supposed to take that! Oh, he's explaining... ''I'm sorry to hear that. But I can't feel too bad for you... Hell, I'm impressed... I've had a crush on someone for longer than you have, and he still won't notice me. Plus I'm too cowardly to admit something like that. You have a lot of courage, that probably helps with being in Dorm1...''

I feel bad now, he is having love problems too? I encourage him to tell me about it, maybe it will help. He agrees and tells me everything. Nanba? Oh, Dorm 2's RA... I ask him why Nanba. He's obviously cute enough to get any gay or bi guy he met and I tell him so. He blushed and thanked me. He seemed to mull the question over in his head and answered that it's the same reason of mine as to why I like who I like.

We talk for a while, just sitting on the bench. His cell phone started to play No Doubt's 'Just A Girl'. He blushed at the ringtone and quickly flipped open his cell phone and looked at the screen. His eyes widened as he slapped his forehead. ''I'm so sorry, but I have to go meet up with Ashiya and Sano and alla them! Here, my phone number.'' He quickly scribbled his number on a piece of paper and handed it to me. He smiled.

''Call me sometime, we can complain about our love problems over lunch.'' He said, giving me a hug and running off in the direction I came from. I smile. I feel alot better now, since I have someone to talk about it too now. I only hope I can avoid 'him' till he forgets about the fact that I admitted I have a crush on him.

Nakao's POV -after the collision with Kodoma-

I gotta run faster than I ever have to not be any later than I already am. wait what? Ugh never mind. I should be all panicky because Nanba going to be there, but I feel loose and carefree... I guess talking with that boy, Kodoma, helped me more than I thought. I hope he calls me sometime soon... Woah, I sound like a girl who gave her number to a boy she liked. Oh well, he's nice to talk to, I mean, he understands... Ah, there they are! ''Hi guys!'' I call out. Nakatsu's glaring at me. ''Where were you!'' He yells. God he's loud.

I don't see Nanba, did he bail? I gasp in suprise as I feel an arm wrap around me, pulling me close to's Nanba! ''Hey, lay off Nakatsu, I'm sure he's got a reason as to why he's late... right?'' He's grinning at me, Oh god, I hope I don't faint. I nod and answer to my question. ''Someone ran into me on the way here and I dropped all my things and my papers went flying...'' Everyone seemed to understand my little white lie, and we went on our way.

time change

I smiled at my friends and laughed as Sano hit Nakatsu over the head for saying something stupid. Nanba had been leaning on Ashiya but moved to stop Nakatsu from attacking Sano. Suddenly my phone rang 'Hung Up' By Madonna. I ignored the strange looks I got from my friends and simply muttered that I like Madonna.

I flipped open my phone and said ''Hello?'' ''Ah! Nakao? It's Kodoma...'' ''Oh, hi! What's up?'' ''I'm sorry if I'm interrupting anything but I decided to take you up on your offer to have lunch... is tomorrow at 12 at the Anime Cafe(not sure if there is such a thing, I just made it up) alright?'' ''Sure, 12 tomorrow at the Anime Cafe, see ya then!'' I hang up my phone, only to get suspicious looks from my friends.

''What?'' I ask them, confused by the looks. ''Who was that?'' Nakatsu asked, eyeing me strangely. ''A friend...'' I refrained from telling Kodoma's name because I wasn't sure if Nanba would be happy that I was friends with a boy from Dorm 1. Nanba looked at me strangely and it felt as if he was trying to peer into my soul. ''Well I should get going, see ya!'' I quickly cry out as I run away in the direction of my dorm room. ''Now...what to wear?''

Kodoma's POV -same time-

Should I? Or shouldn't I? ...Well, why shouldn't I? I mean it's not like it's a date right? And besides, I'm not with anyone even if it was. So why am I nervous about calling Nakao? Well, I might as well get it over with... I take out the paper on which he had written what I guessed, his cell number and dialed. ''Hello?'' ''Ah! Nakao? It's Kodoma...'' ''Oh, hi! What's up?''

''I'm sorry if I'm interrupting anything but I decided to take you up on your offer to have lunch... is tomorrow at 12 at the Anime Cafe alright?'' ''Sure, 12 tomorrow at the Anime Cafe, see ya then!'' I hang up the phone and beam. I feel very excited... I wonder why...I blink confusedly. It feels like someone's watching me. I turn around looking everywhere but find nothing. I shrug and head to my dorm room. ''Now...what to wear?''

Someone's POV -same time-

I was looking for Kodoma, hoping to talk to him about what he told me. God I am stupid. I obviously gave him the wrong idea by freezing in suprise and shock that he would admit something like that to me. Ah, there he is. I'm about to call out his name but I stop and hide behind the corner. He seems to be mulling over something. Perhaps about me? I watch as he looks as if he's made a decision and took out a small piece of paper and his cell phone and dialed a number.

It rang a minute or two and then I heard his soft voice respond to something that was just said. ''Ah! Nakao? It's Kodoma...'' He trailed off as the other person replied. ''I'm sorry if I'm interrupting anything but I decided to take you up on your offer to have lunch... is tomorrow at 12 at the Anime Cafe alright?'' Is he asking someone out on a date? Already! But he admitted to me that he had a crush on me less than six hours ago! Who the hell could steal my little love so quickly? I'll have to go to the cafe tomorrow and see who this person is and destroy their relationship so I'll be able to admit my love to Kodoma! I'll make him mine, if my name isn't -

Nanba's POV -same time-

I'm standing between Sano and Nakatsu, hoping they'll stop acting like children. My friends are laughing at this idiotic act and I'm the only one acting my age. I blink in suprise as Nakao's cell phone goes off into 'Hung Up' by Madonna. He blushed at the strange looks everyone gave him, myself included, and muttered something about liking Madonna. He flipped open his phone and said, ''Hello?'' I could barely make out someone talking on the other end. ''Oh, Hi! What's up?'' His melodic voice said.The other person said seemed to ask something and Nakao's face lit up. ''Sure, 12 tomorrow at the Anime Cafe, see ya then!''

He hung up the phone smiling. We were all curious and gave him suspicious looks. ''What?'' He asked, seemingly confused as to why we were staring at him like so. ''Whao was that?'' Nakatsu asked. ''A friend...'' he said simply. I eyed him and stared hard, trying to tell who it was from his eyes. ''Well I should get going, see ya!'' he cried out, and ran in the direction of his dorm room. He must be going on a date! But with who? I excuse myself and leave, pondering who it could be. Damn, and I was going to finally admit I liked him soon. I can't do that if he has a boyfriend! I know! I'll go to the cafe tomorrow and see who this person is and destroy their relationship so I'll be able to admit my love to Nakao! I'll make him mine!

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